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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone


Here is my top 10:

#1: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#2: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#3: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#4: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#5: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#6: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#7: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#8: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#9: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along
#10: Currently held in case a better game than one I have already played comes along

Yes, that is a bit of a copout, but every time I try to make a list I think of all the great games I have played, am playing and will play.and it’s too hard to pick 10. Although Pandemic Legacy and Gloomhaven will probably make my all time top 10 when I hang up my gaming boots in 40 years time. Which means 2017 was a very good year and next year is looking a bit succky in comparison.


As we head into another year, let’s see what my current Top 10 is…

  1. Twilight Imperium 4th Edition (New/Still)
  2. Imperial Assault (New)
  3. Galaxy Trucker (-1)
  4. Space Alert (-1)
  5. Inis (New)
  6. Tales of the Arabian Night (-1)
  7. Scythe (+2)
  8. Shogun (+2)
  9. Rex (-1)
  10. Mechs vs MInions (New)

So, Eclipse is gone (I still love the game, but the joy of the game was always how much faster it was than TI:3… but TI:4 is so damn good and fast that I no longer need it!), Saboteur is gone (haven’t played it since May… it’s still a lovely, fantastic little betrayer game, but I’d rather play big chunky ones over small, elegant ones), and Robo Rally… oh, my poor, poor Robo Rally. To be honest, I think Mechs vs Minions completely replaced it for me… same chaos, same silliness, but way better pieces, way more clever mechanics, and just… more fun? More fun.

And boy-howdy did Imperial Assault get so much better… completely due to the app, of course. It was great as an All vs 1 game, but it is SPECTACULAR as a fully co-op. So happy! So happy!

Games currently leading the hype train (ie: Stuff I have purchased and either not opened, or haven’t played enough to quite nudge their way into my top 10):
Gloomhaven (2 playthroughs, very promising), Cry Havoc (plus expansion, purchased but unopened), Dead of Winter Flick 'Em Up (purchased but unopened) , Alien Artifacts (1 playthrough, was fun but I’m not sure it’s Top 10 good), Arestiea! (1 playthrough… beautiful minis, some interesting tactical decisions, but we’ll see if it has staying power), Root (Kickstarted but hasn’t arrived yet), and Rising Sun (again, Kickstarted but hasn’t arrived).

Anyway! Happy Monday to all!


Given my game collection numbers around 25 games (ignoring expansions), 10 games makes up 40% of my collection, and seems very not specific… But let’s see how we go:

I think that’s my top 10 games from my collection. Though the one that I’d I’d possibly put up, but I’ve only had it a few days, and played it only once, so it feels too early to say for sure would be:


End of the year, so this is my top list out of the 54 games I own.

  1. Werewolf
  2. Concordia
  3. Magic Maze
  4. El Grande
  5. Terra Mystica
  6. Star Wars Rebellion
  7. 7 wonders duel
  8. Forbidden desert
  9. Sherrif of Nottingham
  10. Imperial Settlers


I really should start using these fourms more. Apparently I posted this a little over three years ago, it’s a list I stand by but it’s definitely changed. Still only gotten Merchants & Marauders to the table once. Really need to fix that.

  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Dominion
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Resistance: Avalon
  • Yomi
  • Legendary (Marvel)
  • Quantum
  • Jaipur
  • Dungeon Lords
  • Cosmic Encounter

I’ve only gotten it to the table once, but I think Merchants & Marauders will be on this list soon. No idea what it would knock off, though.

Clear No. 1
Race for the Galaxy (Still on the list. Still my favorite.)

Clear No. 2
Cosmic Encounter

The Rest (In no particular order)
Twilight Imperium (3rd and 4th. Though I prefer 4th)
Codenames (Probably my most-played game at this point.)
Billionaire Banshee (Second-most played game.)
Star Realms

Honorable Mentions (Need more table-time to decide)
Imperial Assault
Merchants & Marauders
Millennium Blades

Most-Played Game That Just Narrowly Misses the List


In no particular order:

Cosmic Encounter
Aeons End (War Eternal)
Mission: Red Planet
Condottiere (2nd Ed)
Murder in Hong Kong
Ghost Stories


At the moment, and very much subject to change:

  1. Firefly
  2. Leaving Earth
  3. Red7
  4. Mysterium
  5. Aeon’s End
  6. Colt Express
  7. Parade
  8. Flash Point Fire Rescue
  9. The Resistance
  10. Steampunk Rally


I’m new here! But I like this idea!

  1. Jaipur
  2. Century: Golem edition
  3. Skull
  4. Azul
  5. Codenames Duet
  6. Mechs vs. Minions
  7. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
  8. Love Letter
  9. Suburbia/Quadropolis
  10. Love Letter


You have Love Letter listed twice. Like it that much, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha! So nice I had to list it twice!

I actually meant Paperback for number 10 and for some reason Love Letter came out. It won’t be stoped.

So 8. Love Letter
9. City Builders
10. Paperback!


New to SU&SD forums, but man do I like lists.

1 - Dice Throne
2 - Pandemic Legacy S1/2
3 - Gloomhaven
4 - X-wing Miniature Game
5 - Roll for the Galaxy
6 - Red Dragon Inn
7 - Evolution
8 - Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails
9 - Arctic Scavengers
10 - Boss Monster 1/2

Some are no brainers, but I like them all for their own reasons. I am 100% over the moon for Dice Throne. It’s a brand new game, but I love the mix of dice and cards. There is a mix of people out there between people who think it is deeply strategic and those who swear it is way too luck based. I am in the former camp. I also love Red Dragon Inn. It is silly and fun, and it plays surprisingly well with 7 or 8 people as long as nobody in the group gets too mean about it. Evolution is a great, fun little game that gives you a decent amount to think about, and it’s gorgeous. T2R: Rails and Sails is my favorite version of the game, but I am from the midwest so I am completely biased. Arctic Scavengers is my favorite deck builder thanks to the SU&SD review. Lastly, Boss Monster was one of the first non-traditional games I got into and I still love it, balance issues and all.


No way I can put them in order; choosing ten is hard enough! Also, if you ask me tomorrow it would probably be different…

Robinson Crusoe
Survive: Escape from Atlantis
Flamme Rouge
Galaxy Trucker
Coup. Or Love Letter.


Thought I’d update my list a year on…

  1. Android: Netrunner
  2. Catacombs/Catacombs Conquest
  3. Escape: Curse of the Temple
  4. Ghost Stories
  5. Pandemic Legacy
  6. Kitchen Rush
  7. Skull
  8. Sushi Go Party!
  9. Dinosaur Island
  10. Funemployed


I decided to try something inspired by a Movies with Mikey video. I made a set of criterion, and I applied it to games in my collection to see what came out of it.

The Movies with Mikey Method:

What makes a perfect board game for Gwathdring? What makes a good game for Gwathdring is complex and depends a bit on genre. We’d be here all day. But perfect is, in some ways, a bit easier. Most of the time I can say comfortably that a perfect Gwathdring game is:

  1. Exciting. It’s a game that I want to play, that I think about when asked what games I want to play or when planning to play games somewhere.

  2. Marketable. It needs to be something I can get people to play. Maybe the premise is enough to drag people through a complex rules explanation, maybe the rules explanation can be delivered as we play, maybe it just doesn’t have many rules. However it gets there, I need to be able to go from suggesting we play it to actually playing it with people who aren’t already looking for that opportunity.

  3. Engaging. For the whole game, you’re ready for the next turn. You’re not checking your watch, losing track of whose turn it is, and regretting your decision. You’re either in the game and playing, your you’ve been eliminated—and bonus points if it engages spectators and eliminated players, too.

  4. Interesting. The game surprises, challenges or delights. Something about the game always draws you into its story or its systems. You’re not just engaged in the experience of play, but engaged in something specific about this thing that keeps you thinking about it afterwards. Something the others players do or the systems do or you do that has you wanting to tell friends this story that you then maybe realize doesn’t work as a sharable story. Maybe you had to be there, but either way—it sticks with you. It pulls you in deep.

  5. Clean. The game doesn’t have a bunch of moving parts or rules that don’t go anywhere. Everything you learn, use, pick up or look at does something meaningful.

To start with I just gave everything a thumbs up or down in the category. In principle this would probably work a bit better if things got 0, 1 or 2 points in each category just to create at least a little bit of texture to the system. I gave each game a careful think as to whether or not it got a thumbs up in each category, not whether or not it was better than other games in that category or whether or not I’d give it x/5 in a normal rating.

24 games hit all five points:


A Fake Artist Goes to New York
Cube Quest
Deep Sea Adventure
Flick 'em Up
Ghost Stories
Mechs vs Minions
Neuroshima Hex
Sherif of Nottingham
The Duke
Vast: The Crystal Caverns
Welcome to Dungeon

Some of these were in my old list of Games I’m Most Excited To Play Right Now. Some have made other kinds of Top Ten I’ve made in the past. Some of them are surprising–that is, while all of them are games I think about playing routinely thanks to the Exciting category, not all of them are games I think of as the best or most worthy things in my collection. Pictomania, Mechs vs. Minions, Witness, and Flick 'em up are all good games, but they’re not games I would think of as “perfect” unprompted.

What surprised me more is what wasn’t there. Space Alert isn’t, on the surface, a tough game to sell. It has one of the best elevator pitches in my entire collection. It’s no a 3 hour slog of a wargame. But it is a long game to teach even if you get to play a bunch in there, and despite the premise, I’ve tried to get it to the table and failed more often than I’d like which has a certain sort of inevitability that doesn’t come with just assuming a game is a difficult sell on principle. I’ve sold this game with everything I have and come up short–sometimes even after getting people interested due to issues with getting audio set up or finding table space or people burning out after one or two tutorial missions. Space Alert is one of the few games in my collection I would normally even dream of calling something ostentatious like “perfect” but here we are.

Similarly, Consulting Detective misses a mark on Engaging. As weird as this sound to me on the surface, thinking about it I remembered both observing other people check out and myself checking out–getting caught up in your own world of clues while other people engage with each other, or just getting exhausted and tuning out of purpose. Everyone typically seems to come back into things within a few minutes, but despite not having turns it does manage to sometimes have something similar to that waiting-for-turn feeling. Sometimes you get stuck and don’t have anything to contribute and it has nothing to do with Quarterbacking; this isn’t a game where you can lean on procedure in those moments to keep things moving. Less surprising is Galaxy Trucker falling flat on the same metric–it’s too easy for players to lose interest in the race at the end which wouldn’t quite be enough if it weren’t also for the problem of well built ships being more boring to fly. The better I get at the game or the luckier I get on the draw, the more levers I have to have tweaked to keep things interesting especially when not playing with a group ready for things like aliens. And while Galaxy Trucker absolutely has those levers (it gets Interesting, for sure) it’s easy to just not tweak them right or get “lucky” and end up having a dud round or two where things go too smoothly and there’s no drama in the card draw.

And then there’s the bottom of the list. My least perfect games. Four games with one credit to their names here.


Archipelago – Interesting
Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Clean
Lord of the Rings: The Board Game – Interesting
Robinson Cursoe – Interesting

And these are least perfect. They’re not never engaging, I’m not completely uninterested in playing them, they’re not impossible to interest others in, they’re not terribly messy designs and Flash Point isn’t utterly devoid of exciting, delighting and challenging moments. They’re just, on the whole, characterized too strongly by gaps in these concepts and experiences to be perfectly exciting. Perfectly engaging. Etc.

Archipelago is not a game I would have expected to see down here. I like Archipelago. It’s an excellent game, in some ways I think it’s “better” than games elsewhere on this list, and it’s interesting to think of it this way. Lord of the Rings and Flash Point are perfectly serviceable cooperative games that I think have a lot going for them. Robinson Cursoe is … well, that one isn’t such a surprise. It’s a bit of a mess.

I did expect to see a few other games down here, though. Coup, Dead of Winter, Risk, Mage Knight, Arkham Horror, 7 Wonders and others are all games I think of as the problem children of this collection–good games I enjoy playing, but that do not bear mentioning without a mountain of caveats. But none of them are here.


This is a great metric. I like this idea very much, particularly with its emphasis on marketing. It’s all very well for me to appreciate how awesome a game I own is, but if I can never convince anyone else to play it’s not worth much is it?

I’d like to try this soon with my collection. Interesting to think too of the different marketing needs of different games. For instance, my partner is also a gamer, so I don’t need to hard sell games to her, unless they really disappoint on first plays. For games that require 3+, they need to be much more marketable, quick to get to the table etc. There are also games I’ve played at meet-ups, and loved, but would never buy because they wouldn’t get played at home. How to rate them?

Lots to think about, thanks.


Four months later and the list has changed!

  1. Jaipur
  2. Azul (up 2 spots
  3. Skull
  4. Mechs Vs. Minions (up two spots spot after 4 more plays, so close to the end now!)
  5. Junk Art (Bought it in Feb and its been a huge hit everywhere!)
  6. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detetive (up one spot after more plays!)
  7. Love Letter (Its always a hit, my go to double date games are this and Junk Art!)
  8. Century: Golem Edition (Fell from 2 but only because I think I overplayed it at one point, it is still gorgeous and i love it!)
  9. Paperback
  10. Parade (Bounces out Codenames Duet… but only mostly because that was my wife’s second favorite game after Jaipur and now it is clearly Parade, which is lovely)


Only got into this hobby last year and just had great fun ranking my games using the Pub Meeple tool mentioned earlier on the thread.

  1. 7 Wonders - recently discovered this one and I love playing it. Definitely my favourite at the moment
  2. Machi Koro - one of the first games I discovered so I have a real soft spot for it. I love rolling the dice, earning money on other people’s turn and building up my Japanese town. Maybe I’ll invest in fishing this time or plant lots of forests. (I only play it with the harbour our expansion and the 5:3:5 market set up)
  3. Mystic Vale - love the card crafting and the quick turns
  4. Raiders of the North Sea - really like the place a Meeple take a Meeple worker placement so that you are never usually fully blocked by another player
  5. Century Spice Road - quick, light fun
  6. Coup - love bluffing and the tiny deck
  7. Love Letter - what can I say - it’s such a clever design. We also love guessing “Are you a baron?” Most times. I don’t know why. And when you do guess who someone is, especially on the first turn it’s is the best (and funniest thing)
  8. Terra Mystica - My heaviest game and I adore it. It was also the 3rd game I bought when I got into the hobby
  9. Race for the Galaxy - Jump Drive
  10. Sushi Go Party - I love card drafting


Hi. I’m me. This looks like fun, I wanna join in! Picking only among games I own:

  1. Dominion
  2. Power Grid
  3. Twilight Struggle
  4. Zendo
  5. Star Realms
  6. Hive
  7. Splendor
  8. Machi Koro
  9. Codenames
  10. Battle Sheep

If I did this tomorrow, any game might jump one or two positions :wink:

Among games I don’t own, honorable mentions go to:

Almost all social deduction games, but with a particular fondness for Secret Hitler.
Terra Mystica.
I’m sorta’ 18xx-curious.


Hi all, first post in the forums, after been a long term stalker of the SU&SD online realm … so here’s the top 10 games in my collection – just so I feel like I’ve contributed something:

  1. Concordia (with Salsa)
  2. Great Western Trail (no salt just cattle)
  3. Inis (King-making shenanigans)
  4. Keyflower (tile laying auction slaying)
  5. Gaia Project (in space no one can hear you AP)
  6. Troyes (With the Ladies)
  7. Tzolk’in (With added Triibes and Prophecies)
  8. Raptor (another sleep dart in the head)
  9. Forbidden Stars (not a lightsabre in sight)
  10. Tigris and Euphrates (#Tigers and Pots)


The Hmm this list needs a rework:

  1. Pandemic legacy 1
  2. Azul
  3. Ticket to Ride (America)
  4. Resistance: Avalon
  5. The Mind
  6. Century: Golem
  7. Klask
  8. Ganz Schön Clever
  9. Battleships Live (okay a bit of a gimmick here)
  10. Fibbage