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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone


I think I just haven’t played cyclades so much. It’s a great design still but lack of table time has dulled the memory.


My top 10 games… Starting with a C :wink:

  1. Chaos in the Old World
  2. Concordia
  3. Captain Sonar
  4. Camel up
  5. Codenames
  6. Carcassonne
  7. Colt Express
  8. Cash & Guns
  9. Catan
  10. CIA vs KGB

Basically all 10 of my 36’ish games starting with a C :stuck_out_tongue:


Good thing settlers got renamed. :smile:


Thought i’d contribute to this as I’m relatively new to the site! Lots of excellent excellent games mentioned here already.

My personal favourites currently:

1. Pandemic Legacy
2. Cutthroat Caverns
3. Cosmic Encounter
4. Merchants & Marauders
5. A Game of Thrones (the board game)
6. Dead of Winter
7. Libertalia
8. Captain Sonar
9. Tales of the Arabian Nights
10. Secret Hitler

That does change based on what our gaming group is currently playing mind, although they have been the most successful so far.


Oooh I like it! I can think of a few challengers though: Champions of Midgard, Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War, and Crossing spring to mind…

…and I’ve just realised Caylus Magna Carta is sitting in my bag ready for tonight’s meetup pub session!


I still feel like a newcomer to board games even though I’ve been playing and collecting on and off for the past 5 years. Anyway, here’s where I’d list games now:

  1. Cosmic Encounter
  2. Twilight Struggle
  3. Power Grid
  4. Inis
  5. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Currently in April)
  6. War of the Ring (2nd Edition)
  7. Battlestar Galactica (Might be a nostalgia pick)
  8. Dune
  9. Coup
  10. Biblios


I’ve been involved with the hobby for over 5 years now and have amassed quite a large collection, many of which I have still yet to play, but here’s my favourite 10 games to date (in no particular order):

  1. Alien Frontiers
  2. Lords of Vegas
  3. Coup
  4. Skull
  5. Tiny Epic Galaxies
  6. Pandemic
  7. Concept
  8. 7 Wonders Duel
  9. Hammer of the Scots
  10. Merchants and Marauders

  1. War of the Ring 2nd ed + Lords of Middle Earth Expansion
  2. Concordia
  3. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
  4. Condottiere
  5. Love Letter
  6. Village
  7. Fury of Dracula 3rd ed
  8. 7 Wonders Duel
  9. Jaipur
  10. Jane Austen’s Matchmaker


Man. I’ve had Richard III sitting on my shelf for almost a year and a half now, still unplayed. How does one break the “I’ve heard this one is a ‘simple’ game but oh my God I’m still overwhelmed by the amount of rules how am I ever going to convince anyone else to jump in with me oh god I feel like such a dum-dum” barrier?


A friend of mine has Richard III as well and we’ve yet to play it as he’s not really one for reading rules so much - kind of important in board gaming though!

My advice with all of these longer and more complex, rule-heavy games is to play a few dummy rounds solo to get to grips with things then once ready to play with others set a time limit rather than letting the game run to the end. It’s always longer for first and even second games than what’s printed on the box and so to avoid putting people off I’m a big believer in playing a “learning game” to a set time limit for the first try.


Your list is very similar to mine if it had been more than 10!

I have Fury of Dracula too but as I’ve only played it three times I didn’t put it on the list as yet. I also recently bought Concordia 3rd Edition so looking forward to playing that. A mate has War of the Ring 2nd Ed. and while long it was great. Finally, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is a favourite in our house but we were rationing it for the longest time (only done 4 or 5 cases so far) as there wasn’t really any expansions. But with the new cases being released we can play it some more at last.

  1. Carcassonne
  2. Inis
  3. Kingdomino
  4. Above and Below
  5. Concordia
  6. The Quest for El Dorado
  7. Sushi Go Party
  8. Clans
  9. Roborally
  10. Diamant

Now that I look at it, it’s a pretty odd list but I think it reflects the fact that I’m sometimes playing with family and sometimes with more serious gamers. If the list was the top 10 most played games of the past couple months, Kingdomino would be at the top by a long shot with Sushi Go Party in a distant second followed by Inis (thanks in part to getting so many games in at SHUX), Diamant and El Dorado. I sadly don’t play Carcassonne nearly as much as I’d like because there’s so many great new games that usually find their way to the table first.


I think my current top 10 will be something like:
Food Chain Magnate
La Granja
New Bedford
Oh My Goods!
Ghost Stories

I think Iki is probably waiting in the wings to join the list after more plays, The Colonists might break in soon and Lisboa might get the nod after some more plays. Burano is game I absolutely love and don’t get to play anywhere near as much as I’d like as a friend hates it. Doesn’t come across as rational distaste, more that he lost the first game and that doesn’t match the ego. Sad times.


You’re in for a treat with Concordia, but I’d advise - as with anything - not building expectations too high. It’s basically just universally excellent without being flashy. It’s rules-light but strategy-deep, very generous, and rewards forward planning without demanding you be scarily good at it. And it doesn’t let on who is winning while the game’s progressing, so hopefully it remains ambiguous and everyone stays invested.

Fury and War of the Ring occupy a similar space for me - they’re both games with the potential to run long (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor is that always true), and it’s entirely possible for someone to have a crap time with them both if you’re not in the mood, or something knocks you out of the right frame of mind. But if you play with people willing to be invested in the experience and go for it - and who don’t think winning is the be-all-end-all (particularly fatal in WOTR), there really isn’t anything better.


I don’t have a particular order, but as of this very second, these are my 10 favorite games:

  1. Kingdom Builder - I love manipulating houses

  2. Scythe - I don’t know why I like this…I just do

  3. Viticulture - The expansion makes this way better

  4. Cosmic Encounter - This will never not be in my top 10

  5. Azul - Paul was right

  6. Concordia - Quinns was right

  7. Chinatown - I finally figured out how to win

  8. Lords of Waterdeep - This plus Scoundrels expansion are fantastic

  9. Memoir 44 - Because whenever you watch those war movies where they have the war table with the pieces all set up and they push those pieces around the table while divulging their battle strategy…that’s this game.

  10. Skulls - It’s just so good.

  1. Inis
  2. A Feast for Odin
  3. Concordia
  4. El Grande (base game)
  5. Dominant Species
  6. Cyclades
  7. Condottiere
  8. The King is Dead
  9. Tzolkin
  10. Game of Thrones

Honourable Mention (aka, my #11): Village and Troyes

I love area control and area majority games. Thus, I love Dominant Species, even though SUSD dislikes it. Small World was my first modern game ever. Even though I don’t have it on my top, I have sentimental love for it.

Funny I only have three games in this list that weren’t covered by SUSD. All 3 are “dudes/cubes on a map”


It’s definitely time for me to update this…

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
Roll for the Galaxy
Castles of Burgundy
Inis (even though I have only played it once… So its standing is probably pretty fluid)
Terra Mystica
Whitehall Mystery
Dead of Winter

Close misses (games I still love) include Escape Big Box, Tzolk’in, Galaxy Trucker and Lords of Vegas. And maybe Cosmic Encounter.

If I owned El Grande, it would probably be in there. Troyes, Skull, Imperial Assault and Pandemic Legacy Season 2 are all waiting in the wings, so some of these may not be safe.


I really need to play El Grande. I’ve never been able to.


If you want to avoid the pricey Big Box: I bought a used one on Amazon Germany (I’m from the UK). I scanned and photoshopped the cards so they have English text. Print them out and put them in a card sleeve along with the original action cards.

Takes some effort but friends are pleased with the conversion I’ve done


Thanks for the advice. I checked out Amazon. They have a couple big boxes left…I’m very tempted because I am a completionist…if it has an expansion, I need all of them.