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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone


Oh, come on, I’m convincing myself to not buy Legends Of Andor (a friend is selling his copy). Don’t tell me it’s good :confused:.

  1. Cosmic Encounter
  2. 7 Wonders
  3. Code names
  4. Inis
  5. Marvel Legendary (with expansions yo!)
  6. Ra
  7. Avalon
  8. Spyfall
  9. Consulting Detective
  10. Nations


OK, I’ll keep quiet about that then.

I’ll just tell you that I already sought out and bought the 5-6 player expansion.


OK, so I used the engine, and put it my top rated games with enough recent plays:
1. War of The Ring - Completely unsurprising, it’s just my favourite game! It captures everything about the Lord of The Rings, and it’s just fantastic. Would always play it in any given chance.
2.Twilight Struggle - Again, not much of a surprise for me, a solid game that’s just so rich in theme.
3. Gloomhaven - Feels a little silly it being this high so soon, but it is bloody good and have played it week after week after week.
4. Kemet - Don’t play it enough as I want to, but it’s still good. May change if I played it again, but as it stands it’s sticking here.
5. Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition) - Takes everything I loved about the original and makes it playable.
6. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (2nd Edition) - The first board game I bought when I got back into the hobby, top notch game.
7. Commands & Colors: Ancients/Napoleonics - I’ve included these in the same space, but at the moment I think Napoleonics is taking a slight edge - though both are brilliant.
8. Cthulhu Wars - Another asymmetric multiplayer areas control/conflict game? Yupp. And it’s great.
9. Polis: Fight For The Hegemony - Just a really tight civ/war game, thoroughly underrated.
10. Chaos In The Old World - Used to be higher, has been shunted down by Cthulhu Wars and Kemet, will probably soon leave the top ten, but I still love this game.

Most of my heavier wargames didn’t make it on here as I just don’t get to play them often enough, and my biggest surprise was that my favourite euro-esque games didn’t make the list. Guess I just prefer conflict.


I have actually been considering Legends of Andor. I have limited space for my games and have been eyeing Imperial Assault, but am hesitant because of the massive box and the need for someone to play the empire. What were some of the things you enjoyed about Andor?


Yes, another Cthulhu Wars lister! If you’re ever in Alaska, hit me up, I love #'s 4/6/8/10 and never get to play them as much as I want. Kemet and CW made my list too. I’m just excited to see CW on another person’s list. Nice!


Ooh gosh, where do I start?

I love euro game mechanics.
I also love a good narrative.
This does both. And does them well.

I’ve heard it described as “Arkham Horror but with euro mechanics (and a more family-friendly generic fantasy theme)”. Having not played Arkham Horror I can’t directly testify to that but based on what I’ve heard and seen it sounds pretty accurate.

There’s two main features which I think sound weird at first but are genius one you watch how the game unfolds.

The first is that you don’t read the rules before you start playing. You’re given a basic setup to follow and a limited set of components to get ready and then the rules say “turn over story card A1 and start reading.” The rules get introduced to you as the story unfolds. This completely grinded with my “must learn all rules and mechanics so I can explain them and be able to answer awkward questions good god I hope I don’t accidentally miss something out that makes someone pissed off” comfort zone but one I’d come to accept that I really appreciated it and loved it.

The other is the interaction between the “narrator” track (which triggers the story events and acts as the game timer) and the battles with monsters. You have to fight monsters to win, but here’s the trick… each fight that you win makes the narrator advance. So you have to pick your battles carefully and not fight so many that you run out of time before all your tasks are complete. Factor in also that winning the battle rewards you with essential resources for your other tasks and there’s your narrative-rich euro-puzzle that throws enough surprises to keep you enthralled but doesn’t leave the economic-sim lover in you feeling screwed over by a random flip of a card or one bad die roll.

I’ve played the first two Legends out of 5, from what I understand, Legend 3 is the staple “replay value” story as it has the most random setup to it, but still I am looking at all the bits that we haven’t yet encountered, and I’m champing at the bit to find out what they do.

As a close friend of mine once said about Santorini (a quote which found its way onto the Kickstarter campaign): “just getting the box off the shelf raises my heart rate in anticipation. Isn’t that what board games are supposed to do?”


Oh, and I almost forgot: all characters can be played either male or female, with no variation in skills or abilities. And not a chain-mail bikini in sight. F*ck you Conan.


Have you guys painted any of the figures? We’ve done Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and one of the Dark Young… still yet to play it though. I just hate the colours of the monsters.


Not yet no - I’m terribly slow at getting around to painting my games - and when I do I’m terrible at finishing them off! I don’t really want a half finished set of Cthulhu Wars as I’ll just be less likely to play it if it is. Also I actually kind of like the colours!!


I have played Terra Mystics and Ra since posting originally, and they are both definitely in my top 10 now.


Same here almost verbatim. I’m a mediocre painter as well.


Top 10… lessee…

Pandemic Legacy
War of the Ring
Mansions of Madness: 1st Edition
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
The Grizzled
Galaxy Trucker
Ghost Stories

Howz that?


SUCH a great game!!! That I never see around as much as I’d like!


I just want to add that since I started working at a game store, I’ve really had to nail down my Top 5, since I feel bad recommending a game as “One of my favourites” if it isn’t, in fact, one of my favourites.

As a result, I’ve re-adjusted my Top 5 to be, in very specific order:

  1. Twilight Imperium
  2. Space Alert/Galaxy Trucker
  3. Scythe
  4. Mysterium/Deception Murder in Hong Kong
  5. Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed.

There is a slight, slight fib in there (MoM is a game I really love in potentia, since I don’t own it myself… but the concept of the game is so strong, and the few times I’ve played it I’ve enjoyed so much, that it wiggles in there on the technicality).

I don’t tend to wax poetic about Arabian Nights, Shogun, or RoboRally, though, since they’re all out of stock constantly, which is tragic. Anyway. I stand by those for a Top Five for the last 6 weeks. I think they’ll hold for a bit longer, at least.


I count seven games in your top five ;).


As an astrophysicist, allow me to assure you that being within 1 order of magnitude of my intended result is pretty dang good.



Just invoke the Inverse Square Law. It’s almost certainly valid viz a viz your actual distance from…something or other.


Holy Moly in three years this has changed A LOT

  1. Pandemic Legacy
  2. Ticket To Ride
  3. Love Letter
  4. Insider
  5. Resistance: Avalon
  6. Lost Cities
  7. Karuba
  8. Blueprints
  9. Agricola All Creatures Big and Small
  10. Fibbage. ( a cheat I know)


Wow! Those are some BIG changes!

What happened to Cyclades?

Also, I’m a bit surprised Avalon wasn’t in your original set but is now… had you never played it before?