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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone



dances excitedly
looks ashamed
clears throat awkwardly

  1. Twilight Struggle - Probably the one game my wife would play with me all day if possible. Gloriously tense and nasty, with working out how to limit the damage of a bad hand a key element.
  2. Mage Knight - Only ever played solo, but what a solo! Deep, thinky and tough; the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. Or a sunny one. Just don’t go outsi
  3. Pandemic - A game that I can introduce to just about anyone, and the sit back and watch the dawning panic as the black virus overruns the Middle East but ohmygod there’s lots of red close together but I can’t get there unless I spend this blue but we’ve already discarded a load of blue and it’ll be fine if this card isn’t Sydney bollocks!
  4. Macao - Love Feld, Castles of Burgundy is probably the slightly better game but I don’t own that and I own this. So there. You’ve backed me into a corner. Also, cubes.
  5. Sherlock Holmes - Another that my wife loves; in fact she told me to buy it after we watched the SUSD review together. Thanks, Quinns. Thinns.
  6. Letters From Whitechapel - Another SUSD related buy, one of the most intense gaming experiences I’ve had as being Jack. The delicious tension, knowing a police is right next to you, praying they’ll call for a clue rather than arrest. Or trying to look smug and pleased on the outside, but inwardly furious, as someone somehow guesses every single moved you’ve made…thinking about it, this should be higher. Never mind, no time. Must post,
  7. War of the Ring (second edition) - Another wife favourite, scratches the LoTR geek itch perfectly for me. Massive in scope, millions* of little plastic orcses and the chance to massacre elves and despoil their pretentious little strongholds.
  8. Village - As mentioned before, surprisingly dark worker placement/euro thing where you must wring all of the points possible out of your family before hastening their deaths. Also, has a lovely velveteen bag.
  9. Resistance: Avalon - Easy to teach, tough to master. I’ve seen at least two friendships teeter violently on the verge of collapse due to excellent deception. Even better after a couple of beers/wines/Babychams.
  10. Cruel Necessity - Superb solo game covering the English Civil War. Incredibly tough and tense, with great historical detail.

Honourable mentions to Labyrinth and Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage that are recent acquisitions I haven’t had time to play enough of. Oh, and A Distant Plain, which I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to the table but looks super. And Ticket to Ride: Europe, the first game I ever bought and still enjoy (up to a point) now. Er, that’s it.

*may not be millions


In no particular order…

  1. Mage Knight - The game that showed me two of board gaming’s most beautiful truths: a solo board game can be every bit as engaging an experience as a video game and Vlaada is indisputably a some kind of mad genius.
  2. Android: Netrunner - the best dueling game since pre Fallen Empires Magic: the Gathering. Also, fully realized and well-executed cyberpunk theme, with all the glorious gloss and grit and grime you could hope for.
  3. Arkham Horror - I know, it’s clunky, it’s capricious and I never play it anymore, but I don’t care. This was THE game that brought me back to board gaming after 15 years and I played a lot with family and close friends. I’ll always treasure the memories of my experiences with it, the good, the bad and the ridiculous.
  4. City of Remnants - My first serious purchase based on an SUSD recommendation. Just an amazing piece of design, the way all the systems play off each other and the theme is masterfully reflected in the mechanics. Nothing else plays quite like it.
  5. Terra Mystica - My favorite euro: beautiful, elegant and engaging, with tons of replayability and so many paths to victory. Showed me the true meaning of Analysis Paralysis.
  6. Twilight Imperium - Ameritrash done so right, it makes me feel uncharacteristically patriotic. Epic empire building and opportunistic aggression and underhanded dealings and sexy drama and bruised feelings. This is where America shines, baby.
  7. Dixit - So universally accessible, easy to teach, imaginative and just plain fun. After a particularly nasty game of TI where everyone ended up scowling and not talking to each other, I broke this out and everyone was laughing and smiling within 15 minutes.
  8. Star Realms - Fast-paced, sci-fi themed, deck-building crack. Plays in 20 minutes, teaches in 5, all for 15 bucks? Yes, please.
  9. Suburbia - So easy to teach and play, but still so many interesting decisions and stories to be had. Nothing like sandwiching some low-cost housing in between an airport and a slaughterhouse to make you feel like a reprehensible prick.
  10. Alien Frontiers - Love the 50’s drive-in sci-fi aesthetic and the constant push and pull of the mechanics. Worker placement with serious player interaction. Also, it plays 3 remarkably well, a feat most games can’t quite seem to pull off.

“A game is a series of interesting decisions.”
-Sid Meier

FORUMS!! 10. Cruel Necessity - Superb solo game covering the English Civil War. Incredibly tough and tense, with great historical detail.

I’ve had me eye on this one. Would you be able to elaborate in more detail?


the list changes quite abit, and some of these are heavy war games so bgg em if you are curious;

  1. Ascending Empires (space 4x with flicking)
  2. Sekigahara Unification of Japan (reviewed by Thrower at some point)
  3. Ares Project (battle style card game)
  4. Hannibal Rome vs Carthage (a bit like Twilight struggle but better imo, less choosing history or not history)
  5. The Korean war (older Victory Games war game, long, complex, lots of counters)
  6. Pax Porfirana (revolutionary mexico tableau building card game. I like Eklund’s High Frontier a lot too))
  7. Dune (prefer this to rex just because the Spice Must Flow!)
  8. Burma (heavier war game, long, hundreds of counters, 40 pages of rules)
  9. Tichu (four player team/partner card game, abstract)


What do I do?!!
I’ve still got more #1’s!!!

Quick! Add more games! 1’s are unstable on their own, they have to be attached to something!

so there’s also;

  1. Robinson Crusoe
  2. Eclipse
  3. War of the Ring
  4. Castles of Burgundy
  5. Catacombs
  6. Horus Heresy
  7. Twilight Struggle
  8. Libertalia
  9. Lords of Vegas
  10. Mage Wars

damn it… still more #1’s left… and then on to the 2’s!!!

10. Cards against Humanity- I think the SUSD guys gave this game a bad rap. The writing is much cleverer then they give it credit for. It would be very easy for this kind of thing to just to devolve into a game of "who can say the most awful thing", and it can do that, but the cards do allow for much more subtlety if you want to go in that direction too. Just don't play it with your grandmother :).

It’s a fun drinking game. But lately we’ve been using the cards for playing Telestrations. Amazing.


I love introducing people to Cards Against Humanity.
When I mention I’m into BoardGames people assume it’s the least cool, most geeky pastime you could possibly imagine… Then you whip out Cards Against Humanity, and all of a sudden they’re playing this edgy, offensive, hilarious game, nothing like the image they’ve built up in their heads about what boardgaming is.
Every one of my mates has immediately said “Where can I buy this?!”

It does get less funny the more you play, tiringly so. But there’s still the odd combo that raises a smirk. Last game, for me, it was;
Step 1: Dead Parents
Step 2: Necrophilia
Step 3: Profit!!!


Hmm this is a toughy. I’m listing the following on the basis that if there were a bunch of Silent and Seated standing in my living room shouting at me right now, this is what I’d want to play… ask me tomorrow and I’ll come up with a different list, and this is in no order:

  • Saboteur (Ideally Saboteur 2… I am desperate to try it with 2 teams of miners)
  • Netrunner
  • 7 Wonders
  • Shadows of Camelot (not played yet, but is the top of my list once I have 3 people in the room)
  • Archipelago
  • Gloom
  • Smash Up
  • Suburbia
  • Citadels
  • Race For The Galaxy
  • The Village

The keen eyed amongst you may notice a slight trend towards things endorsed by a certain Pear…

  1. Spartacus - it’s everything good about games in one game.
  2. Lords of Waterdeep - It got me into this mess. And my best friend’s wife always crushes us at it.
  3. Suburbia - Every single person loves it.
  4. Stone Age - Maybe the best Euro-Ass-Euro-Game
  5. Power Grid - I wish I had six people together more often.
  6. Timeline - fun at dorky parties.
  7. Arctic Scavengers - actual good deckbuilding
  8. Lords of Vegas - So damn novel.
  9. King of Tokyo - SHould probably be higher but I think I’ve finally played it to death. The box is haggered.
  10. Love Letter - Best size -> goodness ratio.

FORUMS!! 10. Cruel Necessity - Superb solo game covering the English Civil War. Incredibly tough and tense, with great historical detail.

I’ve had me eye on this one. Would you be able to elaborate in more detail?

Gladly - there are three decks, each representing a period in time and each card has a major event from that period on it. There’s a historical explanation (which is nice), and then it will affect either the towns you as the Parliamentarians control, the Royalist armies on the map, or the political tracks.

You then have ‘Zeal’ points to use in gut wrenching decisions - do you fortify your beleaguered towns against future Royalist onslaught? Or do you attempt to move the Protestant/Catholic track further in your favour? Or try to push the Royalists away from your towns? There’s never enough Zeal for what you need to do, and succeeding in each action is always dependant on a die roll ( and we all know how capricious the Dice Gods can be).

Major battles are represented as well, these being resolved through mostly random chit pulls for the units on both sides (at least until you as the Parliamentarians get some good units, such as Cromwell’s horse or the New Model Army infantry). The tension as you reveal the units available to both sides is frankly palpable, especially as named units have the possibility of being removed from the game altogether with a couple of bad rolls. As an aside, Prince Rupert really is a ****er.

Every time I’ve played it, I’ve had my posterior handed to me. But the flavour is strong in this one; it’s the only game I own that is built solely for solitaire, and if they are all as good as this one it won’t be the last.


In no particular order:

  • Settlers of Catan: trading is very dynamic, and there are diverse win conditions without a point salad
  • Cosmic Encounter: this should redeem me, right?
  • Hive: great two-player game with a chess-like feel
  • Chess: it's not without faults, but it endures for good reason
  • Resistance Avalon: my favorite hidden-role game
  • For Sale: so much game in such an efficient package...a better and simpler Libertalia
  • Risk Legacy: several people have told me that this was the most fun they've had playing a board game
  • Battlelore (2nd ed.): my favorite of the C&C games (but the only other one I played in Memoir '44)
  • Netrunner: best asymmetric game of all time
  • Magic the Gathering: I've just had too much fun playing it back in the day
  • Caverna: I've only played it twice, but it was really engrossing

I can’t even pick a favorite, much less rank them all. Heck, I listed eleven because I couldn’t resist adding Caverna. When I get more of a chance to play them, I suspect I’d want to add Twilight Struggle and A Distant Plain.


Mmm Top 10 you say? I like most games mostly because, well you know, friends and time well spent! But games I really really enjoy more than most…

Las Vegas
Camel Up
Machi Koro
Blood Bowl Team Manager!


In no particular order:

  • Terra Mystica
  • Amerigo
  • Carsassonne
  • Tash-Kalar
  • Caverna
  • Arctic Scavengers
  • Concordia
  • Quantum
  • Seasons
  • Escape: The Curse of the Temple

  1. Netrunner
  2. X-wing
  3. Pandemic
  4. Bohnanza
  5. Merchants and Marauders
  6. Tigris and Euphrates
  7. 7 Wonders
  8. Settlers of Catan
  9. Fortune and Glory
  10. Ticket to Ride

  • Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Runewars
  • Arkham Horror
  • Cosmic Encounter
  • Through the Ages
  • Netrunner
  • Mage Knights
  • City of Horrors
  • Twilight Imperium Rex


In no particular order:

  1. Dungeon Petz
  2. Dead of Winter (Replaced City of Horror)
  3. Euphoria
  4. Cosmic Encounter
  5. Archipelago (Tied with Tzolk'in)
  6. Seasons
  7. Thunderstone
  8. Lords of Xidit
  9. 7 Wonders
  10. Love Letter

Honorable mention - ‘Defenders of the Realm’ for doing the random massive invasion mechanic way better than anything Pandemic has ever done.



This is my first post and here are my top ten in some esoteric order which is not entirely coherent.

  1. Terra Mystica - The number one game that I will play any time any where. I would willingly play this game naked in a pool full of sharks with pork chops tied to my waist as long as my board didn’t get wet.
  2. Oh, the forums number things for me… isn’t that nice. Yes, number 2: I don’t really know. I would say possibly 7 Wonders given how accessible it is, how high the player count is, and how quickly it generally plays.
  3. Space Hulk - This game has so many wonderful memories for me as a young one playing with these miniatures and practicing xenophobia.
  4. Dungeon Petz - This is a relatively new favorite. I was initially very turned off by the art style on the front of this game but it grew on me like a fungus. WARNING: The workers should be considered deadly weapons.
  5. Euphoria - This has a humor built in that I really enjoy. The dice workers work really well and the fact that you don’t have to count up points at the end makes for an exciting and quick worker placement game.
  6. Mice and Mystics - This game oozes theme. It’s a cross between RPG and board game and our children love it. The cheese clock is great!
  7. I should have put 7 wonders here.
  8. Eldritch Horror - This has captured everything about Arkham Horror I enjoy and gotten rid of some of the fiddly bits. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty glorious piece of work.
  9. I just realized I skipped number 7.
  10. There I did it again.

And that’s my top 10 list.


My available list is quite small, as I’m fairly new to this, but let’s see…

#10: Rex (I love the game it could be, I just haven’t found the perfect group yet)
#9: Small World
#8: King of Tokyo (I have never failed to get a group by simply walking in, dropping the box, looking around and saying “Godzilla Yahtzee.”)
#7: Masquerade
#6: The Resistance/Two Rooms and a Boom (People may argue these are two completely different things, but if I’m in the mood for Two Rooms but I only have 6 people, the Resistance gets the job done)
#5: Ca$h 'n Guns (I know a lot of people love Skull & Roses, but this is the bluffing game for me, not least of which because it’s such an amazing game to play with couples.)
#4: Galaxy Trucker (The very first game I ever picked up by SUSD recommendation, I bought the Anniversary Edition, natch. It would be higher but I have one friend who needs at least 4 rough rider cards to be on the level of nearly everyone else.)
#3: Quantum (It doesn’t seem physically possible to distill the elements of hard strategy and 4x to this simple a game, and yet everything totally works. In a rare instance of me being ahead of the game, I was excited by this long before the SUSD review.)
#2: Netrunner. (I disposed of my entire Magic collection because of how thoroughly A:NR replaced it for me. There’s nothing I can say about it that hasn’t been said already.)
and finally
#1: Cosmic Encounter (Little story: the first modern game I played was Munchkin. It was an absolute riot. Then I played it a second time and every single crack started to show almost immediately. CE is what I wanted Munchkin to be every time, and every single person I’ve played it with loves it.)

EDIT: Marx, this is imperative: PLAY REX WITH SIX PEOPLE. Not 5, never 4. SIX. Put off playing it if you have to, but let me tell you from experience it was designed for six and it suffers so immensely with less it’ll leave your head spinning.


I’ve never thought about ranking my favorite games, but between this post and the Dice Tower People’s Choice Awards…

  1. 7 Wonders - My second most played game, and the biggest hit with my family.
  2. Race for the Galaxy - I love the “simplicity” and tough decisions this game provides.
  3. Splendor - This game is like a distillation of everything “Euro”. It has been a huge hit with my family.
  4. Twilight Struggle - I absolutely adore this game’s mechanics and flavor. I almost never get to play it, of course, but I love thinking about it.
  5. Keyflower - I like game-related stress, and nothing stresses me out more than this game.
  6. Android: Netrunner - My favorite card-only dueling game. I probably don’t need to sing its praises on this site.
  7. Magic: the Gathering - It would be disingenuous to leave out my most played game or the game that started me and my playgroup with the hobby. Nowadays, I mostly play the “board game version” of Magic: cube drafting.
  8. Pandemic - My favorite co-op. I really admire the mechanics.
  9. Five Tribes - This game really surprised me! It’s absolutely amazing!
  10. Cosmic Encounter - The negotiation game with endless variety.


Alright I love doing this:

  1. The Resistance: Avalon- Fun as an icebreaker with non-gamers, fun as a strategic logic puzzle with experienced gamers and great as a game with drinks (one of my favorite gaming moments was my drunk friend yelling that he was Merlin. After good guys win, assassin picks him and he’s like “you got me” turns over his card and he’s Percival but thought he was Merlin)
  2. Ghost Stories - one of my two favorite coop games. Super hard but an awesome puzzle- fiance loves this game so that’s a huge plus.
  3. Space Alert- My other favorite coop game. Super silly but can be all kinds of fun with the right group.
  4. Diplomacy- have been playing this game for a long time but is still great. So much strategic depth and playing people with relatively simple mechanics. I still like the simple state of diplomacy that gets to the core of negotiation without all the frill of Game of Thrones game.
  5. Power Grid- Best math puzzle ever! But also one where you have the awesome human element of auctions (while not on my top 10 shoutout here to Black Gold which has the best auction system ever in gaming- so much fun)
  6. Ladies & Gentlemen- This game is hilarious with surprising strategic depth. SO many different groups have played and loved this game.
  7. Bruges- This game is sooooo goood. Hits the table so often because of short length but strategic depth is immense. Every action requires you to foreclose other action possibilities and sometimes take risks that the strategy you want will not come together or try to build your strategy on the fly.
  8. Twilight Struggle - Just an incredible few hours of experience. So much history and so much mental strength is required to focus and really compete with the other play. Amazing strategic depth.
  9. 7 Wonders- Drafting is awesome- what else can I say?
  10. Magic: The Gathering- for me it’s like Quinns with Netrunner. I’m obsessed (though I love other games too)- the constant changing dynamic of new sets keeps things fresh while the ability to play various casual formats like EDH and Planechase allow the game to be whatever you want it to be.