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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone

  1. Twilight Struggle (my favorite game that I can never get anyone to play)
  2. Android: Netrunner

Everything else on this list is really close. It is hard for me to really rank them as it differs over time and how recently/frequently I have played them. But…

  1. Terra Mystica
  2. Cosmic Encounter
  3. Quantum
  4. Seasons
  5. Animal Upon Animal: Balancing Bridge
  6. Timeline
  7. Small World
  8. Eclipse


Oh geez, my top 10 list changes on almost daily basis. What games I think are the best depend very much on what kind of mood I’m in. So here’s a list of 10 games I think are very, very good and would never turn down if asked to play. Be prepared for a very 2-player and co-cop centric list!

  1. Caverna - Of Uwe Rosenberg’ many takes on the eurogame I think I like this the best.

  2. Netrunner - There’s not much I can say about this game that hasn’t already been said. Fantastic.

  3. Castles of Burgundy - I had to put a Feldt on this list.

  4. Ghost Stories - I love tension in my co-op games and few games manage this better than Ghost Stories.

  5. BatteLore 2nd: Edition - Great production values, cool gameplay. I just wish there were a few more armies for this game, but since it’s a FFG join I’m sure they have a few things in the pipeline.

  6. Eldritch Horror - Losing your sanity has never been this much fun before.

  7. Galaxy Trucker - An engine for chaos. Never a dull moment with this game. Sure, it is random and it is unfair, but it is never not entertaining.

  8. Village - A remarkably morbid little eurogame. The ‘death’ mechanic is really clever, and it’s one of the best ‘point sallad’ games I own.

  9. Mage Wars - I’m a big fan of two player games and this is one of the very best. I think the artwork is fantastic (some unfortunate outfits for the ladies aside), the gameplay is deep and interesting and there are so many ways to screw your opponent over. Unfortunately the game is a little hard to get to the table due to it’s long playing time and somewhat harsh learning curve.

  10. BattleCON: Devastation of Indines - I’ve only had this game for a couple of months but it is already one of my absolute favourites. It does an excellent job of emulating video game beat 'em up’s in a board game format. Every turn you have to consider what your opponent is going to do and how to best counter their moves while at the same time setting yourself up for an attack. It’s an extremely smartly designed game and the box it comes it amazingly generous - there’s over 15 different characters you can play as, as well as single-player and co-op variants of the rules included in the box. I love it.



{grabs pear}
I play these games the most.

1.Descent - I play it every Tuesday and its just so much fun.

2.X-wing - {makes flying sounds) pew pew pew pew!

3.warhammer 40k - to big to expensive to much work. But it is my childhood.

4.King of Tokyo - Godzilla fanboy!

5.Masquerades - I get to call myself a queen!

6.Descent - its just really good.

  1. …uuhm

  2. Elder sign - some times

  3. I need to play more games

  4. And money to buy them!

Descent really beats the sh** out of Catan.


This is ever changing, but it’s probably these in some order

  1. Race for the Galaxy
  2. Dominion
  3. Sentinels of the Multiverse
  4. Resistance: Avalon
  5. Yomi
  6. Legendary (Marvel)
  7. Quantum
  8. Jaipur
  9. Dungeon Lords
  10. Cosmic Encounter
I've only gotten it to the table once, but I think Merchants & Marauders will be on this list soon. No idea what it would knock off, though.

  1. Monopoly
  2. Cluedo
  3. Sorry
  4. Risk
  5. Trivial Pursuit
  6. The Logo Game
  7. Scrabble
  8. Snakes & Ladders
  9. Ludo
  10. Twilight Imperium Third Edition

Shhhhh, not really, it’s:

  1. Power Grid
  2. Galaxy Trucker
  3. Terra Mystica
  4. Android Netrunner
  5. Cosmic Encounter
  6. 7 Wonders
  7. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
  8. Ra
  9. Letters from Whitechapel
  10. Agricola


Ah, obligatory top 10 list to start off in the forums… Feels just like coming home and dipping your feet into a warm bath :slight_smile:

So, top 10 are:

  1. Risk Legacy - Kinda surprised that no-one else has mentioned this so far. The 15 games I played of Risk Legacy remain the greatest gaming experience that I have ever had - absolutely cannot wait for Seafall and Pandemic legacy.
  2. Netrunner - Because Netrunner.
  3. Cosmic Encounter - Unique every time you play, you’re involved in the game even when it isn’t your turn AND you can backstab your allies. Pretty much perfect. If you’re acting sniffy about game balance you AREN’T NEGOTIATING AND MANIPULATING WELL ENOUGH.
  4. Galaxy Trucker - It’s just funny watching other people’s ships falling to bits.
  5. Skulls N Roses - Played more than any of my other games (apart from Netrunner), brilliant for any group and perfect for warming up prior to a poker game.
  6. Lords Of Vegas - Because chucking lots of dice based on calculated risk is lots of fun! Also, gambling!
  7. Letters From Whitechapel - Unbearably tense when playing as Jack.
  8. Spartacus - For one simple rule: “Your word is not binding, at any time.” Mean as all hell.
  9. Trains - Far and away my favourite deckbuilder because of the interaction brought in by the board.
  10. Memoir 44 - Though I’m still yet to win a game playing against my girlfriend, it doesn’t really seem to matter that much since it’s just so damn entertaining.

Hope to see you guys around the forum. Bye!


I’ll toss a quickie 10 off the top of my head of games that get the most play in my group.

Twilight Imperium 3
Mansions of Madness
Eldritch Horror
Battlestar Galactica
Terra Mystica
Galaxy Trucker
Descent (1st and 2nd editions)
Robinson Crusoe

Those games are generally 3-6 players and leaves out some fantastic solo and 2 player games, such as Mage Knight, Tash Kalar and Netrunner.


I think I’m only really clear on the top two here, and the rest spins around like a pear orbiting a…another pear? In space? I don’t know. Something like that, I’m sure. Here goes though. All possible caveats apply:

  1. Game of Thrones - I keep thinking I’m going to get tired of it, but I don’t. I just love it. It’s the game I think about the most, I think. Also the easiest biglong game to get to the table, because Game of Thrones.
  2. City of Remnants - dripping with theme, theme oozing from every card and mechanic, just a brilliant game (I’m terrible at it and I don’t like the way the last round always just becomes a build fest, but I forgive it for the theme and the excitement)
  3. Merchants and Marauders - Impossible to get to the table, but just such a delightful simulation. I love how free I feel to play however I like. I actually get to be a pirate for three hours (actually more like six, which is the key drawback).
  4. Libertalia - Everyone enjoys it. It’s a breeze to teach. Silliness abounds. Apparently I like pirates more than I think I like pirates.
  5. Galaxy Trucker - An explosion of merriment, everytime. It’s stupid, but it tells a story. Every time.
  6. Cosmic Encounter - Another accessible delight. I see its flaws, and I choose to ignore them, because it’s properly unique every time.
  7. Dead of Winter/Archipelago - I’m lumping these together because I haven’t played either of them enough to make a full decision on which is better. They serve utterly different purposes. DoW feels like the perfect story generator. Archipelago feels like a puzzle that I’ll be bashing my head against forever. Both are great. I’m clearly cheating but putting them as one entry.
  8. Quantum - I can play this two player with my partner in ten minutes, and it’s brilliant. I can play this for two hours with three gamers and it’s brilliant. Love the simplicity. I know it’s not too spicy, but I heart it anyway.
  9. Caverna - Because every list needs some ballast, and this it my big hard Euro of choice. Again, I am terrible at it, but I love that I feel like I’m building something unique every time.
  10. Sherlock Holmes - Just the best time you can spend with a few friends feeling like idiots and geniuses all at once. Such a unique and beautiful thing.

Also rans, that I’m genuinely hurt about not including, include Kemet, Bioshock Infinite, Ladies and Gentlemen, Blood Bowl: Team Manager, Battlestar Galactica and 1812. I also suspect that Eclipse and Mission: Red Planet will be ousting things once I’ve got enough plays under my belt. Played them both on Sunday, and it the most perfect spacey afternoon ever.

That was a horrible experience. I’m already resisting the urge to go back and change everything. Don’t make me do that again! :wink:


1 - Cosmic Encounter
2 - Dead of Winter
3 - Power Grid
4 - Skull and Roses
5 - Escape: The Curse of the Temple
6 - Archipelago
7 - The Resistance
8 - One Night Ultimate Werewolf
9 - Tash Kalar
10 - Trains


Ah ha ha!
I do like a good list!
Here’s mine:

  1. Netrunner
  2. Skull & Roses (or just Skull if you’ve bought the swank new edition)
  3. Eclipse
  4. Galaxy Trucker
  5. Love Letter
  6. Pandemic
  7. Jungle Speed
  8. Dixit
  9. Settlers of… wait… did I just?
  10. Escape: Curse Of The Temple

The game I get to the table most and continually gets asked to be played again (and again and again)?
Skull & Roses

I also suspect that Eclipse and Mission: Red Planet will be ousting things once I've got enough plays under my belt. Played them both on Sunday, and it the most perfect spacey afternoon ever.
I managed to get my hands on a copy of Mission: Red Planet a few months ago, after hearing the Dice Tower guys rave about for ages, and really is rather good isn't it? I like it so much I'll probably also be grabbing a copy of the upcoming reprint.

Anyway, my list:

  1. Relic - so help me, I really, really like this game. Yeah, it’s a roll and move luck-fest but it improves on the Talisman (which I never liked) formula just enough to give you some control and it hits that sweet spot of monster-bashing and levelling up that a good ARPG does.
  2. Jamaica - my go-to gateway game. Easy to play, it looks amazing, works with kids and it’s just plain fun.
  3. Targi- packs a meaty and unique little worker placement game into a short, and 2 player only, playing time.
  4. Robinson Crusoe - a clever blend of Euro and Ameritrash co-op, with a theme that really appeals to me. I need to find a copy of that Voyage of the Beagle expansion!
  5. Claustrophobia - if there is a modern successor to Space Hulk, this, despite not being sci-fi, is it.
  6. Caverna - A recent entry. My wife and I were fans of Agricola but Caverna’s more easy going and open ended nature means this is top dog now.
  7. Mage Knight - I’ve actually only played this solo but it’s still a super compelling experience with near limitless replay value. The expansion Lost Legion is a must.
  8. Dungeon Petz - I’ve not seen a Euro that marries theme and pretty heavy mechanics together as well as this. That it also manages to be utterly charming and genuinely funny is mind-blowing. For me, this is Vlaada’s masterpiece.
  9. Keyflower - beneath it’s rather cute exterior lurks a surprisingly cut-throat but also completely brilliant
  10. Ghost Stories - I love co-ops and I think this is the best one ever made. A real white-knuckle ride that has produced so many of my favourite gaming experiences.

The order is fairly flexible but Ghost Stories has been in the top spot for a bit now. I’ve undoubtedly forgotten heaps, like Archipelago, The Convoy, Myrmes, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, At the Gates of Loyang, City of Remn…



Off the top of my head…

7 Wonders
Ghost Stories
Sushi Go
The Manhattan Project
Dungeon Raiders
No Thanks
Space Alert


Close contenders I feel reallybad about not including: Eight Minute Empire, Tokaido, Cyclades, The Resistance, Netrunner, Skulls and Roses, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

  1. Rampage
  2. Quantum
  3. Mascarade
  4. Libertalia
  5. Galaxy Trucker
  6. Space Cadets: Dice Duel
  7. Dixit
  8. Ghost Stories
  9. Cosmic Encounter
  10. Space Alert

The order of this list fluctuates a lot, but I don’t see anyway of bumping the top three out of the top three or bumping the top 7 entirely off the list. 8-10 and the close contenders are fairly interchangeable depending on my mood.

Space Alert, Cosmic Encounter and Ghost Stories are some of my earliest “modern” gaming acquisitions; that they have held up and exceeded my love of so many classics impresses me. Dixit and Dice Duel found their way ahead of Galaxy Trucker over time and Libertalia is an incredibly solid game that won’t be leaving this list any time soon I should think.

If I modified this from “Top 10” to “Games I enjoy playing the most” I think it might look more like this:

  1. Space Alert
  2. Galaxy Trucker
  3. Cosmic Encounter
  4. Ghost Stories
  5. Quantum
  6. Space Cadets: Dice Duel
  7. Libertalia
  8. Netrunner
  9. Rampage
  10. Dixit

I managed to get my hands on a copy of Mission: Red Planet a few months ago, after hearing the Dice Tower guys rave about for ages, and really is rather good isn't it? I like it so much I'll probably also be grabbing a copy of the upcoming reprint.

I have a tragic story of picking between different retailers just as it was about to sell out. The one I picked was actually a local company that was a chap operating out of his house. Figured I’d save on shipping, but it turned out he was on holiday, and the store was closed for a week. By the time he’d checked if he could get it in, it was no longer available, from anywhere. I did the biggest sadface.

Anyway, finally got to play it last weekend, and it was just a breeze. Really simple to explain. Just enough cutthroat confusion. Tight and solid tactical choices, but obviously accessible to everyone.

Perfect warm up, opener or cool down (which was what it was after an intense first game of Eclipse).

Will definitely be aiming to be first in line for the reprint.


In no particular order:

  1. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
  2. Escape: The Curse of the Temple
  3. Eldritch Horror
  4. Tales of the Arabian Nights
  5. Cosmic Encounter
  6. Two Rooms and a Boom
  7. Pandemic
  8. Suburbia
  9. Risk: Legacy
  10. Galaxy Trucker


My Top 10… Ouch… Don’t make me choose!!!

  1. Archipelago
  2. Caverna
  3. Galaxy Truckers
  4. Dungeon Petz
  5. Dead of Winter
  6. Earth Reborn
  7. Through the Ages
  8. Mascerade
  9. Ghost Stories
  10. Mage Knight

What do I do?!!
I’ve still got more #1’s!!!


What do I do?!!
I’ve still got more #1’s!!!

Quick! Add more games! 1’s are unstable on their own, they have to be attached to something!


Hmm from the top of my head or at least most recently played.

  1. Quantum
  2. Coup
  3. Tash-Kalar
  4. Hive
  5. Cosmic Encounter
  6. Stone Age
  7. Cyclades
  8. Dixit
  9. Avalon
  10. Dominion

  1. YINSH - Everyone should own at least one abstract, and it should be this fine entry in the GIPF Project. Every time I play this, someone is shouting because a particularly clever play came out of nowhere. You’re playing your ability to read negative space as well as your opponent.

  2. Coup - My most reliable opener. Non-gamers recognize its parent Bullsh**, see the powers, their eyes light up, fireworks, playing Descent in Paris, Twilight Imperium with the grandkids, you know the drill.

  3. Archipelago - The visual design alone already makes this a winner. The rich, colored illustrations actually tell you information about the game state; the rulebook, with some translation issues, carefully goes through the phases with excellent visual aids. The game itself provides some of the best procedural storytelling in gaming. I better stop before I go into a full-fledged review.

  4. Tigris and Euphrates - Reiner Knizia’s best game, and really, you’re missing out if you’ve been turned off by most of his stuff. This is a brain-burner where you’re forced to use different ways of reading of the board at the same time because of the different ways tiles of different colors interact. It’s also a rare case where the theme is helping teach the mechanics instead of being pasted on. You owe it to yourself, however, to play the defining game for modern boardgaming’s early years.

  5. Tales of the Arabian Nights - The organic way all the encounters flow together, paired with the players reading aloud to each other, makes this a delight when played with the right people.

  6. Cosmic Encounter - I love being a right bastard in games. The first time I played this was with seven people and it was hilarious. I remember fondly whittling someone’s armada down to nothing with the Void and when it was my turn to attack someone, I couldn’t really call on most people’s aid because they were close to winning. So I asked the guy whom I just ghosted ships. He gave me the finger, much to everyone’s laughter.

  7. Quantum - Slickness in a box. Easy to teach, easy to play.

  8. Netrunner - Rather hard to ignore the elephant in the room. A game that treats itself like a cinematic television show, I feel like I’m watching an episode every time I play.

  9. Carcassonne - The game that got me into modern boardgaming. I saw these pictures of people building the board and realized there was more to tabletop than roll-and-move.

  10. Knightmare Chess - I CANNOT WAIT for the reprint to come out. It might be cheating to just say chess, but this was Tash-Kalar before Tash-Kalar. Play cards at the right game state and see what happens; sometimes a piece becomes a unique unit, sometimes the endgame is forced within five moves. It makes chess so fluid and yet still non-chaotic. I played with a chess master and he was sweating bullets before he beat me anyway.

  1. Cosmic Encounter
  2. Netrunner
  3. BSG
  4. Galaxy Trucker
  5. Tales of the Arabian Nights
  6. Blood Bowl: Team Manager
  7. Eldritch Horror
  8. City of Horror
  9. HeroQuest
  10. The Resistance

None of these are bad things to have in your collection.
HeroQuest is a ludicrous thing, but it’s certainly not bad.