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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone


I’m sorry but I don’t think Grogan is very good at that job*. Of course, that doesn’t mean the person who replaced him is any better, if indeed anyone did…


I know, horrible accusation based on circumstantial evidence. I think he’s good at explaining stuff in layman terms, but insufficiently rigorous with technical details like consistency in terminology. The stuff he’s worked on seems to tend to re-explain previously well-defined terms with new terms that muddy the waters - the “clarification” has the opposite effect! So, as an editor, proofreader, or person in charge of writing rules text, I wouldn’t hire him.


Well, he did render Consulting Detective enjoyable following the Ystari auto-translate disaster so I’ll give him credit for fine-tooth combing over the in game text for the first two Space Cowboys boxes. I’m not familiar with his rules writing, so I’ll take your word for it.

Nothing like taking a merry ‘carnage’ ride through the streets of London…


Not in any particular order.

  1. Sidereal confluence: my go to 5-6 player game. I love the frantic trading.
  2. Wizards Academy: a nice coop with a fun team.
  3. Whitehall mystery: best short hidden movement game in my collection
  4. Quaks of quedlinburg: nice an d light filler that I can play with my 7 year old
  5. Rhino hero: super battle: fun dexterity game that we can play with the whole family
  6. Quantum: fast 4x
    7.endeavour age of sail short light euro
  7. Inis. Dudes on a map
  8. Flamme rouge racing with bikes
  9. Secret Hitler if we are with 7-10 people

This list is always changing


As I began to narrow down my current collection to a favorite top ten, I saw a few overlapping qualities, so I’ll just preface this by saying that the following things are what I enjoy most about tabletop games:

-Unique themes, with mechanics and artwork that reflect them
-Clever twists on existing popular mechanics
-Tons of replayability
-A solo mode that isn’t simply, “Get a really high score”
-Clean, easy to follow rules and tight component design and organization
-Fun, gimmicky components and bits

So right now this is the top ten (in no particular order), with a brief comment about each:

Deus- I adore the entire card system behind this game, from the way you cycle your hand to the way the tableaus you create form chain reactions.
Imperial Settlers- Tons of fun whether you play out of the box, add expansions, or customize your decks, and it has a great solo mode.
Small World- An unreal amount of replay value, and just gloriously chaotic area control.
Troyes- Really clever dice mechanisms and theme, and another exciting solo mode.
Raiders of the North Sea- Just the right twist on work placement, must-have expansions, and, you guessed it: solo play that is worthwhile.
The Manhattan Project- So much theme, and what I consider to be a great balance between engine-building and “take that” interactions.
Five Tribes- A beautiful brain burner that modernizes the Mancala family of games.
Carcassonne- Tiles and meeples in perfect harmony. I never tire of this one, but it buckles under the weight of adding too many of its expansions.
A Feast for Odin- A monstrous amount of choice, and a fun way to add Tetris-y mechanics.
Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar- You’ll never see a board game gimmick more thematic and well-implemented.


Because I tend to keep my collection lean, and I haven’t really played some big ones that I think will be a part of a top 10, here’s my top 8 (in no order):

Imperial Assault - I love the little guys.
The Estates - The perfect game for rubbing your hands, cackling and then, 1 minute later, breaking down in tears.
The Captain is Dead - My favorite co-op. I love the madcap insanity that results the longer you play. Currently my favorite Star Trek game.
Imperial 2030 - The economic game for people who don’t know if they like economic games.
Indonesia - I love logistics, don’t you?
Inis - My favorite dudes on a map! It’s about tactics! Rhythm!
Isle of Skye - I do love some tile laying.
Whatever farming game I’m playing at the moment - currently Lowlands. Get them sheep.


Ooh, I think I would have to say my top 5 would be (in no particular order):
Flamme Rouge - Got to love those cyclists
Dungeon Mayhem- Just for how easy it is to teach and play
Love Letter- Once again for how easy it is to teach to anyone and play, but Love Letter has a super fuzzy bag(a must have for any game worth its salt)
Lords of Waterdeep-When I want something that lasts a bit longer
Sushi Go- Because who doesn’t love anthropomorphised sushi


Last days I’m thinking about these kind of criteria for my games a lot. I really love your 5 points. These will be my sticky points from now on, thank you!

The Duke is indeed a great example. With much pain I sold Summoner Wars, because it did not often hit the table enough, I could play it only with 1 friend. But The Duke fills the same need in a skirmish, abstract kind of way. When any of my friends are coming over I can play this within 5 minutes.