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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone


I call shenanigans!


It’s a technical board game :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not the ten I think are “best”, but my current ten favourites.

  1. The Resistance - pure social deduction, lots of variant play modes, I love it
  2. Red7 - lives in my jacket pocket, quick to teach and play
  3. Leaving Earth - can be over-complex and over-long, but it’s a great integration of theme with mechanics and a theme I love.
  4. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong - Mysterresistance!
  5. Flash Point Fire Rescue - one of the games that got me into the hobby, and displaced Pandemic for me
  6. Firefly - gorgeously thematic and narrative even though I’m not a huge fan of the show
  7. Mysterium - if Cluedo were designed by a modern designer
  8. Coup - Lightweight bluffing game where you don’t have to bluff
  9. Parade - simple, a bit of a headcracker, but I still enjoy it
  10. Xenon Profiteer - a resource management deckbuilder that I love


Hello - have been enjoying the reviews on this site for a couple of years now but literally only just spotted there is an actual forum. Anyway, I like lists, so:

  1. Carcassonne. It was this, not Catan, that got me into the brave new world of eurogames back in the early '00s. Endlessly replayable, and even better I can play this with my six year old son. Have never really gone off playing this game, almost certainly the most played game I have.
  2. Blood Bowl. The 2nd edition of this introduced me into the world of Games Workshop. Many many years later, encompassing a sizable Warhammer habit in my teens, and this is absolutely the only GW game I would go back to. Not played the physical version in years but I do loves it.
  3. Diplomacy. Only played it 3 times in my life. 3 of the most intense / rewarding / friendship-debilitating gaming experiences.
  4. Perudo. Good with lots of friends. Good with lots of beer.
  5. Coup. See above.
  6. Ticket to Ride. Easy to learn, easy to teach, always fun.
  7. Scrabble. Me and a mate got extremely competitive at this, unfortunately to the extent that we ruined it as a casual game and no-one else we know will play against us, so we now can only play each other (what’s that you say, play against new people / strangers?) but alas live hundreds of miles apart. I still know all the 2-letter words.
  8. This is possibly cheating, but I am going to include a game my friends and I call The Six Name Game. I learnt it at uni decades ago. It now appears to be packaged as a game you can buy called Monikers, but from the description of it, it sounds identical to the game we’ve been playing for years, but instead of cards in the box (I may have misunderstood this) that tell you the names to describe/mime etc we just each write down six names of our choice at the start. Great game, brings out the absolute worst in us.
  9. El Grande. Not played it in so long but it sits on the shelf looking magnificent and reminding me how much fun it is and how much I have forgotten the rules.
  10. Catan. With added Seafarers expansion and mystery tiles scenarios.

I also own the Game Of Thrones boardgame but we’ve never played it, due to time / kids / someone has to read the rulebook. Look amazing though.


that was from about a year ago. now, it’s changed a tad bit:

  1. magic the gathering (more specifically EDH format)
  2. forbidden stars
  3. trick of the rails
  4. sherlock holmes consulting detective (i’m on jack the ripper stories now)
  5. startups
  6. tokyo highway (it’s a homemade edition with a homemade expansion for 4 players, pick-up-and-deliver, and drafting skyscrapers to dot the skyline)
  7. Deep sea adventure
  8. celestia
  9. Rising sun
  10. founders of gloomhaven

honorary mentions to magical restaurant, ethnos, maskmen, herbaceous, and galaxy trucker

This is of right now based off the feeling i got towards the end of the game before the winner is announced. I’m sure I’m forgetting some real gems, but there we have it. Games like pandemic legacy falls off the chart because it’s a done deal and i’ve got no inclinations to go back to it anymore.


Well. Weirdly, this hasn’t aged well. Although I think the games are actually a good solid pick for most people, it’s miles off what I focus on lately.

My unordered best nine is available here with notes on my blog:

  • Food Chain Magnate
  • Mottainai
  • Patchwork
  • Glass Road
  • Maria
  • Churchill: Big Three Struggle for Peace
  • Panamax
  • City of Remnants
  • Mage Knight

Now. The clear shift here is that I’m now much more into much heavier games. City of Remnants is the only survivor! That first list was way more accessible and friendly, and much more like a list of games I’d recommend to people starting out. This list is definitely more personal to me, and includes some things I’d talk most people out of playing in anything apart from ideal conditions.

I can’t work out what else I want to squeeze in there, but Nusfjord, Through the Desert, Twilight Imperium and the Mind are all contenders. I might also take Churchill out, just because I haven’t played it in so long, and it doesn’t play on my mind quite as strongly as Maria does, even if I think it has some of the most interesting design choices.

So I guess that gives me a top ten that might look like this:

  1. Mage Knight - I’ll just never ever let go of this as being the game that overwhelmed me the best
  2. Mottainai - It’s just so wonderfully light and heavy all at once. A tiny beast, dense and nervey and weirdly relaxing.
  3. Maria - I honestly can never really stop thinking about it. I really need to play it more, but there’s so many nervewracking decisions and fascinating little diversions and specialnesses, I think it’s a glorious wargame, and deserves to have all of its ideas stolen.
  4. Glass Road/Nusfjord - I’m cheating and naming two I can’t choose between again. Currently I prefer Nusfjord, but I think Glass Road has this wonderful vicelike quality to it, slowly squashing you into shape. Nusfjord’s an easier teach though, and that counts for a lot. It also feels more story and community driven, which I like, and is rare in this sort of game.
  5. Patchwork - just for elegance, really. It might get it’s spot taken by The Mind at some point, for similar reasons. But Patchwork has a depth and simplicity that just make it feel a little bit perfect.
  6. Through the Desert - This is a very new addition for me, but god does it hit a sweet spot. Super simple to teach, but enthrallingly tricky to play, and it rides this perfect line of having just too many things to think about for you to keep everything in control. It’s like Go with more players, and more colours, and just as much ruthless distraction and plate spinning.
  7. City of Remnants - it runs a little long, and maybe is a bit less elegant than I give it credit for, but I’ve never seen anything else spin it’s mechanics so tightly into it’s theme. I feel like this tells an explicit and specific story every time it plays, and that’s kind of miraculous. (And now I say that, I kind of want to double it up with Twilight Imperium 4 for exactly, precisely the same reasons!)
  8. Food Chain Magnate - Just ruthless. Antiquity could steal the spot by being a different sort of unforgiving, but I think FCM takes it by having slightly more direct brutality.
  9. Panamax - Shunting little boats. Theoretically deeply boring theme that fascinates me. Just the right mix of economy and gaminess. Yes please.
  10. Ugh. I’ve kind of slipped everything in as ‘or this slot could be this’. Screw it, I’m going to give this slot to Combat Commander. Proper, proper war game, but with some of the cleverest weird little details I’ve ever seen, and a horrific sense of lack of control, brutality and ridiculousness. Just a marvelous design, really. Probably should’ve given this slot to a COIN game, but until I’ve played them all twice, I’ll never know which one to pick.

Once again, that was like pulling teeth, even after I let myself cheat quite a lot. Sigh.


I find it impossible to rank them and this list is changing constantly. But, if right now, I would have to pick 10 games from my collection as the only ones I could ever play again, I think it would be these (in no particular order):

  1. Cosmic Encounter
  2. Maria
  3. Concordia
  4. Flamme rouge
  5. 878 Vikings
  6. Archipelago
  7. Letters from Whitechapel
  8. Sushi Go Party!
  9. Commands and Colors: Napoleonics
  10. Chess

Honorary mentions: Carcassonne, Skull, Metagame, Fox in the Forest

And yes, I blame SU&SD for most of these being on my shelves. :slightly_smiling_face:


My personal current choices for top 10 would be:

  1. Carcassonne
    The game that first got me excited about modern boardgames.
  2. Dominion
    The ultimate deck builder
  3. Resistance: Avalon
    A game I love perhaps most of all because I’m bad at lying. Failure has never been so much fun.
  4. Azul
    An amazing abstract game that gets pretty competitive, but is also really hard to dominate.
  5. Betrayal at the House on the Hill
    I love the way things go loopy towards the end. A haunted house where the story ramps up in amazing ways. I also like that the traitor could be anyone and even the traitor doesn’t know until the time comes.
  6. Whitehall Mystery
    Awesome hidden movement game. Amazingly there are online threads asking both why it’s too easy and why it’s too hard for Jack the Ripper to escape. There is plenty of room for strategy.
  7. Small World
    Awesome war game, like Risk without the dice rolls and cool fantasy creatures.
  8. Pandemic
    Naturally there are lots of versions of this including Legacy (which I haven’t played). I wasn’t sure whether to put Forbidden Island/Desert here instead, but Pandemic is the original classic Cooperative game.
  9. Tales of Arabian Nights
    Choose Your Own Adventure: The board game! I love how anything can happen. Brilliant!
  10. Escape! The Curse of the Temple
    Manic fast paced chaos.

  1. Inis (-)
  2. El Grande (base game/Decennial Edition) (+2)
  3. Concordia (-)
  4. Twilight Struggle (NEW)
  5. Dominant Species (-)
  6. Keyflower (NEW)
  7. Kemet (NEW)
  8. Flamme Rouge (NEW)
  9. Tzolkin (-)
  10. The Mind (NEW)

5 new games for me since then. Keyflower was easily my best “new to me” of 2018, followed closely by Kemet.

Feast for Odin is the biggest loser, but it’s still ranked highly for me. Along with Cyclades and Condottiere. Game of Thrones fell from grace as Im not longer enamoured by it as I play more games. Kemet pretty much killed most of my desire to play Game of Thrones.

Honorable mention: Arboretum and High Society

  1. Twilight Imperium 4th Edition
  2. Rising Sun
  3. Summoner Wars
  4. Game of Thrones 2nd Edition
  5. Axis and Allies (Anniversary Edition)
  6. Memoir 44 (overlord version)
  7. War of the Ring 2nd edition
  8. Through the Ages New story of civ.
  9. Cosmic Encounter
  10. Blood Rage

as of this moment but few on the way as we speak that I expect will make an entry into top 10

  1. Innovation
  2. Twilight Struggle
  3. Galaxy Trucker
  4. Through the Ages
  5. Mage Knight BG
  6. Go
  7. Race for the Galaxy
  8. Space Alert
  9. Pictomania
  10. Tigris and Euphrates


So i’m updating after 7 months! Here is where I stand! (i did this with pupmeeple and made it into a geek list on BGG Top 40!

  1. Jaipur (made it a year in this spot! CAMEL KING)
  2. Skull (Jumped Azul but it probably just depends on the day)
  3. Azul (Got the Joker tiles and love it!)
  4. Love Letter (This jumped much bigger games because its just that good, best $5 i’ve ever spent)
  5. Junk Art (Last gathering of friends I just taught it and watched… thats when you know you love the game)
  6. Inis (Got this in a trade right after I made my last list! I hate conflict, I don’t care about Blood Rage, I’m not even that huge on drafting but THIS smart, reactive, back and forth game has my heart)
  7. Paperback (I got the expansion and its risen 2 spots! Cool new cards! I bought Hardback recently and just don’t care about it… ugh maybe not a great buy)
  8. Champion of the Wild (This seems high but I got it and have played it a lot, my Rhino for sure could beat your giraffe at Volleyball, what open space is their for the giraffe to hit?!)
  9. Parade (Last time it was 10 and it bumped, we played this the day my son was born, to be honest I love all the deluxe card games from Z-man, Archaeology, Arboretum, Lords of Scotland, Smile, Sky Tango all are fun)
  10. Gloomhaven. (SPOILERS)


Hello 2019! Time to update the ol’ Top 10 List, Methinks… here’s last year’s:

A’ight, with that there as contrast, here is this year’s Top 10!

  1. Twilight Imperium 4th Edition (Same)
  2. Imperial Assault (Same)
  3. Galaxy Trucker (Same)
  4. Space Alert (Same)
  5. Scythe (+2)
  6. Tales of the Arabian Night (Same)
  7. Inis (-2)
  8. Gloomhaven (New)
  9. Shogun (-1)
  10. Star Trek Ascendancy (New)

Fewer changes this year over last year. TI:4 remains uncontested in first spot (and I played it 7 times last year, which is more than I played TI:3 in probably 5 years), and Inis and Scythe swapping spots mostly on the back of the incredible “Rise of Fenris” campaign.

Ah, Gloomhaven. I really debated its inclusion on the list because, to be completely honest, I’m not the hugest fan… but I played 40 times last year (FORTY!), and I did have a good time each of those 40 playthroughs… it’s not Gloomhaven’s fault I prefer space wizards and laser swords!

Mechs vs Minions came and went (I have sold my copy to somebody else in my gaming circle, since we finished the campaign and were kinda done with the game), and Rex has been nudged off the list due to lack of plays combined with how much I’ve enjoyed my plays of Star Trek Ascendancy!

Stuff looming on the horizon for 2019:
Gen7 (waiting to finish our Gloomhaven campaign to pull this bad boy out… I’m hopeful the group will be excited about a shorter campaign!), Xia (Kickstarted but hasn’t arrived yet, but SO EXCITED), and Nemesis (ditto).

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


Well, if everyone else is doing it …

  1. Concordia
  2. Ethnos
  3. Splendor
  4. Carcassonne
  5. Dogs of War
  6. Inis
  7. Altiplano
  8. High Society
  9. Celestia
  10. Concept

Lots of new entries thanks to all the stuff I’ve bought in the past two years :zipper_mouth_face:

Concordia and Ethnos are the obvious top two. Other than really quick things (like Hive), Ethnos was my most played game last year. Concordia would be up there too if it were shorter.

Splendor and Carcassonne remain as two games I’ll likely never tire of.

Dogs of War drops down as it’s not at its best at lower player counts. And it’s just way too big to pull out often (unlike the lovely and slim Ethnos).

Inis and High Society I love but am almost always terrible at. Altiplano is just lovely and relaxing and has llamas. Celestia clings on to a spot thanks to the magic of the airship and I can’t to get my hands on the new expansion that adds a mini ship!

Concept’s spot could be held by any number of great party games (Monikers, Metagame, Funemployed, BYOB, Champion of the Wild, Codenames, Decypto, etc). I went with it because of how accessible it is. It’s easy to teach and I’ve never had anyone struggle with it.

Of those that dropped out, they’re all still good, I just like these better. The big losers: Ashes I still love, but rarely get a chance to play. Mysterium has kinda dropped into rotation with my other party/big group games. Unfortunately, it’s also the biggest and longest of such things, so can’t come out as often.


I guess I should jump on this boat too! Though to be honest, I’m incredibly indecisive so naming a true top 10 in order is nearly impossoble.

Further, I/we only really only got into modern board games last year, so the games here are fairly light. I expect this list to be fairly different a year from now. Though I could be wrong, lol.

Without further delay, my non-numbered “Top 10”!

  • Pandemic the Cure: Possibly our most played game. I love coops, and one that can hit the table as fast as this, and still feel fun and rewarding? Thats a rare thing. One of our go-to weeknight games.
  • Century Golem Edition: this was one of our first games, and we all still love it. Simple engine building/hand management, it plays fast, and the artwork is gorgeous.
  • Quests of Valeria: this was a surprise hit. I’ve seen it descibed as Lords of Waterdeep without a board, which I can’t comment on as I havent played LoW. What I can say, is that my GF absolutely loves this game. I really enjoy it as well. I love the artwork, and the crazy turns you can get later in the game.
  • Aeon’s End: Deck building? Check. Coop? Check. Great theme? Check. This has only hit the table a few times, mostly because of setup/tear down time, but I love it. I love the mechanics of it, the theme, how you really need to work together, yet QB’ing can tough because of the variable turn order. I do wish the mages were a bit more distinct/unique, but that’s probably hard with a deck builder.
  • Junk Art: what can I say, the game is pure fun. Whenever it hits the table, we have a blast. Sometimes it just feels more like an activity than a game, but I’m ok with that.
  • Skull: see the SU&SD review, lol. Honestly though, I love this game. It doesn’t hit with every group/person, but when it does, its a great.
  • Just One: speaking of games that are more like activities, this “game” is a hit every time we play it. Sure, we never really play the “game” properly (we don’t discard the top card, or even look at points…also my GF will start to ignore the main rule and just re-write her clue after awhile!) but I dont care. I love this game so much, just for the experiences I’ve had with friends and family.
  • Ghost Stories: so we haven’t played this enough to actually get good at it (my son gets discouraged by crushing defeat), but we still usually have a a great time when we play. I do think I need to look up some tips/tricks to help, as I don’t see us developing enough strategies on our own, but still, its such a fun game.
  • Fox in the Forest: Quick, beautiful trick-taking game for 2. We play this a lot in the evenings.
  • Raiders of the North Sea: this has only hit the table a few times, but I’ve enjoyed it each go. Its decent at 2, which is nice. Though its currently the only worker placement I own, so I’m not sure how it will stand as my collection grows.

Honerable mentioned (remember that whole indecisive thing?!)

  • Clank! In! Space!: I love this game each time I play it. However, that’s only been 2 or 3 times due to extensive setup and tear down times. Hoping to get it to the table more in the future, as my son has been more open to competetive games lately.
  • Wildlands: grabbed this as an xmas gift for my son, and we really like it. Sure, its not great at 2, but I can see the potential. Hopefully the Unquiet Dead expansion, and another player or 2, can really make it shine.
  • Ethnos: grabbed this over the holidays, and it’s gone over really well. My GF loves it so far, but at only 2 plays, I couldn’t put it on the list.

So there is my sorta kinda top 10. I fully expect this to change drastically as we play some of our games more/new games hit the table, play slightly heavier, more involved games (I hope), and my son and I start playing more competetive games (specifically skirmish games). Only time will tell though…

Edit: I need to find an alternative word or 5 for “blast” :roll_eyes:


My list is not actually a top ten but a favourite-at-each-player-count list, from 1 to 7+

  1. Through the Ages. I’m cheating here, because I don’t really play solo, but I have the app on my phone, and it’s incredible. I’ve been mining achievements (basically fake internet points) for over a year. My ambition is to get them all.
  2. Earth Reborn. A completely extraordinary game. War of the Ring comes in second here, because I love the theme and it provided one of the best board game endings I’ve ever experienced, matching the book so well. There are loads of other excellent 2-player games, and it’s sort of a pity this number doesn’t come up so often any more.
  3. Caylus. I have to put Caylus on the list somewhere, so it goes here. It’s great at any player count, though. My boardgaming first love.
  4. Root at the moment. Recently Keyflower. Before that Tzolk’in. 4-player favourite is hotly contested and there’s no single clear-cut winner here.
  5. El Grande. I don’t get to play this as often as I’d like, because it’s not so great with fewer players, but at 5 it’s perfect. Puerto Rico is close.
  6. Virgin Queen/Here I Stand. Either of these makes the perfect game day. We once played both in a single day, and I loved every ludicrous minute of it, right up to the most unlikely gunpowder plot ever. A Game of Thrones is also great with a slightly lower bar to entry.
  7. (and 8+) Avalon or Cockroach Poker. For large gatherings, some version of Monikers.


Wow, has it really been almost two years since I wrote this list? It’s interesting to see how some people’s lists have changed and some haven’t. I’ve gained a few games in two years (surprising right?) and a some have even been lucky enough to crack my top ten.

  1. Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers: still will always love Carcassone and this version in particular is hands-down my favourite.
  2. Castles of Mad King Ludwig/ Suburbia: I still have so much fun creating mad places with these.
  3. Pandemic Legacy Season 1: Still playing through it, but there is tension in spades and really simple, yet compelling and engaging storytelling.
  4. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The original/re-release of the original (branded as Thames Murders) is still a wonderful and engaging game. However, I’m really only talking about the original game. The newer Jack the Ripper story-line didn’t work for me and I have yet to play enough of the other newer cases to know if they are as good as the original.
  5. Jaipur: I play a lot of two-player games with my partner and this is one that is fast, light, and makes us feel like card-sharks in a non-competitive way, even though we really really aren’t. Gets extra points for being so easy to just pick up and play even after a long day working. Great travel game too.
  6. Hive: As I said above, I’m always looking for good two-player games and this is one of the best. It’s an elegant game that plays really quickly yet takes a fair amount of mastery. It’s also the best travel game.
  7. Inis: This game looks amazing, is deceptively simple, and plays great (although very differently) at all player counts.
  8. A Few Acres of Snow: While flawed in one particular way, i love playing this game with a close friend on a snowy day with a few cups of tea. The combination of deck-builder and war game is such a natural fit. It really captures the dynamics of armies and resources becoming more unruly the larger and more spread out they get.
  9. Codenames: This game has fallen down the list just because I’ve played it so much that I’ve started to get tired of it. Still a fun game that I’m happy to play every time.
  10. The Bloody Inn: I love the unique sinister theme and the fantastic art design. It plays quickly and is simple and intuitive to learn with a fair amount of strategic variety. One of the best games to play around spooky boo boo season.

I now have Ethnos and have really liked the plays I’ve had so far. It could crack my top ten eventually, I think, but I haven’t quite played it enough to fully commit. Arboretum is another that I just bought two weeks ago after wanting to try it for years and so far it has impressed. Much more brutal than you would expect from a game about trees. Arkham Horror: The Card Game could be another top ten after more plays.

I really need to finally get around to trying Mottainai. I’ve owned it since the spring and still haven’t even read the rules. There are so many games I need to play more and even a handful I have owned for a long time and have yet to play.

As before, I still really enjoy playing Mysterium, and it would definitely be in my top ten, but alas, I don’t own it, so it doesn’t qualify for this list.


Apparently Space Cowboys ditched Paul Grogan as translation editor for the Carlton House box, so it’s got typos and wierd phrases much like the Ystari edition of the original cases. Ugh.


Over the last few years as I’ve waded deeper and deeper into the inviting-yet-inscrutable pool that is hobby board gaming, I’ve been trying to carefully curate my collection and, hopefully, eventually find equilibrium between “Oooh! Shiny new games!” and “Oooh! Faded and Love-worn old favorites!” I’m not there yet, but I feel significantly closer than even a year ago. So, in particular order, my current Top 10 Games:

  1. Concordia: I don’t think this was the first game that SU&SD clued me into, but I am so thankful that I have it. I can’t think of a better game when looking for approachable, elegant rules providing interesting decisions and rewarding smart play with results.
  2. Village: This may have been the first game SU&SD was responsible for me buying. I am so disappointed that this game never got the attention that I think it deserves.
  3. Coal Baron: I actually don’t remember how I came across this game but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anybody give it a proper review. The reason it caught my eye is that the classic formula of “get objective card” -> “complete objective card” is a key aspect for my wife to enjoy games and this quasi-worker-placement game is a nice little design that is easy to learn and extremely rewarding as you build your mine and shuffle cubes around.
  4. Alchemists: The deduction puzzle hidden behind this turn-order-bidding and worker-placement game is possibly more interesting to me than the action selection mechanisms, which is very strange because usually I’m very interested in interesting action selection mechanisms. Along with the deduction puzzle, the part of this game that really shines is the race to be published and the friction that comes up between players when you’re vying for the same publication or just trying to sell to the same adventurer.
  5. Broom Service: I think “Action Selection” may be a recurring theme in my Top 10. The Brave Witch, Cowardly Witch decision on top of the “Pick your hand… maybe your plan will work out… but likely it won’t” makes this game always surprising and it offers a risk-reward payoff that is all over the place and, usually, not what you expect
  6. 878 Vikings: I would never self-identify as a “war gamer”. In my youth, I was briefly interested in Warhammer but never to the extent of shoveling hundreds of dollars into it. 878, in a tiny box that I bought second-hand for $32, gives me all the wargame I need with the added benefit of knowing that no matter what kinds of tough decisions I’ll have to make, at least I’ll have a friend sitting next to me that can help me suck less as games like this.
  7. San Juan: I somehow never got sat down in front of either Puerto Rico or Race for the Galaxy. Typically, I don’t like engine/tableau-builder games where you draw a random hand of cards and try to start building your jigsaw puzzle by drawing 5 pieces at a time and either fitting them all together or tossing the ones that don’t into the trash before drawing another 5 pieces (looking at you, Terraforming Mars). I’ve never had that kind of frustrating experience with San Juan. Yes, there’s a random card draw, but there are (several, in most cases) duplicates of all the cards so it’s unlikely that you’ll end up pursuing an engine that doesn’t work.
  8. Flamme Rouge: This one surprised me. I really don’t care for the theme; from a theme perspective, I’d rather play Formula D/De or Camel Up. I like racing games; I desperately want there to be a great Rally game (there may already be one and I just don’t know it). But the gameplay of Flamme Rouge is just so good I can’t help but love this game.
  9. Isle of Skye: This one has faded for me in the last year or so. I think if I had done this list last year, this may have been #3 or #4. Still, this is a great game and I think it’s just as interesting yet different as a 2-player game than it is at 3- or 4- players. I think this game replaced both Carcassonne and Alhambra for me.
  10. Castles of Burgundy: This choice may be mostly sentimental; Castles of Burgundy is the game that demonstrated that my wife and I, who have very different tastes, can both really enjoy a game roughly the same. This one has faded as well and only recently did I get it back to the table after a couple of years collecting dust; thankfully, despite the dusty components, the game that I remembered is still there and still great. Really hoping this one, some day, gets the reprint it deserves with better components and art design

Honorable Mentions

Cooperative Game: Flash Point Fire Rescue: My wife and I don’t play coop games as often as we did when we first got into board games… some of that may have to do with the fact that one of us is a coop-quarterback (spoiler: it’s me) and it’s hard to reign that in. Even still, this is a great game to play with friends and family that aren’t “boardgamers”

Party Game: Telestrations: This is a recurring favorite at our house whenever we have more than 6 people over. Typically our friends and family aren’t the type to go for social deduction games or sales pitch/improv games. We’ve found Telestrations really fits well with both our friends and family.

My Wife Always Wins So She Thinks It’s Boring But I Love Game: Jaipur: I can’t say exactly how my wife consistently out-camel-trades me whenever we play Jaipur, but I can say that I always enjoy the process of losing

PIck-Up and Deliver: The Great Heartland Hauling Company: There’s so much game in this tiny little box and it’s so much fun to pick up a truckload of cows only to realize that you’ll have to drive around in circles until you can figure out how to sell them

Hopefuls From The Shelf (Shelves) of Shame:

  • Ethnos: Really looking forward to getting this to the table with my wife and some friends tomorrow. I think it’s going to be great… if only there was anything mildly interesting about the world/setting they’ve chosen
  • Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Heard great things about this, hopefully it will be a great light-strategy game that can be interesting without overstaying its welcome on the table.
  • Ra: Auction games don’t typically go over very well with my group, but I’m hoping this one will be the exception
  • Notre Dame: It looks great and I picked up the 10th Anniversary edition on sale a while back… still trying to convince other people it’s exciting enough to get to the table.
  • Jorvik: This got like no buzz at all when it came out, but it looks like a really interesting bidding/auction game (which, like I said with Ra, doesn’t have a great track record with my group). Still, I’m hopeful this will prove worth the shelf space
  • Burgle Bros: Hoping this one steals the place of Best Cooperative Game. I certainly like the theme more than Flash Point and the art design is just charming as all get-out


Aaaargh! Have they still not learned even after decades of embarrassing copy editing?!