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Top 10 Games - A Comprehensive List for Everyone


I have recently (over 20-odd years) accumulated a collection of games of which I am very proud. But I am always looking to streamline… to have a definitive list of games which I both love, and which do not demand a storage locker of their own.

As a result, I’m curious if people are willing to post what they consider to be the best 10 games in their collection. Just as a sort of “Welcome to the Forums, here’s your handy pear for referencing purposes, and a neat list of awesome games the community thinks you might like.”

I’ll start:

  1. Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition
  2. Galaxy Trucker
  3. Game of Thrones (the Board Game, not the Card Game)
  4. Space Alert
  5. Eclipse
  6. Battlestar Galactica
  7. Saboteur
  8. Skulls and Roses
  9. Shogun
  10. Robo Rally

(I like big, complicated, space-opera style games that are epic and awesome… and games that make you laugh the whole time you’re playing)


My top ten is:

  1. Smash up (One of the few games i go to to play with almost anybody.)
  2. Resistance Avalon (Just for some of the fantastic stories I have had)
  3. Ticket to Ride (Simple fun and hey, i like trains)
  4. Libertalia (Pirates Arrrrr)
  5. Love Letter (Simple, quick and annoying when somebody guards you first time)
  6. Jungle Speed (With the right group, chaos ensues)
  7. Settlers of Catan (The game that started me down this rabbit hole)
  8. One night ultimate werewolf (A new entry which my mates and I played around 15 games in a row)
  9. Skull and Roses (Fun bluffing game who doesn’t like it)
  10. Game of Thrones (I once was hit with an empty coke bottle because of this game, fantastic)


Ok I always have a hard time making lists of my favorite things like this, so I am doing it a little different. These are the first 10 great games I own that I can think of off the top of my head without going up to my game self and looking at them (so expect more modern games I have been playing recently.)

  1. Dead of Winter - probably the first thing I think of just because it is the newest, but damn I love it.
  2. One Night Ultimate Werewolf - super excited for Daybreak!
  3. Arctic Scavengers - the first deckbuilder I really loved.
  4. Skull and Roses - pure bluffing at its best.
  5. Hanabi - I just love losing in this game, it has really clicked with me and everyone I have played it with.
  6. The Resistance - This game has been pretty much been replaced for me by One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but still great
  7. Legendary: Encounters - Ok I honestly did not love the marvel game, but the theme is really well integrated into the game play in Encounters and the game flow makes more sense to me, I love it
  8. Quantum - I am amazed by how well this game changes with different numbers of people and different play styles just by changing the map.
  9. Escape - Loud dice rolling fun
  10. Tales of the Arabian Nights - Ok this is so low only because it should not really be “played” as a game, it is just a fun experience to have with friends. Don’t play this game to win, play to tell a good story.

10. Tales of the Arabian Nights - Ok this is so low only because it should not really be "played" as a game, it is just a fun experience to have with friends. Don't play this game to win, play to tell a good story.

Argh, how could I forget TALES!? Great frickin’ game… only played it once, but it was absolutely phenomenal! Thanks for reminding me!


I like your list, Marx. There are some great games and favourites of mine on it.
If I start making a list I’ll need hours to be satisfied with the result and I have some important work to do right now sigh…I shouldn’t write comments in a forum either but I wanted to test the new forum so much!


First forum post! I plan to hang out here a lot. Excited.

This is tough. In no particular order, because they each fill a niche incredibly-

  1. Resistance/Avalon
  2. Love Letter ( so many hours with it in bars)
  3. Skulls & Roses (now just Skull, not as good a name)
  4. Netrunner
  5. Archipelago
  6. Space Alert (I’ve barely played it, but I think the concept & design is just too incredible to not include. I know it’ll only get better as the crew does.)
  7. Coup
  8. Merchants & Marauders (also barely played, but I see hours of enjoyment with the theme)
  9. Ticket to Ride (it’s just too perfectly designed to not include, even if I rarely play it anymore except to get non-gamers interested.)
  10. You know what? I’m going to include Scrabble here. It’s the only “classic” I may have ever loved, and still do.

I wonder if Twilight Struggle will make it on this list. I own a copy but have yet to play it.


My top ten changes so often but some of the games I always like to go back to:

  1. Twilight Struggle
  2. TI3
  3. The Resistance
  4. Cosmic Encounter
  5. 1812
  6. A Distant Plain
  7. Project Mahattan
  8. Robinson Crusoe
  9. Rex
  10. Through the ages

Dead of Winter is probably going to be listed here soon somewhere given how many times we’ve played that lately.

9) Rex

I bought this one recently but haven’t played it yet… loved “Dune”, though, so I suspect I will enjoy it!


Hello All,

Writing this has been a bit weird, as I didn’t realise I felt strongly enough that 10 would be too few games. Honourable mentions go to String Railway and Mage Knight, but I had to make my decisions:

  1. The Duke really benefits from the randomisation, and short playtime, whilst still feeling properly tactical
  2. Hive is another great strategy game for two
  3. Suburbia is a game I fell in love with the first time I played, but there are a couple of combos that are just game breaking, and it makes it very difficult to stay engaged with the game when someone else manages to get it together
  4. Love Letter almost gets carried with me everywhere I go now, as there’s almost always time to play a game whilst you wait for the train etc.
  5. Puerto Rico is apparently a divisive game, but I think it’s wonderfully put together. You never stop caring about what other people are doing, which is rare for a game like this
  6. Cosmic Encounter is ludicrous, but amazing
  7. Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Edition) gets played about twice a week at the moment, as my partner and I work through a campaign - me as the overlord, her as two down-on-their-luck heroes. I really enjoy the permanence and progression
  8. Archipelago doesn’t get enough play, but is such a lovely game that develops more strategy every time I play
  9. Dixit is effectively the only “modern” game I can play with my parents, and their godchildren, and my drunken friends and…
  10. Galaxy Trucker is just the most fun game. Never played a game before where I really don’t mind losing. Sometimes when I play GT I envy the losers - they always have a story to tell

9) Rex

I bought this one recently but haven’t played it yet… loved “Dune”, though, so I suspect I will enjoy it!

I love dune a lot and Rex is the same game more or less. Let me know after you played it.

Ok I always have a hard time making lists of my favorite things like this, so I am doing it a little different. These are the first 10 great games I own that I can think of off the top of my head without going up to my game self and looking at them (so expect more modern games I have been playing recently.)

I’m the same, and so:

  • Catacombs - I keep track of high scores on the back of the sticker sheet.
  • Hero Quest - I bought mine for 20p in 1993... I still have some character sheets in the box, from 20 years ago.
  • Cosmic Encounter - I only got this last month, on this site's recommendation.
  • Love Letter - I've introduced so many people to this game now, my introduction is getting super slick.
  • Pandemic - I much prefer cooperative games to competitive. This one is great.
  • Descent (2nd) - It's so much better than Hero Quest, and fills the same dungeon-shaped hole in my heart.
  • Seasons - Very pretty, very neat mechanically. Also, pretty.
  • Tales of Arabian Nights - "...and then, returning to Baghdad in the form of the beast, you come across a beautiful princess." He begins to mime running as a bestial ape: "I attack her."

That’s not ten! I’m fairly new to board games, coming from tabletop role-playing games. I have a few more, but among my collection these games form the Pareto frontier of what I love, and think are good.


Like Kickface I’m largely going off the top of my head, but hey!

  1. Tash Kalar - Oh my goodness I love Tash Kalar so much.
  2. Resistance Avalon - Always has people chattering about what happened within seconds of the game finishing.
  3. Love Letter - So portable! It basically lives in my handbag, and after 18 months people still want to play it all the time.
  4. Tales of the Arabian Nights - A game I love to introduce people to, amazing stories.
  5. Skull (& Roses) - Source of a lot of hilarious times in the pub
  6. Cosmic Encounter - I don’t own it and haven’t played in a while unfortunately, but I love the variety and the player interaction
  7. Space Cadets Dice Duel - Always surprises me with just how crazy and stressful it gets.
  8. Robo Rally - I’ve just always had a massive soft spot for it.
  9. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - I love games built around a mystery, and my boyfriend is a Holmes nut, so this was basically made for us.
  10. Two Rooms & A Boom - Only had a few sessions but I really enjoyed them and can’t wait for my real copy.

So yeeeeeeah I guess that demonstrates I go for silly social games overall :). I enjoy big beefy strategy games and euros, but simple games with a heavy social element are my first love.

  1. Archipelago — It's Catan after a serious steroids regimen and blood doping.
  2. Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar — Moving gears + eurogame mechanics = happy brain headache.
  3. X-Wing Miniatures Game — It can be taught in under 5 minutes, and a game can be over in 20, with all the tension and joy that dogfighting* in space should contain.
  4. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game — Basically any excuse to yell "A Lannister always pays his debts!" and have it actually mean something is going to make me happy. It's just a bonus that there's a great game in there.
  5. Tales of the Arabian Nights — In one game I was a sex changed married person who had been turned into a beast while on a quest to explore a bunch of islands, and then went insane. How many games let that happen to a player? And how many games can losing still be gloriously fun?
  6. Pandemic — The "Intensify" mechanic is basically the reason I get excited about board game mechanics.
  7. The Resistance: Avalon — Put your thumb up if you're a bad guy, and open your eyes. Have a look around...
  8. 7 Wonders — It's quick, beautiful and not hard to play. I Just wish I was good at it.
  9. King of Tokyo — This isn't a game about fighting Kaiju. This is a game about calling your friends horrible sexist names because they won't re roll to try and achieve "Complete Destruction".
  10. Dominion — There's something cathartic about ending the game with 40 cards, when you only started with 10, and all of those cards were awful.
  • Not illegal dog fighting, though that would be stressful in it’s own right. And horrible.

  1. One Night Ultimate Werewolf - it gets played at least 4 or 5 times every time its out.
  2. Cyclades - we don’t play it enough but that bidding mechanic coupled with area control… so sexy.
  3. Ascension - the deck builder I’ve played so much it almost puts me into a zen like trance.
  4. Descent - cause its Heroquest but you can buy it in stores.
  5. Splendor - awww yeah drop those heavy chips.
  6. 7 Wonders - it got me into more euro like games.
  7. Skull & Roses - SHOUTING!!!
  8. Coup - lying.
  9. Game of Thrones - cause I’m good at it and I like being good at things, there I said it.
  10. Thunderstone Dragonspire - cause I bloody love deck builders.
  11. Space Crusade - its eleven cause my copy got binned years ago but seriously you guys Space Crusade.

  1. New Era
  2. Glory to Rome
  3. Agricola (with drafting occupations and minor improvements)
  4. Race for the Galaxy
  5. 7 Wonders
  6. Cosmic Encounter
  7. The Big Idea
  8. Core Worlds
  9. Innovation
  10. Kemet

In summary: Mostly tableau building card games.

I really want to put Twilight Imperium and Android on here… they might well be if I could play them more often, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played them and lengthy games are very hard to get on to the table.


In no particular order:

  1. Battlestar Galactica - Shout at your friends
  2. Game of Thrones - Backstab your friends
  3. Dead of Winter - Betray your friends
  4. Galaxy Trucker - Laugh at your friends
  5. Civilisation - Crush your friends
  6. 7 Wonders - Relax with your friends. And then screw them over by burying all the greens
  7. Space Cadets - Shout at your friends for being unable to feel things in bags
  8. Masquerade - Lie to your friends
  9. Necromunda - Reminisce with your friends about the ‘good old days’*
  10. Cosmic Encounter - Laugh with your friends
  • I no longer own Necromunda and only one of my now-friends used to play it, my school-friends used to and we still sometimes talk about it. I really need to find a Necromunda club-type-thing nearby, or GW need to actually use that IP to make a computer game

  1. Coup
  2. Timeline
  3. Skull & Roses
  4. Cosmic Encounter
  5. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
  6. Escape: The Curse of the Aztec Temple
  7. Alien Frontiers
  8. Tales of the Arabian Nights
  9. Snake Oil
  10. City of Horror


I find a top ten is a tricky thing to do, so although I have numbered these they are in no particular order except for Galaxy Trucker :smile:
Here are my choices…TotAN narrowly misses out on a mention only because I find it hard to get it to the table.

1-Galaxy Trucker (its just so much fun, though I do have a friend who just seems to suck all the fun out of it…meh)
2-Cosmic Encounter (class)
3-Trains (brilliant)
5-Merchant of Venus (play your own game and see who wins at the end, fantastic)
6-Ghost Stories (really flipping hard)
8-Telestrations (great fun non-gamer party game)
9-Ticket to Ride
10-Mystery of the Abbey (a more-fun version of cluedo)

  1. Twilight Imperium 3
  2. Russian Railroads
  3. Cosmic Encounter
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. Euphoria
  6. City of Horror
  7. RoboRally
  8. Resistance: Avalon
  9. Dead of Winter
  10. Suburbia


I think I change my favourite game more then I do my clothes but here’s my best go at a top 10.

  1. Yomi-Don’t actually own the physical version of this (waiting for V2 to come out) but I’ve put 70 hours into the online version over the last couple of months and it’s remained exciting and deep for all that time. It’ll take you a few games to have any idea what you’re doing though.

  2. Cosmic Encounter-Crazy interactions between the aliens that fuel crazy social interactions between the players.

  3. Dominion- I’ve probably played more of this then any other game, and I’ll admit after the 1000th play it does get a little stale. Sure was fun up until that point though.

  4. Twilight Imperium- Only had a chance to play this game 3 times, but each time it managed to hold my attention for the full 10 hours it takes to play and that’s very rare for me.

  5. Galaxy Trucker- Just really fun, can’t say much more then that.

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen- I could write an essay on how amazing this game is and how it show boardgames can do amazing things that no other medium can.

  7. Battlecon- Some of the best value for money in boardgames right here. You could play this game for the rest of your life and never have the same game twice.

  8. Magic the Gathering- Not too fond of the business model but I have more fond memories of playing this game then any other. The fact that they still manage to come up with interesting cards for this thing after 20 years just shows how beautiful the original system Richard Garfield designed is.

  9. King of Tokyo- It’s just nice to have a game that I can pull out with any group of people and know they’ll enjoy it.

  10. Cards against Humanity- I think the SUSD guys gave this game a bad rap. The writing is much cleverer then they give it credit for. It would be very easy for this kind of thing to just to devolve into a game of “who can say the most awful thing”, and it can do that, but the cards do allow for much more subtlety if you want to go in that direction too. Just don’t play it with your grandmother :).