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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Hey @Nymeria941 still up for this?


As an aside, if I go with a second character I think I will retire Nyoll and start fresh. It was an interesting experiment but not really what I was hoping for. Are you good with Unchained Classes @RossM?


I am!


hi there, looks like I won’t be able to join, unfortunately. Life’s kind of ramping up at the moment, and I want to give any games I’m in more attention than I currently have right now. Have fun, and I look forward to reading y’all’s exploits!


Nae bother!


Talking of life ramping up…

West Marches is on hiatus until next year.

Matt Colville was the guy who inspired me to do all this. It’s his lovely beardy face at the top of this stream.

Last night his Stronghold and Followers source book popped into my email. Rules for clearing and claiming fortresses, a whole monster manual, large scale battles. 250+ pages.

Lots of ideas I want to inflict on you lovely people.

See you at the end of January for chapter 2…


Seb lazes by the fire, close enough that his paws flinch every now an again from the heat. Connie is in the middle of the inn entertaining a crowd with yet another tale of heroics while Cristian competes to a much smaller crowd with his own tall tales of how he lost one of his seemingly endless lives, only stopping to flick an ember spat from the fire off of Seb’s coat.

Connuilos is outside, walking back and forth, planning the location of a shrine to those who fall in the West Marches. Life goes on for the adventurers, though each of them hold regrets. Connie broods, she knows she was one of the first adventurers to venture out into the West Marches, but what has she really done since then? Cristian wishes more than anything he hadn’t released the shapeshifter from it’s cell. Behind his happy-go-lucky exterior, he muses on the nature of his oaths.


Cal stuffs his face in a way that only the very young can, eyeing the rest of the tavern. His eyes settle on a porcelain doll propped up in the corner of the room, glassy eyes shining. The longer he looks at it, the more questions he has as he hasn’t seen any children about since the settlers left on their boat. It almost seems to be watching him and he shudders under its lifeless gaze. With a silent communication to Kaneka, he moves to where Jinnie is telling her story and does not look back.

The halfling-sized doll’s golden hair shifts almost imperceptively as its head very slowly turns to watch Cal’s movements. If Cal ever bothered to look again, the creepy doll is now gone, its mystery unsolved as the party continues their merriment.

(Character sheet for Alice will be incoming)