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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Ezren moves with the group happy follow the smell of burnt wood and noticing Ssora says, “Nice outfit you have going on there. So what exactly is your story?”.


“Outfit?” Ssora is confused for a moment. She looks down and notices the loose fitting blue robe. She’s not sure if it’s supposed to look like that, but she’s not pleased with the fit. She’ll dump it next chance she gets. “Thanks, I guess. My story is… Ordinary. Daughter of a merchant, wanted to see the world. Ran away. Boring stuff.”
She hadn’t thought of a backstory recently, so she just said the simplest one she could think of.
“How about yourself?” She asks, trying to change the subject.


Ezren is not convinced by the information Ssora gives him but decides not to press the matter.

“You might want to fasten your robe better just in case. My own story is very similar to yours, son of a spice merchant myself. Left home due to a disagreement and never looked back.”


Soon trees surround you, and you find yourself wandering along an old trackway. Birds wheel above your heads. The smell of fire and smoke is growing stronger.


Eventually, you burst out through the trees into bright sunlight. A large hill stands before you…

And a scene of devastation.

Great scars dominate the grassy slopes, made by fire and magic. The stones itself seem to be twisted and bubbled. Atop the hill are the remains of a once great wooden fort, still smoking. Lying where they fell you see the scattered corpses of several dwarves, horribly mutilated and reeking of decay…

Two large holes have been blown in 5e forts substantial walls, and there are no signs of life…

@HrafnkelRedBeard @necro-1000 Im not sure how active you are, as Ive been spotty, let me know how you want to proceed. I can reorganise groups into smaller threads, or do solos, or well anything… :sunglasses:


(Hey! I’m going to withdraw Ssora from active play. She slinks off into the forest, loses her way, and ends up back in civilized lands and gets arrested for crimes she doesn’t remember. I’m going to turn my focus to DMing, but it’s been fun playing with y’all!)


(I’ve been particularly spotty at best too, however I am still happy to continue with @HrafnkelRedBeard)


Hi! Just got full account privileges, and I was wondering, is this adventure accepting new characters, and how do I go about joining? Just jump in? It’s been some time since I played Pathfinder, but I’d love to join :slight_smile:


Ooh. Hold on, lets just do something!


I’m game to keep pushing ahead. 3 a party makes!



With a lot of players going silent and new players wishing to join, I want to take stock of who wants to do what and do a bit of rearrangement.

Let me know if people are still up for continuing.


I’m up for continuing, Right now ( this week ) I can’t, I’m in a lot of pain from my fibro, and trying to do too much makes it worse - and I think I would like to pace myself at joining in every other adventure - so maybe sit the first one out and jump in with the second would be ideal.

I’m still interested in playing Jinnie, but I think shes a liability in the west marches proper so I’ll stick with Cristian - and Conuilos when I get around to finishing her character, but if Jinnie ever becomes a valid choice, then I would like to use her too.


I’m happy to continue on with Kyla.


I’ll continue with Ezren :slight_smile:


On second thought, I’d still like to play one character! But not two. Two is too much!


I’ll work on rolling a character today, but I’m in for sure


Cool. Rules.

  1. Start at level 1.
  2. Please no black powder weapons
  3. I trust you with all character creation rolls.
  4. If your character is called Lord Poncenbury of blackwater, son of Howell, fourth leader of the fire monkeys I will always refer to him as ponce.


I believe I’ll continue play as Ssora. She doesn’t require a lot of attention, as she can’t remember what’s going on anyways.


I’ll continue with Cal. I would be willing to play a second but we can decide that if we get a large enough group again.


We have 5 - 6 every other adventure - I would say we have enough for you to use two characters - that would give us 6 and 7 every other adventure - enough for two groups of 3