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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Ssora is incredibly pleased with herself, and can’t help smiling as she hands the eel to Erzen to cook. “So what are we doing after this?” She asks, having genuinely no idea what they’re doing afterwards.


Arthur hopes down off of Softfoot and opens a saddle bag, pulling out some rations and a blanket.

“Could always use a bit of bite. Good idea Ssora! Wish I had something more proper than trail rations mind you but, good company makes any meal better!”

As the halfing finishes a bite of cheese, he ponders, “This location was inscribed upon that wooden table back at the in. It sounded as if there was some unfinished business here perhaps. Once we finish up here, perhaps Softfoot and I will take a run around the pond to see if there is anything unusual to be seen.”

Perception Roll
d20: 15 +1


Scratching around the scrubland you find a few squared stones, and the odd scratched lines of foundations, there are the remains of some buildings here, but it would take a while, and a considerable effort to uncover them all.

Softfoot finds the remains of an old camp fire and some fish bones.


Ezren waits for Arthur to return from the scouting around the pond.

“Find anything interesting? What do you guys think this pond has plenty of?”


Arthur reports his findings to the others. “I wasn’t able to discern much from the foundations are what the may once have been. I’m not sure its worth the effort to continue to dig up. Perhaps the ‘Plenty’ refers to an abundance of fish that the pond may contain. It is quiet lovely here. A fair oasis, I would say. May chance we continue West or South from here to discover dangers they lay beyond?”


“We could start exploring the vicinity, at least we can start mapping out the lay of the land.” replies Ezren, nodding in agreement.

(WOW we have been quiet!)


You have!


Ssora wakes up from a post-eating nap, and looks around herself curiously.
“Where’s this?” She asks to no-one in particular.




“The Pond of Plenty, of course!” Arthur presents enthusiastically. “Although there doesn’t seem much of excitement this way. Perhaps some dangers lie to the West.” The halfling swing a leg up and over Softfoot’s saddle, assuming his position atop. “My memory of the map on the table is a bit foggy, but I do no belief their was territory mapped out in that direction. Shall we go, we are all rested after all!”


“Alright, good halfling, let’s go.” She is looking positive today, the meal and sleep was quite excellent.


“Off we go then, westward!”


Ooh interesting… Do you skirt the coast or head due west?


Seen as everyone is agreement, Arthur nudges his wolf and blindly heads due west.


(@RossM just head due west)


Missed this!

As you descend west, the edge of a great forest comes into view. The smell of ash assails your nostrils. Somewhere in the distance there is the hint of a river inside the treeline, further south the cliff face descends to the marshy shoreline.


“What’s this smell? A fire?” Ssora is confused.
d20: 20 -1 Perception to seek source of ash smell.


(… I feel like I’ll need that 20 later…)


It is clearly the smell of burnt wood, and as the wind shifts you can detect it is blowing up from the west.

Squinting inland you see a hill rising above the mists. The sky is definitely darker above it.

(Weirdly I assumed you were heading south at first, but all the earlier description is still accurate)


“Shall we follow that smell? West?”
Ssora is mostly absent-minded as she walks alongside her donkey. She’s found the large religious tome that she had been referencing before when she was remembering to play a priest. She chuckles at the strange wisdom literature, and after a while actually dumps the book behind her.
Her priest garment is no longer tied up properly and her obviously murdery real clothes are in plain view.