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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


“So, are we off to the pond of plenty or do we just try to set sail immediately?” enquires Ezren.


Taliesin wades dripping ashore, grinning from ear to ear. “Oh let’s stick to the plan & see the pond before we sail off into the distance. We can talk about sea voyages tonight if we survive the pond.”


Arthur quickly agrees. “I’m not sure about this sea voyage. Let us continue to the pond!”


“Off to the pond then! Let’s just pull the boat ashore, make sure it don’t drift away till we come again!”


The small launched is easily dragged onto the shore, and sensibly tied to the loading dock as well. The hull is turned upside down, to protect it’s contents.

With the excitement over, you track south through the forest and upwards towards the pond of plenty. Just as the sun sets you see the red light glimmering on it’s smooth surface…


“It’s gorgeous isn’t it!” the halfling pipes up to no one in particular. “Is there something we should be looking for here in particular, it seems all serene.”


Ssora shrugs. “I don’t even remember what we’re doing here. Have we been here before?”




“It surely is my first time here…” Ezren answer Ssora. “Do you have any idea of what this Pond of Plenty has plenty of?”.

Ezren perception check; d20: 17 + 3


Even in the moonlight, it is easy to see that the pond is teeming with wildlife. Moths dance on the surface and fish swim in small shoals.


OOC: we just welcomed a new baby so I’m going to drop right off the planet for a while. Seems like things are quiet in general, but definitely don’t wait on me.


Congrats @decitrig as you say…

The night at the pond of plenty passes peacefully.


Congratulations @decitrig! May your bundle of joy sleep full nights! :smiley:

Ezren wakes up at the break of dawn looking around the pond of plenty. Many of his companions have not yet woken up and he walks to the edge of the pond staring into it.

Grabbing a nearby rock Ezren throws it towards the pond at a low angle, trying to make it bounce on the water surface.


Ssora crawls out of her little tent looking extremely drowsy. She pats her donkey (which I almost forgot she had) and packs up her rather elaborate sleep setup.

The glint from fish scales catches her eye, and she rolls up her pantaloons and wades into the pond, hoping to catch a fish with her very quick hands.

d20: 4 +5


Just as Ssora is about to snatch a fish, a stone skims across the top of the lake and the fish shoots away into the depths.


Ssora looks confused. She bites her lip and goes perfectly still, waiting for the fish to return.


Another Dex please!


Ssora fishes!
d20: 18 +5


Ssora manages to snatch a lithe, black eel from the water. It should provide a tasty breakfast.


Ezren notices too late that Ssora has waded into the pool and almost hits her with the rock he threw into the pond. “Please excuse me, I had barely noticed you in the water there!”

Seeing her catching the eel, Ezren starts working on starting a fire to cook the food.