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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Ezren will join in with the festivities without issue just trying to have a good time after a tiring afternoon.


(She is now!)
Ssora has been conspicuously quiet in these proceedings, and it becomes apparent that at some point she slipped away to her room.

She rests there for now, her mind somewhat still working through the implications of inflatable fake people.


Taliesin agrees with Arthur’s plan and joins in the festivities; up into the wee hours talking to the settlers about their destination & plans. He takes voluminous notes, which prove to be pretty incoherent in the harsh morning light.


For once the sun is shining!

By the time the adventurers are fed and watered a great exodus is occurring. Almost every able bodied man and woman is soon treking north, driving a few animals, carrying their own tools and possessions or ferrying larger supplies in the small rowing boats.

You are all soon sucked up into the march, and get to the makeshift dock just in time to see a group of people in ceremonial robes emerging from the temple. It appears they have made an offering to the god within to bless the upcoming voyage.

There seems to be something missing however…

Perrell can be seen paddling her sea canoe around, ordering groups to prepare and guiding her fleet of small craft to an area further out to shore. Suddenly it strikes you all.

There is no ship.

How could there be one? There is no sea route between here and the homeland. No shipwrights are present, no trees felled for masts.

The young woman waits for silence from the eager settlers.

“My friends,” she shouts over the gently lapping waves, “You have paid your coin to join us on our adventure. Your names are all attached to our great charter, although truth be told, I struggle to read the writing at the moment.”

This brings a wave of laughter from the crowd.

“But I think the time has come to haul anchor and make way!”

From her leather waistcoat she pulls a small glass bottle, and placing it on the surface of the water, she rings a small silver bell three times. As she slowly paddles backwards, the glass smashes and a tiny model of a ship floats free, It begins to grow, and by the time she has safely joined the rest of the sailors in their rowboats, the ship is at full size.

The ship is seemingly well supplied and brand new. On it’s rear, you can make out it’s name; The Bantam .

Without further orders, the settlers begin ferrying out their belongings and animals. Truly it is a sight to behold…


Taliesin takes off his boots and wades out into the surf a bit, waving at the ship. Feeling not a little bit of jealousy for the nifty magical trinket there, he turns back to the others. “Are we off to Plenty of Ponds, then? When’s lunch?”


(I am so glad you’re still with us everyone!)

As the ship is being loaded, a number of people seem to argue if the ship is indeed the correct size. Several swear the ship is a few feet shorter than it’s original size, various methods are employed to prove or disprove each side.

In the end it is finally decided that the ship is the correct size, but the settlers have brought additional equipment.

As the last crewman struggle on board. the young captain returns to you all.

“Now, we appear a smidgen overloaded. Anything you fellows particularly want as a reward for your fine service?”


(Do we have any idea what they have left over? Maybe we should use a perception check?)


Don’t ask just do!


Ezren perception check d20: 12 +3


“Simply amazing!” Arthur stands up and applauds wildly, never ceases to astounded by feats of such magic.

“Whiro! Ezren! Did you lot see that? I dare say, I did not expect that! Oh my!”

Watching the struggling crew, the halfling approaches.

“Good day to you all! I am Arthur Tumblebottom, if we were not already introduced. My friends and I are indeed off on further adventures. Your generosity is indeed most appreciated. Though we be humble our needs confronting the dangers of the wild may indeed be great! Perhaps I may peruse the items you cannot stow and inspiration may chance strike!”

(Also, it was only yesterday that Arthur was bitten by some unseen beastie in the waters of the temple causing him temporary lose constitution. I think I need to make an additional fortitude save:

Fortitude Save
d20: 19 +3


Ssora frowns as she thinks.
“A shortbow and some arrows would be useful.”
She’s practical, and can’t think of anything better. She’s been fixating on the poor loading times of the crossbow she’s been packing.


*A shortbow and arrows is soon passed over.

*Arthur is feeling a lot better, the malady has passed.

*The most obvious overloaded area is the main deck, coils of rope, boxes of farm implements and sacks of winter clothing are the most obvious items, beyond that the deck is cluttered with a heavy plow, water barrels and the ships 6 small boats.


“Any potions or particular contraptions you might be looking to get rid of?” Ezren asks the young captain.


Nothing that useful or portable Im afraid Ezren, but if youre after something bulky, I can convince the crew to part with it I think.


Take a boat!


[OOC: I swear I was thinking about this before you posted this @Abubu!]

Taliesin looks thoughtfully at the ship’s boats stored on the deck. “Perhaps you could spare us a boat? We might want to do some adventuring of our own!”


“6 boats is a bit excessive isn’t it? With my sea canoe as well, we won’t be in a rush to unload like we were to embark.”

She orders some deckhands to help prepare the boat…

(Side note! I am now free of the horrors of work for 6 weeks to posting should pick up the pace. Thanks for the patience!)


When the boat arrives, Taliesin gleefully leaps in, bellowing a shanty in, apparently, Draconic. Despite his enthusiasm, he is almost immediately dangerously tangled in the rigging and needs to be freed by hands from the Bantam.

I’m not sure what skill governs sailing, but I’m pretty sure Taliesin doesn’t have it. Adventure awaits!


The boat contains two oars, a basic rudder, and a mast and sail, both folded down, but easily locked in place with two small wooden pegs. It is lowered into the water with a block and tackle arrangement, and as the Bantam unfurls it’s sails and heads North, the crew cheer your own attempts to not travel in circles.

“Lots of small islands in sight, you’ll have to think of some names!” Shouts an elderly crew member.

(The Bantam is soon under full sail and disappearing towards the horizon. Will they ever return? Will they unlock a whole area of adventure in the near future? I just don’t know!)

You are soon bobbing in an empty sea, about 50 metres from the shore.


[I’m not sure if OOC applies to me as a spectator, but honestly I’m not heckling, I’m just saying it: if something happens and any of you drown I swear I’m never watching this show again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:]