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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Taliesin agrees - “Sure, though I might ask to borrow them.”

“I’d like to dig into this shapeshifter business. Anyone want to come along?”


Returning to the Inn, an impromptu party appears to be underway…

A new cask sits on the bar, it’s pump still frothing. Beer is passed into every hand, above you a group of men and women are singing an old sea shanty.

A scream of joy from above, and a young women slides down a rope with practiced ease, landing on the carved map table. It Is Perrell Beys!


She bows.

“Brave adventurers! You have purged the temple and secured our dock for us!”

A might cheer erupts!

“We can sail in the morning!”

A greater cheer and the sound of many tankards toasting.

“Drinks for all!”

An even greater cheer erupts, the singers continue their reverie…

Perrell slides gracefully to the floor.

“The temple, what God did it serve?”


Taliesin looks confused. “Who are you?”


Arthur elbows Taliesin. “How quickly you forget! This is the lovely Ms. Beys!” The halfling says a little over exaggeratedly with a bow. “You recall she is the harbormistress that was so very preoccupied! But my how her demeanor has changed. Progress going well I presume?” The halfling grabs and ale that is passing by.


“Yes, all our water is barrelled up and the livestock are here. We shall drive them down to the jetty tomorrow, and attempt the sailing by the morning. My goodness, it doesn’t seem real!”


“And where is it that you intend to sail to?” the halfling asks making quick work of his mug.


Ezren picks up a tankard of ale and starts sipping it whilst looking around the inn. So much happiness for a “simple” act of clearing a cave.

He answers Perrell over the din of the party, “The temple was dedicated to Valkur, the god of sailors. That should bode you well on your journey!” slightly shouting. “I’m sure that this group of adventurers should be the target of all your gratitude” he adds mockingly, with a grin on his face.


The young woman smiles. “Anywhere! This is virgin sea. We will probably just survey for a day and then plan for a longer journey. The Lord Leas has given us permission to settle any Virgin Land we find.”


The young women makes a symbol of three fingers across her forearm. “I will send word, I know of a few old followers of Valkur. An offering for our safe journey from them will be well received.”


Taliesin looks interested - “The call of the open sea, the promise of new lands, and maybe even not being eaten by what we find there.” He looks around at his companions to gauge their interest in a sea voyage.


The halfling cavalier with his wolf at his feet, vigorously shakes his head “no” when Taliesin silently indicates voyaging the open waters.

Quickly downing the pint before him, Arthur changes the subject. “Taliesin what is this shapeshifter business you keep on about. I don’t recall the mention. Sounds terribly exciting that does!”


Taliesin grins. “Seasick? Well, well. Last time we were here, Hugo said he had hired Ochs to deal with some kind of shapeshifter.” he turns to Perrell Beys. “Ms Beys, do you know anything about the shapeshifter?”


The young lady winks. “More flim flam and nonsense, but Marshall Lem made us all see the wonderful wizard…”

She dances a small jig, grabbing a passing boy, perhaps ten years old, and whirls him around the dancefloor.


Arthur turns to the wizards, “Wasn’t there some discussion of heading to the Pond of Plenty? I would be eager to set out in the morning.”


The lady whirls back. “Are you not going to wave us off in the morning?” She dances away without an answer.


Any chance that the Pond of Plenty lies along the path Bey’s folks will be using? It’d be interesting to at least see them on their way.


“Not exactly on the way,” Arthur says scratching his head, “but it ain’t to far either I suppose if we get out early enough could see them off and then move out to the pond. It might be fun!”


“We might as well see this through now. We can easily see them off, make sure everyone is on their way with no issues, and then go on to the pond of plenty.” says Ezren.


Anything else you wish to do this evening.

(I will move ahead to the next day tomorrow if not. I believe @necro-1000 is away at the mo.)


(Arthur will continue to enjoy the festivities but not over indulge. Is Ssora still with us?)