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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Arthur elbows Ssora, leans over and whispers, “Tell him about the things we found.”


“Ah…” Ssora sheaths her dagger, and calms down. “Well, we’ve found something we’d like identified. A magical item.”
(Who is carrying the goggles?)


Athur leans over again and loudly whispers, “Item_s_! Don’t forget about the dagger and that curious metal brick.”


Ochs handles the dagger, balancing it on it’s point.

“It needs a new handle. Finely balanced mind you, keen and lightweight, No magic though. Shame.”


The goggles are of greater interest. His finders twitch impulsively.

“Fine detail, perhaps dwarven. But what dwarf would need them? A strange anachronism.”

Ochs whispers a word and the room is plunged into darkness. “Ahh.”

The light returns in the blink of an eye.

“Just like the owl carving, these appear to be goggles of dark vision. Perfect if you cannot see your hand in front of your face. I wouldn’t wear them in the hot sun mind you…”


Finally, Red takes the metal brick from the adventurers.

“What is that, an ingot? Any discernible features?”


Arthur stands on his tip toes to try to see the metal brick in Reds hands. “I think there is a name or something on there. Magus, or some such.”


“I feel like I have encountered the name Magus during my studies, however I can’t seem to place it.” Ezren tells Red following Arthur’s information.


As the word “Magus” is spoken aloud for a second time, the strange block in Red’s hand begins humming slightly. A strange rattling fills the room.

As Red looks down in confusion, every untethered metal object within 8 foot suddenly streaks through the air in an attempt to reach the metal block. Many items make contact and are soon twisting around the objects, like feathers in the breeze.

Unfortunately, several of the metal objects, including the handleless dagger encounter an obstacle before they can make contact…

That object is Red. Gurgling slightly, Red collapses to the floor, several pieces of cutlery and jagged pieces of metal embedded in his back…


Ezren is taken aback by what just happened! How hadn’t he managed to understand what the ingot does! He quickly regains his composure and kneels down next to Red to check if he is still conscious and looks at Ochs, “Can you help Red?”.

Ezren looks over Red to understand whether the metal objects have done any serious damage.

(test heal? d20: 5 + 3)


Red breathes no more, blood pooling around him.

Well, I say blood, more like bright red soup. As you watch his body begins to sag and deflate.

Ochs shakes his head. “The spark is gone I’m afraid. So sad, he took so long to grow.” Absentmindedly he murmurs “Magus” and the block stops humming.


Arthur is aghast at the whole scene. Especially the Wizards indifference.

“A man has died! Have you no respect?!”

He does his best to start removing the blades from the body. He is unconcerned by the blood.


Ssora is stunned by the entire scene. She notes the deflating.
“Was he… Not real? This is very unsettling, wizard.”


“Simulacrum, one of my best. The trouble with magical experiments is they are so deadly. Of the 188 wizards who I graduated with, only 11 still live.”

He scoops some of the red goo into a small flask. “If I can, he will be recovered.”

“So, it’s a powerful magnet when so commanded. You can see how it can be used as an effective weapon, but the loop is interesting,Perhaps if a rope was tied through it, it would be an effective grapple onto metal, or good for pulling metal out of inaccessible places?”

He runs his reddened hand absentmindedly on his robe.

“I think I’ve looked at everything, now if you excuse me, I have my own issues to worry about…”


As he turns to go, Taliesin speaks up: “What’s this we hear about a shapeshifter?”


Ochs is busy with a dustpan and brush.

“Talk of the town! Any of the more civilised types will fill you in.”


Ezren moves the discarded robe around looking for the metal disc that Red had put inside his robe after their arrival.

“Wizard, might I hold on to this artefact please?”


The Wizard nods absentmindedly.

“Hmm, perhaps a splice to stabilise?” He rushes into through the closed door, which clicks open in front of him and locks behind him.


Arthur tries to makes sense of the entire scene and is frustrates. He turns to the rest of the party. “Let us leave here. Perhaps we should return to the tavern and make a plan.”


Ezren pockets the singing stone and stands up straightening his robes. “Yes Arthur, we might as well move on. Might I ask to hold on to the googles of darkness seeing as I seem to be one of the few troubled with low light situations?” he asks in the general direction of the group.