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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Taliesin reaches up to try and gently stop the spinning disk.


Taliesin gets a small cut to the fingertip for his troubles. The music skips for a moment.

Red’s eyes flick open.

“Greeting strangers.”

He claps his hands twice and the disk drops to the ground. silent.

The young man pushes it carefully inside his robe.

“It’s just a list of unfortunate things really,” he mumbles distractedly.

“The wizard will be with you shortly.”


While they wait for the wizard Arthur starts poking around the shop looks for anything that might strike his fancy.

Perception Roll
d20: 10 +1


It’s not really a shop, more a rich parlour or waiting room. If it was a shop it would be one of those places with no price tags and little hint of it’s true purpose.

Red sits stiil and watches the party even as the sound of Ochs descending the stairs can be heard.


Ezren moves closer to Red enquiring, “What is that artefact you were making use of? If I may ask, of course!”.


APOLOGIES ALL. I AM EMERGING FROM THE DREADED MAN FLU. Normal service to be resumed tomorrow!


Red is happily explaining the special singing stones of the Moirsette, when Ochs saunters into the room through the door of what you all assumed was a wardrobe.

The strange voice enters your heads again.

“Ah, adventurers. Please empty your minds for a moment. This shouldn’t hurt too much. Please submit to my will for a few seconds…”


Ssora looks incredibly alarmed and immediately pulls a dagger and backs away from Ochs.
“What are you doing?! Get out of my head!”


Taliesin is just as furious as Ssora. The hawk, usually demurely perched on his shoulder, screams and bates its wings. “None of that, or we’ll be feeding you to the settlers.”


@Sagantine @HrafnkelRedBeard @necro-1000 @decitrig

Each give me an image that would describe the settlement your are currently standing in.


(Two quick questions: Do you want a picture or description? Should we PM you or post in public? Sorry if these questions seem obtuse.)


(I genuinely do not get what this means)


Ditto - what do you mean by “the settlement you are currently standing in?”


You all hear Och’s voice in your heads.

“I want you to all think of something that is here, in this small settlement at the end of this long road. It can be a person, a building, even a feeling, an image, or a smell”


The wooden pallisades


The feeling of belonging


I’ll leave this open another day or so…


Sorry for the slow response
Ssora pictures a dark corner of the inn that she likes to hide in


The unknown, mysteries, adventure.


Ochs chuckles. Suddenly the voice in your heads is gone.

For the first time since you’ve met him, Ochs speaks with his own voice. High pitched and nasal, it is almost the complete opposite of the imperious voice the wizard had been projecting.

“Thank you friends, no harm done. I simply read your thought. Next time we speak I will ask you to think of it again. This way I know none of you are a trickster goblin shapeshifter. Then noone needs to get vapourised.”

He collapses, sliding down into an old velvet chair.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?”