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Oh l forgot

Mini campaign, A cold shoulder

Combat 0xp
Exploration 100xp
Random Rp stuff 50xp

Total 150xp each


“and what would they OOOOOH!”

Hugo notices the massive skull.

“Oh, oh oh! Is it a giant? Amy, get me some wire, we need to get this thing hung!”

He pumps hands enthusiastically.

“I knew giving you that potion would pay off! What a wonderous find! The stuff of legend! Tell me, what deeds of valour have you accomplished?”


Arthur is excited that Hugo finally noticed. “Well its clearly its the skull of, a, um…” the halfling is at a bit of a loss. “Well, I do believe it was some sort of octopus type of creature. Although I didn’t think the things had skulls and bones and such. Thought they were mostly squishy bits.” He scratches his head. “It had tentacles certainly. Suppose it was the guardian of the temple. To be quite honest, we didn’t kill the beast ourselves. Didn’t kill much of anything really.” He trails of a bit but rushes to add, “But that’s not to say the day was without peril!” While supping near the fire, Arthur goes on in some detail about their adventures in the cave that day making sure to especially highlight the achievements of his fellow adventurers, the pride in his party is evident. As he ends the tale, “And once all the water washed all the muck away, Ezren here fished out all the treasures!”

The halfing makes a realization, “Oh!” He unstraps the blunt trident from Softfoot’s saddle. “I promised you this then.” He says presenting it to the inn keep. “Tell me, what developments did we miss while getting all soggy?”


Ezren nods and smiles slightly as Arthur mentions his name to Hugo. For the first time in a very long time, Ezren is proud that he has helped someone out, and has found a group who have a good regard for him.


Hugo sits. amazed.

“Here we worry about Mundane matters. We suddenly realise that this place we are building has no name, and that will not do. We were worried about a shapeshifter murdering us in our beds, but Ocks says he can fix that, no problem. The settlers are almost ready to settle, whatever that plan is.”

He plays idly with the Trident. “I will send word back East. Perhaps there is some priest who can come and rededicate the temple?”


“I think that would be a wise move indeed! Something dark has desecrated that cave most foul. Sad that we never learned what that source was.” Arthur laments.

Having dined and dried, the halfling seems eager to get to the wizard. “Right then, who is up to take a walk to the tower?”


Ssora naturally can barely remember what transpired earlier today, but Arthur’s description of her deeds sounds positive, so she’s happy. She vaguely remembers the water trap chamber being a lot more terrifying than he’s making it sound, but she’s just glad it’s in the past.
“Don’t think this specimen of a skull comes free, Hugo!” She says his name confidently because it was just spoken, “What do you give us in exchange for this toothy monster?”


Hugo smiles. “Well there are those healing potions I gave you as a down payment remember?”


“And we were lucky to have them!” Arthur proclaims. While he still has Hugo’s attention the halfing asks, “We may have one more request of a resourceful fellow such as yourself. I’m afraid Ezren and I may be in need of some antitoxin. That beasts in the water I told you about may have been poisonous. Do you have a reserve that you could procure?”


Hugo shakes his head. “Never thought there would be a need. A good nights rest and you’ll feel better.”

(Every day, you’ll make another check, as soon as you pass one, you’ll be cured.)


“Surely this magnificent monument to your inn is worth at least one more healing potion…”
d20: 15 +7 diplomacy


Hugo winks.

“Well, Ocks did leave 15 gold pieces behind the bar for you. As it’s you, I’ll pretend it was 50.”

Hugo passes over one more healing potion.


“Oh! My goblin ghoul grime! I had quite nearly forgotten about that. Well that paid well then didn’t it!” Arthur exclaims winking at Ssora.

“Should we go pay the Wizard a visit then?”


“Sure. To the wizard, I guess. I’d like to see what those goggles do.”


“Off we go!” Ezren says standing up.


On the way to Ochs: “I’d like to ask Ochs about that shapeshifter. I’m curious what the plan is.”


“Right then! Of we go.” Arthur hops off his seat and walks out the inn toward the Wizards’s Tower.


Popping into the wizards tower you notice Red asleep in a chair, and the sound of music playing. It is the sound of a woman with a deep voice singing a song very loudly, about something she seems very angry about, You do not immediately recognise the language, but it appears to be coming from a small metallic disk that is rotating very quickly at about head height. Ochs is nowhere to be seen.


Arthur heads to the chair and coughs loudly hoping to get his attention. He then nudges Ssora to take the lead in the discussions.


Ssora goes over to Red and shakes him a little.
“Hellooo, can we get some service, good sir?”