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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


“An Any-Tool you say?” Arthur says half distracted trying to fidget with unusual contraption. Growing slightly frustrated, he snaps back in to focus handing the device to Ssora. “Yes, yes, I agree Ssora seems to be most capable to handle this. I surely am not. I also think the lady is owed fifty of those gold pieces before we figure out how to distribute the remainder. Although I must say, I may have little use for any of the items, spare the coin.”

He looks at the skull, “Softfoot may be able to carry the skull, but perhaps its a task better suited to Hinn?”


Ssora’s eyes are practically sparkling at the interesting items pulled up. “The proverb holds true - mud may hide wonders. Any tool, you say? What an interesting find!” She takes the tool and flips it between several configurations - it appears to replace a lot of the gear she normally brings along! “I don’t mind considering this my share of the gold. I’m always more interested in neat objects than money. Someone with my talents can always get more.”
After a second she realises that her statement may sound perfidious, so she quickly changes the subject.
“Hinn won’t have any problem carrying that skull, I think. Hopefully the innkeeper will appreciate the trophy. Can someone hold it onto his back while I tie it down?”


“I’m happy to see you like the tool Ssora.” says Ezren notices the gleam in her eyes. “Yes, of course I can hold on to it until you secure it to Hinn. And what exactly are these talents you speak of?”


Ssora smiles sweetly “My Adventurer talents, of course! Shall we be off? I think we’ve had enough excitement for one day.”


“Yes, yes, of course those are your.only talents!” Ezren says sarcastically.

“If you so are, I am ready to go as well.”


Ssora’s face tightens a bit at Ezren’s sarcasm, but she just starts walking out of the cave and stands by the entrance, waiting for some fire.


“Right then! Let’s be off then!” Arthur nudges Softfoot out of the chamber and through the main chamber


Ezren picks up the skull and moves out of the chamber with the rest of the party.

(Is Taliesin still around??)


(It’s a long weekend @decitrig is probably out soaking up some rays. Real life > PBF :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


I’m still here! Sorry, just distracted by stuff. Not a long weekend in the States (at least not for me). I don’t think I have anything to add - if we’ve explored the whole thing, then we can totes head back.


Haha that’s all right then! :slight_smile:

Yes we can all head back to the inn then!


You can only imagine the view that the dock builders would have as you rise quietly from the depths, soaking wet, but with a huge trophy and sparkling treasure. Truly, you have the look of heroes about you…

Or you would, if the workers weren’t all focused on finishing the dock by sunset, One of them jumps up and down on the structure. “No, it’s definitely going to take a cow. We don’t need it to last long anyway…”

You squelch awkwardly south, sloshing into camp just as the sun sets. You don’t even mind about the rain.


On the way back Arthur shares the tale of Young Stanley and the Cursed Mask as told by William the Halfling Bard (as best he recollects). It is not always clear that any of his cohorts are listening, but he prattles on nonetheless, for he is in quiet the good mood, empty belly and wet feet notwithstanding.

As the group approaches the camp, Arthur says, “Right then, to the Wizard or to Hugo? I suggest Hugo. We can unload this skull, warm our feet, fill our bellies and share a tale or two.”


“Hugo first. Always Hugo first,” Taliesin says, “Never face a wizard with wet feet and an empty stomach.”


“That is a good saying. I will try to remember that.” Ssora says, neat things being slightly less attractive now that she’s even colder. "Fire and food sounds superb."
She actually tried to pay attention to some of Arthur’s story on the walk back, but she kept on losing focus and found it hard to follow.


“Very good!” Arthur does his best to assist Ssora in untying the skull from Hinn. He struggles to wrap his halfling arms around the thing as he carries into the inn dropping it on the map table. “Hugo, ale and food for my friends and I!” he exclaims.


Ezren follows the group into the inn and sits down on the nearest chair, trying to help Arthur right the skull on the table.


Hugo is found sitting at a small desk, writing a long list, and arguing with Riker.

“They said it was called the Anvil, but thats not a proper name. We need to have a name that sells the place!”

He drums his fingers irritably. “I need some time for this one.”

He stops, the sound of squelching boots a welcome distraction.

“Aha, adventurers! I see you washed off the blood before you returned this time. You are learning! Much more acceptable,”

He looks at the water dripping onto the floor.



The halfling is a little crestfallen, did Hugo not see the giant skull dropped in he middle of his inn?

He clears his throat a bit and juts both arms out, presenting the trophy in a more elaborate manner. He wiggle’s his fingers for good measure. A large smile is plastered on his face.


“Towels would be excellent, innkeeper, and something with some bite to warm our bones. We’ve come with some interesting finds from the wild!”