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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


(So now I need a swim check with 1d20 and relative modifier for swim?)


Do it!


(the modifier is strength unless it’s not :3c)


(I have a Skill which is Swim which has 1 rank, + 1 STR mod and + 0 MISC mod) :slight_smile:

Ezren jumps into the pool to retrieve the loot.

Swim check: d20: 9 + 2


It’s not a fumble, so that’s a pass… Wall of text incoming…


It takes over an hour to empty the pool of everything of interest.

The skull took the most shifting, and is actually made of some sort of cartilage, rather than bone or chitin. It doesn’t smell too badly of fish, at least to your very soggy nostrils.

Next come the coins, all flattened disks, 63 are gold, 150 are silver, all have the same tarnished quality. Their removal is what takes the most time.

After this there come several strange pieces. There is a dagger missing a handle, made of a strange bluish metal. It feels light in your hand, and even though it is impossible to grip in it’s current state, it’s edge is keen.

A lump of silvered metal, about the size of a housebrick is next to emerge, It has a single metal ring set in it’s top, and the word “Magus” engraved on it’s base.

Almost missed in the hunt is a 12inch bar covered in small plates and spikes.

The final item is the most intriguing. It looks like a stylised owl mask, but the eye holes are covered in smoked glass…


(How big is the skull?)


Yoga ball size.


(Are the coins current currency in the West Marches? Do they have monetary value as is?)


(If I remember correctly, they exchange evenly)


Arthur is so giddy he can barely contain it. His wet feet are the furthest thing from his mind.

“I wasn’t expecting all of this then!” He says looking over all the treasures. “I wonder how all of this got here. There is definitely more to this story. How so very exciting!”

He picks up the owl mask and considers it carefully. “When I was young there was a bard who used to travel through our village who told the story of a cursed masked. It would confer great power but would change the demeanor of those who would wear it. An honorable halfling with good intentions would become a dastardly villain, ruthless and cunning. Alternatively, the most dastardly devil would become a font of compassion and good will. A young halfling finds the masks but he is hunted down by an evil elf wizard. It was quite a good tale indeed.” He pauses a moment. “I say all this as a warning not to try these artifacts until we can discern them. If the are magical in some way.”

He turns to Ezren and Taliesin, “Do you have someway of determining the true nature of the items? Or shall we first bring them to wizard?”


Ezren allows himself sometime to dry before starting to wear his gear again. “I can check if there is any magic linked to the items, however I might not necessarily know what magic that is.” he replies looking over the loot.

Ezren casts detect magic on the loot.

“Now that is a very interesting story Arthur, and do you think that it is more of a legend than a fairytale?”


The metal block and the goggles are both magical! The dagger blade is not.


“Oh the tale is most certainly fantastical. Whole cloth I would imagine. I think the take away for young halflings is that not all magic is good magic. And to be cautious about things that are beyond your experiences.” He pauses and considers for a moment. “You’d be surprised by the number tales involving curious halflings who find themselves in trouble. I dare say it does little to dampen our curiousity! If anything these tales of adventure may only fuel it!”

He picks up the strange rod, “But enough of all that then, what do you suppose this is? A weapon of some sort?” He swings it about. “A key perhaps? It is curious indeed.”

As Ezren reveals the magical nature of the metal block and the goggle, he adds “I had hoped to journey straight to the Pond of Plenty but I believe it wise to return to the inn, unburden ourselves of this skull and appeal to the wizard to aid us in discerning the nature of these items.”


(Oh, the rod! It has the barest hint of magic about it, but barely a glimmer.)


“Agreed, we better show the magical items to Ochs, maybe he can tell us of their magical effects.”

(Can I do a knowledge history/arcana check to see if I know anything about the magical items?)


(You don’t have to ask. Just do things, and I’ll tell you if it’s relevant.)


(Ok then, thank you for the pointer! :smiley:)

Ezren Knowledge Arcana d20: 13 + 7
Ezren Knowledge History d20: 18 + 7


You recognise the pole as an Any-Tool!


The other items are a mystery, although, you feel you’ve heard the name carved on the metal block somewhere before…


“Do you think we can tie the skull to your companion instead of carrying it ourselves?” Ezren tells Arthur. “I think Ssora might find the Any-Tool useful as she seems to be good with her hands?”