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The West Marches - RPG that is always open to new players. Even if you want to play solo!


Arthur Reflex Save
d20: 18 +0


Ssora yeeps at the appearance of yet more water
d20: 18 +7


Ezren reflex save d20: 2 +0


(Sorry @HrafnkelRedBeard for my $*** rolls)


Taliesin reflex: d20: 20-1


The geyser of water knocks you all backwards and you find yourself flung across the pool, rolling and tumbling awkwardly, until you struggle out of the jets path.

Ezren is caught by a lump of the concrete like material and takes d6: 4 damage. The rest of you are shielded by the hapless Wizard and only recieve a light shower of stone shards. (Half the damage rolling up.)

The noise of the water is deafening, and it takes several minutes for the hidden reservoir to empty, but eventually it slows to a steady gurgle. Somewhere water is still slowly filling into the system.

One side effect of this torrent is that the pool is restored, the mud and decaying flesh of the Octopus is soon sluiced away. Only its mighty skull remains.

The base of the pond is swept clean and you all marvel at the fabulous mosaic revealed. It shows a man on a ship preying to a God holding a trident in one hand and holding back the storms and waves with the other.

The pond is not empty. Free of the mud a number of objects now glitter on the tiles, with the water now perhaps 6 foot deep it would be easy to retreive them.


Ezren has 3/7 hp remaining.


Arthur picks himself up off the floor. “Well, I suppose in a temple devoted to a god of the sea one would expect to get wet, but this is verging a bit on the ridiculous end of it all.”

Softfoot once again shakes the water of his fur, but the party is so wet at this point, no one notices the extra drops shaken from the large grey wolf. Arthur for his part does his best to dry off his hairy feet. I hate damned wet feet, my toes are even starting to wrinkle! he mutters to himself in halfling.

Once he has himself sorted, Arthur turns his attention to the pool. “Well, now isn’t that a grand sight! I dare say there are some bobbles down at the bottom, but they may be a bit out of my depth, but I would be curious to know what they are.”

He then turns his attention to the octopus skull. “Well then! If there was a trophy more deserving of Hugo, I don’t know what! Its practically begging to be hauled away! Mind you we didn’t kill the beast, but why should that matter? It is a good thing we brought those ropes!”

In his excitement, its takes the halfing a moment to notice Ezren. “You don’t look well my friend,” he reaches into his bag pulling out a small vial, “here, have this, it will do you right up!” Arthur shoves the vial into Ezren’s hand, not allowing him to refuse.


Ssora is wringing out her clothes in extreme displeasure, but she’s excited by the prospect of shiny things. Ssora, too, is too short to wade in (and hates swimming), and looks to the wizards.
“Does anyone have some sort of magical grabbing abilities? Or is anyone better at swimming than me? I sink like a stone in water.”


(Would drinking the vial get me back up to full hp?)




Ezren sits down taking a moment after being hit with the concrete slab. Luckily Arthur gives him the vial which he downs immediately, suddenly feeling imbued with reinvigorating energy.

“Actually I am quite the swimmer, m’lady” Ezren tells Ssora. "Should I dive down to retrieve the “loot”? "


Ssora smiles. “A musclebound halfling and a swimming wizard. These lands are full of wonder!”


Ezren starts removing his gear to try and make the descent easier, “Do you think we should play it safe and tie a rope to my midriff, just in case I have difficulty and need you guys to help me out? It would also give me direction just in case I am blinded again as happened in the previous room.”


Arthur blushed slightly and sits up a bit straighter in his saddle. He leans over to Ssora as an aside however, “Frankly, I prefer robust or stalwart. Musclebound seems so” he twiddles his little fingers, “boorish, but thank you.”


Arthur loosens his rope from his saddle and tosses one end to Ezren and wraps the other around the horn of his saddle. “Right then, let’s see this swimming!”


Ssora laughs playfully and pats Arthur on the shoulder. "I shall try to remember your preference, Sir Stalwart!"
She approaches Erzen with a helping hand. “Do you need any assistance being ensnared? I am decent with knots and ropes.”


Ezren finishes removing his gear and turns to Ssora, “Go ahead, I’d rather you do it right immediately, than make a mess of it myself.”


(Sleight of hand? What’s the rope tying skill? Ssora’s got crazy dex so I assume she’s good at it)


An automatic pass!