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The unofficial SUSD forum membership map!

As we are all fans of a physical medium that generally requires people to be close to each other to enjoy I thought it might be useful to have someway of seeing who lives where so I’ve set up a map thing for everyone to add to.

First, a few (hopefuly) obvious pointers:

  • You don't have to put a marker on if you don't want to for whatever reason.
  • This map thing is public to anyone with the link, just remember.
  • Don't make your marker accurate to where you live, your nearest town is fine.
  • When you place your marker, also make sure to label it with your forum/comment name so people can track you down. If that's what you want of course.
  • The only way I could easily do this is with an editable google map. This means you can change anyone else's stuff, please don't!
  • Also please just add a marker for you, don't draw like a butt or anything.

Alright with that stuff out of the way, here’s the link - https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zOAqxg3RhtsI.kcmowWNJNH6w

To add a marker under the search text box is a toolbar; click the button that looks like a pin/marker, it’s to the right of the hand. Now you can click anywhere on the map and it will drop a pin.

Edit: Thread name changed because the old one was a bit silly.

Edit v2: Map went a bit screwy, so on the 20th of January I reverted to my previous saved copy from the 16th of December. Any changes between those times have been lost.


Sounds fun. England’s going to be a big orange blob.

I’m happy with this. Everyone, please keep in mind the points Jake has made in the post - it’s public, so don’t be too precise and don’t mess with anyone else’s markers and we’ll all have a good time. No-one should feel pressured to add themselves to the map, certainly don’t worry about it if you don’t want to. To anyone arranging meetups, please do so in public places and so on and so forth.

You’re all lovely people, so I’m sure everything will be a-okay :slight_smile:

Sounds fun. England's going to be a big orange blob.
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Ooh, much like Christopher Columbus, I’m the first to put my pin in the Americas (even though plenty of people were here before me).

+1 for “near Cambridge”

All right so this idea seams to have some traction, however I am still worried about potential vandalism (as I said this is publicly editable) so does anyone know a more appropriate alternative?
In the meantime I’ll try and do regular backups of the data so we have something to revert to, if others could do the same in case I get slack or miss something that’d be great. All you have to do is click the folder icon on the menu thing next to the “Add Layer” button, then click the link for export to KML that’ll save the map to your computer so we can have a backup.

I think in order to have a map only editable by SUSD people we’d have to connect it to the site somehow, which is one hell of a feature request. Otherwise it’d have to be only edited by select people and new additions by request instead of directly, which sounds clunky. Probably this way is the best we’ll get for the moment, I’m afraid. I guess something simple people can add to but not edit is really what we want.

Yeah I get all that, I was thinking there might be something out there that only let people add content (so folks could still draw butts) but only the “map creator” could edit/delete other people’s stuff. Alas as far as I could find no such thing exists (though I’m sure it must somewhere) and the default Google thing only has two options of view or edit.
Perhaps we could eventually if vandalism becomes a problem have a select number of people with edit privileges and people message their locations to be added to the map? (But that sounds fiddly and yick)
There is no ideal solution, but I thought it might be good to get other, smarter minds on the problem.

Scotland, Renfrewshire: is as specific as I’m going to get :stuck_out_tongue:

And done. Woo!

have a select number of people with edit privileges and people message their locations to be added to the map

I think without it being a bespoke feature that’s how most forums do it, right? You have a map-mod or two and then people message them with coordinates or whatever for where they want their pin to go.

Ah, the American West… First one in Idaho. So alone :frowning:


Brilliant…I love it. Thanks so much Jake.

i am not super-psyched about the name, but i like people to know where I am. OR AM I?!

Pin placed in Waitrose, so any would-be stalkers can get decent sammiches.

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Nice idea. I am kind of surprised that we are so far only three non native English speaking people. Two Swedes and one German. The rest are all Brits, Americans and Aussies.

Though of note we’re in the subset of people represented by Forum Early Adopters who have contributed to the user map.

The rest are all Brits, Americans and Aussies.
Hey, don't forget us Canadians!

(It’s okay, we’re used to it.)

The rest are all Brits, Americans and Aussies.
Hey, don't forget us Canadians!

(It’s okay, we’re used to it.)

I’m still convinced that we managed to gain our independence only because the UK sort of just forgot about us.