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The Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time

Hi there guys, long time watcher of SUSD, first time poster.

I meant to post here before but for whatever reason I never got around to it. Im sure like myself many of you has a love for games that extends beyond just board games and into the world of gameshows. Inspired by SUSD and Tom Vasel and realising that no Top 100 list existed for UK gameshows on the internet, I sought to make my own series of 10 videos covering the best of the best in conjunction with Bothers Bar, the UK Gameshow fansite. I am a gameshow designer by trade so I hope some of you may find this deep look video series an interesting watch, as I go into mechanucally what I think makes gameshows and by definition gameshows great.

I dont have reference pears, but I do have a growing collection of gameshow props and a stripey furry partner in crime. I hope you enjoy. If you do, please leave comment, it was a joy to work on.

You can find the first video below. The rest are on the Top 100 UK Gameshows Channel. Maybe something to fill in the void between SUSD vids.

https://youtu.be/8dnQBH7PijE - 91 - 100


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I believe we can allow you one pear (but no more!)

Actually, if you go to the grocer’s you can get all the pears they have.

Or candy, while teasing small children.
(HA HA! I’m an adult! I can totally buy this whole candy isle with a fraction what I should be paying for my rent!)

Well done, put it here and here and it will be better promoted by the community.

Those threads have more attention than a random video inserted as a new post.