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The Tiniest of Games! (Microgames and Nanogames)

Just today, SU&SD uploaded a review of 10 games by the Japanese company Oink Games.

It got me thinking about other games like these, with minimal components that can frequently fit in a purse or pocket. These are frequently called “microgames”, and sometimes I’ve even things be referred to as “nano-games”.

What are your favorite games like this? And if you have a soft spot for games like this (as I do!), what do you think makes them so appealing?


Sprawlopolis. I used to play this during or instead of lunchbreak. Just looking at this picture makes me want to go play…


The Pack O’ Games from Perplext are a decidedly mixed bag imo, but they’re certainly an interesting design experiment in terms of microgames. (HUE is probably my favourite, or possibly Nut - one of those two)

These are amazing (for their size).