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The SU&SD Fan Transcript Project


(Also known as Shut Up & Write Down.)

Hello everyone! At PAX Unplugged I got an opportunity to ask Matt and Quinns whether they would consider having transcripts created for their podcasts for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it would be feasible for them, which means we as fans will have to take it into our own hands. Now, I am only one guy with a full-time job, so while I would love to become the official SU&SD Podcast Transcriptionist, that’s not really feasible for me either. Which is why I’m crowdsourcing!

The official Google Drive folder (which currently holds just the two transcripts I managed) is here, and can be read by anyone with the link.


However, I’d love to get this folder pumped chock full of transcripts! That’s why I’m asking for volunteers. This doesn’t come with any obligations; there will be no deadlines to meet. Any amount of time you can contribute is appreciated. When a new episode goes up, someone can make a new document in the folder, with the contents of the episode and the timestamps of where each segment starts (split up into Intro, each board game, mailbag questions, etc.)

I don’t think we need an official style guide or anything, but there are a couple of guidelines that would make the transcripts easier to read. One is, try to eliminate um’s and ah’s and false starts and those kinds of things (use your judgment for whether it’s worthwhile content). Another: Please bold the speaker.

The latest episode (#89, live from PAX Unplugged) has a lot of small bits at the end during the Q&A segment, so if you want to just contribute a small part, now’s definitely your chance!

@tapgiles I know is interested, is experienced transcribing on other podcasts, and gave some good tips on adding in links to the games they’re talking about, and using the freeware Express Scribe (thanks @tapgiles!)

If you’re interested, please message me and I can get you set up with edit permissions to the folder.


Awesome! I’m in!

I was thinking it would be good, when a new podcast comes out, for someone to make a new doc and add timestamps for “sections” (probably just talking about different games or whatever). That way, someone could start transcribing one section, and anyone else wanting to help wouldn’t end up transcribing the same thing.

If you let me in, I could make a doc for the live episode, and people can start working on it as and when?


That’s a really good idea! I can definitely do that for new episodes.


LOVE the idea, and I hope to benefit from everyone else’s hard work at some point down the line =P


I have an interest in helping in the future. Currently work is too hectic for me to even think about being remotely helpful in any meaningful way.

Perhaps when things calm down I will give you a shout.


I’ve created the doc for #89, with some simple instructions at the top. Basically just explaining how the sections work again to remind people. And to not worry about formatting anything beyond italics; I’ll take care of everything beyond that. (I think having an “owner” for each episode that’s in charge of just finishing it off, monitoring progress, etc. would be good.)

Just so people know (and @UllinBethalto, just in case)… there are plenty of smaller sections in the Q&A for that episode. Those sections may disappear in the final document, but I thought it would be nice to let people that are less typing-inclined or with less time to spare to still contribute.

(@InkyBloc, maybe you could add that last part and a link to the main post, to tempt more people into spending a few minutes adding to the doc?)


I just finished off something to help people in their transcription efforts. I mainly work on my Chromebook, which is pretty much just a browser. So I coded up a little “transcription helper” that can play audio, slow it down, rewind it, and all the usual features–and got it working in Google Docs, too! In fact, I just used it to transcribe the first section of Podcast #89. It is a tad fiddly to get set up, but if all you have is a browser, or you’re unable to install a program to do it, or just plain rather not… Then feel free to try out this solution. (Maybe this make it easier to get involved?)

The full instructions and the code itself can be found here: Transcript Helper. It should just work; the code isn’t doing anything too fancy. But if anyone needs help with it, just send me a message on the forum and I’ll get back to you forthwith! :grin:


Updated the post with a bit. I had some time to do some transcription while waiting for the call; I think I’ll have a lot of free time on Friday to complete whatever’s left on this episode by then!


Just a few short sections to go before I’ll edit and format the document. There are some 1 minute long parts, if you fancy jumping in at the end and helping us get to the finish line!


The initial text-em-up is now complete! Now off to edit and format and generally pretty the whole thing up ready for human consumption! :+1:


Okay, so I’ve edited it all, formatted it all, did some layout stuff… How’s it look?


He, I do text mining for work so once there are a few more transcripts in the folder I can try to analyze them and see what comes out of that!


This is so great!
Unfortunately I won’t have time to help for the foreseeable future, but am very grateful to @InkyBloc and yourself for doing it.


Looks great! A very good template for future transcriptions to follow.


Awesome! Thanks, guys. And thanks to @InkyBloc for helping with the transcription also. :blush:


A new episode is out which means a new transcript file has been created in the folder! No actual transcription has been done on it but it does have the timestamps and sections for anyone who wants to start it off.