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The SU&SD Board Game


With how in depth SU&SD goes into reviewing so many board games and really analyzing what makes a good game good and bad game… not so good, do you guys ever consider creating your own game(s)?


I think the SU&SD Boardgame would probably be too abstract and flip itself around halfway through


Are you directing that to Quinns et al. or forum users? Quinns has said several times that he has no interest in designing board games because of how hard it is, and the others probably feel the same way.


In my experience designing a boardgame is easy, the years of playtesting and refining is hard.

To put it another way, I made a much better playtester and ideas-comer-up-with-to-help-fix-game guy than a designer :slight_smile:


Haha, yeah a mid-board game turnaround. One second you think you’re playing towards a clear objective and suddenly,BAM! Clandestine mid-game turn around. Everything changes and your whole world is turned upside down. Sounds great. Can’t wait for Quinn’s and the crew to make it.


Yeah, this was my first post on SU&SD. Maybe a bit naive to think Quinns and the crew would weigh in on their thoughts but hopeful. Maaan I feel like they could create such an epic game between them. They know what works and doesn’t work. And they have giant following to help them play test. But Quinns seems pretty focused on what he wants and doesn’t from his videos so if he’s already commented on this, I guess there’s no hope… all is lost.


I’m trying to design a game and having trouble trying to nail down all the infinite variables of what might be cool to add and not add. But even more so, the creating a well balanced game economy is becoming a large hurdle; i.e.:

  • how much everything costs
  • what denonminations of currency to use
  • the stat minimums and maximums of the players vs the stats of the villains and keeping those numbers balanced but also challenging
  • the scoring system

Everything effects everything. It’s rough. Wish I could find a guide that someone has already created to help format and streamline game mechanics.


In terms of guides/resources cardboardedison.com gives you a great “best of” list of resources out there for the budding game designer - might be a good place to start.

There are also a couple of rather good design forums I’ve seen:



Both cavernous wells of knowledge if you have the chance to sift through it all.

Also probably the best podcast on game design is Ludology, where they go into all sorts of topics on game design and have guest designer interviews.


In terms of the specifics, my advice would be to not worry overly about “balance” until the very last step. It’s much more important to find the central core of what makes your game fun and interesting. Try adding something you might think is cool with numbers plucked out of the air. Test it and just try the bit you’ve added to see if it’s as fun as you hoped. Once you’re ready to go to a publisher/kickstarter you should think about balance, and by then you should have played the game so many times it comes naturally to you.


Quinns has been pretty vocal about not wanting to design a game from the ground up…

However, he was involved in adding design elements to Mechs Vs. Minions, so he’s at least tried his hand at development.

And, Paul was a co-writer for the Paranoia RPG reboot, and at least described himself as a designer once . And, write a short series on RPG design on this very site way back when.

And and, Matt was working on his own video game in a video series not long ago.

And and and, let’s not forget about SUSD originals Lair of the Bee Lord RPG and the Emu War mini wargame that went out to Gold Club backers, back in the day…

So yeah. I think all of us players have tinkered around with house rules and ideas for mods or expansions at some point, and the SUSD crew is likely not an exception.


And there’s also these:


He gave his feedback to the game, making him a paid, perhaps especially insightful playtester. This would be a pretty broad definition of development.

Doing minor development and coming up with cards for games (while hard and time-consuming) is not the kind of design the OP seems to be talking about.

I didn’t consider Paranoia as that is an RPG rather than a board game, but Paul is probably the most likely of the group to design a board game.


As far as I remember, Paul has spent a lot of time designing Heroquest campaigns. The game Earth Reborn is an incredible game experience, and loads of people love it (including me). There used to be a quite sophisticated scenario designer online, which could in theory be used to make new scenarios that could be shared with the game community. I thought this was a brilliant idea, but the reality was that nobody published their amazing community scenarios. Because even scenario design for an existing game, with good tools to help you, is basically too much for most of us.


If I was going to design SU&SD the board game I would have the players play reviewers who have to gather games, build relationships with publishers, and write, produce and publish reviews in order to gain popularity. In the beginning they would need a “side job” to fund themselves to feed their people, with the eventual winner being the first reviewer to go full time.

For example, If you do a good review of “Point Salad (2015)” you gain more Euro viewers, and your relationship with “Had Plait Games” increases. Unfortunately you’re exhausted from video editing all night and you lose an action next round. Something like that.


@alexcannon thanks so much for the info! I’m definitely going to look into all of it. Plus your general tips on balance make a lot of sense. :+1:t3::grin:


A su&sd game can only be one thing: a roll and write with Tetris mechanics! :grimacing:

Could work actually. Have a theme where you review things based on your dice rolls, and then try and fit the result in your collection :thinking:


Well, I"d pay for it based on the name alone.
But seriously, what was it and can I get a copy?


Well, somewhat disappointingly, that exact quote is at least partially a typo–I had intended to type “wargame” instead of “eargame”, so sadly, no emu ears will be duking it out on any cardboard battlegrounds.

However, the SUSD Emu War wargame was all too real, and distributed in the now-defunct SUSD Gold Club member’s rewards.

I wonder if these things ever might be made available digitally?


Wargame or eargame, I’ll play either.
Maybe there’s someone on the site to still has a copy and is willing to pass it around.



…hmm. Well, I’ll ask around…