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The SHUX 2018 “Who was I” thread!


Hey all!

Lots of cons I go to have “who are you threads” for those people you met, didn’t take contact info, forgot names, and just want to catch up with a bit later. So I thought I’d get one started!

I’m Aurora. On Friday I was wearing the loud, mostly blue, Doctor Who dress.

I spent most of my con approaching random groups of amazing people and having great times with them. Special shout-outs to the groups I shared Welcome To, Secrets, and PitchCar (oh god PitchCar!!) with.

Extra special Thank You to the brave, brave, brave soul who joined Ugg-Tect for a game and let me bop them repeatedly on the head.

This con was so amazingly positive, fun, and friendly and I hope we get to do this all again next year.


I was the short guy with the beard and the English cap. That probably doesn’t narrow it down much, y’all probably could have collected a whole set of us and scored some killer points. I also had an omnipresent grey tote bag and was playing Sol: Last Days of a Star a lot.


I was Adrian, the large guy with grey hair on the sides and brown on top, and the ever-present water bottle in a red sleeve. Nondescript clothes (jeans and a branded hoodie), so it’s probably better if I just upload a photo. (I hate to crop everyone else out, but while I had permission for the group shot, I would still feel weird posting it on an open forum.)

I had a great time playing with many different people, but I’ll give special thanks to …

  • My fellow “Sagrada” players for helping me break the ice and start playing games with random strangers — I’m normally kinda shy, so I had to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit.
  • My fellow “Dead of Winter: The Long Night” players for sticking it out for that marathon game that went past midnight on the second day, and ultimately ended with fratricide and a coin toss.
  • My partner-in-crime for “Neon Black” (who also happened to end up in my “Two Rooms and a Boom” game). We made it! Barely! With multiple wounds and a lot of people pissed off at us!

Other games included “Century: Eastern Wonders”, “Gizmo”, “Kill Doctor Lucky”, “The Thing”, and “Space Base”; the vendor demos of “Illimat”, “Scrapture”, and “AEGIS”; and the group sessions of “Two Rooms and a Boom” and “Blood on the Clocktower”. Plus probably some others I’ve forgotten.

I’ll definitely be coming back next year — and I may also plan a bit of extra vacation and sightseeing around it. (It’s tough having to choose between a mad rush to catch a flight on the last day, or an extra half-day of aimless wandering afterwards.)


I was the guy building up the Best Deck of Arboretum Ever by getting the folks I played to sign it. Also wildly excited to play 4-ish hours of 2 Rooms and a Boom with very committed people.


I was a tall guy in jean jacket, glasses, beard (definitely a distinguishing feature), possibly a grey toque and rocking a bad ass pair of Galactic Scoundrel Adidas. Also the jacket had Protomen patch and one day was even paired with a Protomen shirt which may or may not mean anything to people.

Highlight of the weekend is a tie between the Arkham Horror demo and the LoL campaign with a close second being able to play Illimat with the creators and help teach (which blows my mind Azul to some people.


Aw dang how did I miss that much 2 Rooms??!!


I was the girl in the Pikachu dress, and spent most of my weekend playing Twilight Imperium.


Is tempting to say “by having other fun elsewhere”, but I think more useful to say there was another game Saturday night added by popular demand for the non-Vanilla roles. Tuesday night were willing to just go and go. Ro-sham-boom (sp?) is a head scratcher.

Thanks Tuesday Night Games.


I can only assume you were also running “Crazy Ben’s Crazy Energy and Sundiver Emporium” in the second game of Sol? That Arboretum deck is going to be quite the artifact…very cool idea.


So, I was the guy most likely recognizeable by stupidly lugging around a giant BoardGameTables.com game bag all weekend, full of some 60 pounds of games I dragged with me from Cleveland that I knew weren’t in the library (and I hauled these things all the way from Cleveland, so I damn well wasn’t gonna let them sit in my hotel room, no matter how heavy they were)!

I figure, if nothing else, it was a good substitute for going to the gym.

For the curious,the games I was sherpaing around included: WizWar, Cosmic Encounter (with expansions), RuneBound, Merchants & Marauders (with expansion), Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, Blitz Bowl, Tash Kalar (with expansions), and a few other small fillers. The bag performed well, if anyone is in the market.

Otherwise–I was the pretty standard-looking goateed glasses-wearing ponytailed dude. I had intended to make a t-shirt with my goofy forum avatar on it, so I might be a little more recognizable–but best laid plans, etc. Maybe next year.

My schedule ended up being pretty hectic, so I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to play more with some folks I met from here–but I did meet a new set of people, which were all great! You may remember me from:

  • Eric Zimmerman’s BattleBattle class
  • Quantum (with Roger and Kevin!)
  • Captain Sonar (with a large crew!)
  • Cosmic Encounter (5 folks)
  • Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space (Roger, Dave, Stew, and Joel)
  • WizWar (Aaron and Ryan, I think?)
  • Keyforge (a couple folks)
  • Heroes of Terrinoth (another couple, taught by Kris)
  • Kemet (sadly cut short)
  • Sol: Last Days of a Star, with the aforementioned Ben and Zelbinian
  • and last but not least, the D&D crew: Adrian, John, and Anna–my crowning SHUX moment!

An excellent time all around–the only problem was that it had to end! Hopefully, there’ll be a next year…


Hey Aurora!

Diego here, I was the one that had the Spyfall game you joined early Friday and was part of that Secrets game with you. So much fun!

Though I have to admit my favorite part of the weekend was actually being part of the live Podcast, sorry to disappoint. :wink:


I was half of the couple that brought the 3 month old baby. We went to SHUX 17 and knew we had to come back even with the added complication of bringing him across from Calgary. He was really good over the weekend, and if you heard him crying it was because we were doing something mean like trying to get him to eat or nap. Babies are weird. It was definitely worth coming though, we still had a great time!


Babies ARE weird. Fortunately by age 3.5 you can just dump them with grandparents for a weekend at a time to go be nerds in Canada. Bonus, we came back and he was magically potty trained.



The system works!! :slight_smile:


I was the guy who had stickers of my face, that some people ended up wearing. I wandered about chatting a lot and very occasionally appeared on stage.


Hey all! I figured this was a good chance to stop lurking and say hello. Hello! I’m Michael!

I was the white dude with glasses. That’s … very unhelpful! It might be easier to mention that I was the one idiot in all of Vancouver in shorts and a t-shirt.I also wore a Branson Reese Wario/Waluigi shirt, as well as a heavy metal Pyre shirt, and I believe a Yakuza shirt?

I wanna thank everyone I played with for being lovely company, as well as the SUSD crew for being absolutely delightful. I’m positively dreadful at remembering names, so instead I’ll call out some of my favorite game moments and apologize profusely for not remembering names, including:

  • An absolutely lovely set of games with Craig on Friday, including our absolutely terrible Fog of Love relationship (love will live again next time I’m in Vancouver!), a terrifically tense best-of-three in Hanamikoji, and a delightful game of Lanterns to round out the night. Shout outs to the rest of the crew in that game of Lanterns too, that was a nice end-cap to the night.
  • The wonderful Friday crew of Californians I played Pantone and NMBR 9 with. Those zeros were garbage and I hate them.
  • The fantastic game of Great Western Trail I played Saturday afternoon, with a special shout-out to the Pearagon who came in clutch by actually knowing the rules to the game.
  • The great late-night game of Cockroach Poker Deluxe with Eric, Dean, and Lou, which was followed by an impromptu playtest and a fantastic conversation about academia, game design, and music.
  • Our monumental game of Imperial 2030 on Sunday, in which we basically ruined China, and I got caught in a bidding war for Europe before driving America into the ground right as it was bought out from under me. For what looks outwardly to be such a beige game, it was so much fun.

Also, hey @Wisq! I was the American with the profoundly bad dice rolls from Storm Crow and Vij’s Rangoli! Those tequila shots did not feel good on my flight the next morning, but I had an absolute blast that night! Hope you got home safe that night! Next time I’m up north we’ll have to meet up again!


Hey everyone!

This was my first con, and I really didn’t know what to expect.

I’m Chris, and I ended up teaching Sidereal Confluence a lot over the weekend. It was so much fun to get to play boardgames, and it didn’t feel as intimidating as I thought it would have.

I only got to meet a handful of you all, but I hope to meet more of you next year!


is this the Diego who won Bras Birmingham playing with Chuck, Jenn, and Brad/Darren? If yes, HELLO, had a great time, was great meeting you. Bit sad i didn’t do so great in Brass, but i was tired (soooo tired) and Brother Brad luckily was there to pilot through Brass.

Hope to see you next year! (or if you are a different Diego, hope to meet you next year.)



Yes, same Diego :smiley:

We’ll see about next year, but say hi to the others for me!