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The Quiet Year, Discussion Thread

I, for one, will miss Tomas. He was a bulwark in the community, and I am saddened.
Even though no one here has never met him in person before today.

Oh he’s not dead! The treatment was a success!

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Dammit @RossM, always messing up my head-cannon.

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What I love, is that it is not clear how long it has been since we settled. It feels like it could be 70 to 10 000 since we arrived on Europa. I like if we let it this way, because we at least know that one generation of habitant is starting to pass away (even if Tomas has some time left in him), and it means memory can get distorted.


I crappily tried to move the algae covered base closer to the rift. This is really hard to do with a right-handed mouse when you’re left handed.

(Actually, I’m ambisinistrous. Unlike ambidextrous, which means “two right hands,” I’m just as terrible with my right as I am with my left).

@Cokho Did you just stage a Silent Coup?!?! Hahahahaha! Awesome!

Also, what was your card so I can cross it off/remove it from my deck? The 8? (I have been a little lax in keeping track of this sometimes, because I trust Cokho as the facilitator. Seriously, Cokho’s nailing it).


Whoops! Thought I said it! Yes, it was the 8! The option of having a coup was to good not to take, and fit right in there with the story we’re telling!


I know its been said again, but can I say…again… how good this game is.


If this was a live game, I should take Contempt for skipping my turn in the Discussion, but it’s been 3 days, I’ve been dealing with end-of-school stuff with my kid, and you know PBF stuff is different etc. so I’ll just give my reaction.

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End of school stuff? Already?

Yeah, last day of school was Friday for my grade-school kid (at least, for where I live). It’s now Summer Vacation, a whole new can of worms to juggle with several disparate and mercurial adult working schedules.

As a teacher with 7 weeks left I’m claiming a real life contempt token. :grinning:



My bad for skipping your turn ! I just messes up my order :sweat_smile: ! So it would be @lovvbar’s turn to close his turn right ?

@lovvbar did not open the discussion with a question, it was opened with a statement, so that’s it, I think.

I believe it’s now @RossM’s turn for a card.

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Yeah i didn’t really have more to add to the discussion anyways -
I’m all for the next card being drawn :slight_smile:


Are we going to make the rift pay for the wall?


I am not saying I wasn’t being a little satirical with my Action, but I’m also not saying I am. (Untangle that sentence, I dare you.)

In all practicality, though, those tendrils just swallowed a whole fu##ing base into the Rift!! Holy crap, what the even f***?!?!? Jezzy Crezzy man!

I think that, in this case, a wall is more of a practical issue, so all of our colonists won’t die, as opposed to a political “talking-point.” There is no discussion of immigration/integration with the red algae tendrils (yet).


I’m sure some of the red algae are good …algaes…?


(Yes, I don’t know how to pluralize that either.)