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The Quiet Year, Discussion Thread


That seems fair to me! It means every player has read what had to be read in a sense.
I usuallty send the DM as soon as I see the action "resolved’ (so last word on a conversation, or map uploaded). But what I like with your idea is it let people be sure they can take their turn without someone missing the opportunity to take a token (which would be the only reason why you would speak out of turn, rule speaking, I think).


Sorry everyone, I’ve been quite ill for the last few days. I’ve been mostly spending time in bed watching Netflix with a bucket next to me, or on the potty. I wouldn’t risk typing, or even thinking (still put in a few hours working at my online job, which requires little of either). I’m feeling a bit better now, I will try to soldier on.

Also, I asked that my Contempt be moved back on my last turn, so I’m doing it now.

This sucks, I don’t normally get sick this often, but between my injury at the lake and what was possibly food poisoning, I’ve had bad luck this last couple of weeks.

[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea

No need to apologize! Everyone is on the same page, we play when we can! Do not worry about it.

Regarding your card, what would you think of naming either one of the vocal leader of what appears to be a beginning of an opposition or maybe one of the young people influenced? At the same time I love having names, I think it gives lives to the community, but I also love that it is unnamed because it helps the feeling of an ambient disagreement. Something to think about when it circles back to your turn!


I like the vagary of “a contingent,” as the card says. It leaves it open for a card that specifies a single (existing or new) character, to ally or disavow from.

If it’s about a group, I think it should be about a group, and if it’s about an individual, it should be about an individual. The card said nothing about both, but I think there are a bunch of crossover opportunities in a lot of these.

I also didn’t want to name “the contingent,” as I think it messes up the “biophysicist, engineer, etc.,” an established hierarchy narrative, and if I had named it it would sound like a political party for a population of 60-80 people, I like ambient disagreement for this card.

Anyway: From a practical, geometrical, game-field standpoint, should we stretch the lower boundaries (where the names and stuff are) below the map, to make more white space for characters and (god forbid) new Scarcity or Abundance? We’re not limited to A4 or 8x11 paper on the internet! :smiley: We’re starting to run out of room for new names plus Contempt tokens, and there will be new names coming up, I’m sure.


The airlock thing? I think it’s because I’m getting excited by the Den Of Wolves megagame.


:rofl: that’s awesome!


@Cokho I believe the the card says start a project in bold text, which is required. I see you have a countdown there, but you put Discover something new. I’m confused, please help me!

I don’t know if bold test is in addition to one’s action, or if that’s the action you are forced to take at the end of your turn? I would think the latter, but the rules don’t clarify.


Oooh, yes, I see the confusion ! I did start a project, which is making an armed force, then discovered something new as my action. I thought the rules were that you have to follow bold text, and then make an action. But you’re right that it is not clear in the rules. The only thing I found is this sentence on the description of a turn, in working on a project

If your card’s bold text had you place a project die on
the map just a moment ago, that die doesn’t reduce during this week. It’s just now getting under way.

And then comes the part on making an action.
What would you guys think ?


I’m good with this interpretation if everyone else is. (EDIT: I’d defer to @Cokho as the facilitator anyway, but that makes the most sense to me as well.)

On a side note, my physical copy didn’t arrive, it was well over 10 days late. I emailed Avery, and she sent me another one. A couple of days ago, my replacement came ON THE SAME DAY as my original order. It’s like the replacement had somehow dislodged the original from whatever dark nook the Post Office had gotten it stuck in.

I had told her previously that if, somehow, the original order arrived, I’d pay for another PDF and up my payment to match the physical price, and give the spare to a deserving gamer in need of an RPG that doesn’t use roll-20 type mechanics. So I “bought” another PDF for $30 (yeah, I kind of overdid it, it costs less than $30, I didn’t want to do the math for shipping).

I’m gonna give it to one my local peeps if I can find someone who will for-sure play it, but in case I can’t, if any of you know someone who has been pining for something like this, mail me some stamps or something and I’ll send my spare copy to them.


@MinuteWalt If you can’t find anyone who wants the physical copy I would love it :wink: I’ll certainly pay for shipping. I have the PDF but I love those cardddds.

I wanted to take a second to apologize for my late turn, it’s been a pretty insane month and I’m finally getting caught up. Going to make my turn today. Thanks for your patience.


Please, no need to apologize! I hope your future month is a bit less insane! This needs to be a fun activity, not an obligation! I do not think any of us four will get mad if we have to wait for a bit, or even more than that!


June is definitely looking like a quiet one for me which is nice :slight_smile:
I’ve been traveling for work this month and also trying to move house. One more 10 day work trip (ugh) and then I’m looking at a month of just being in my office. haha


If I can’t convince my local friend(s) that they need it (it may take some time, game group drama is happening. Plus I have my copies, anyway, and when you know someone who has a game already, it makes people lazy to acquire their own copy, which totally makes sense. None of us has a warehouse for our collective game collections, no matter how small).

BTW, the cards are great, industry standard plastic coated. No real notable graphics, but the color is rich, everything looks good and super-professional, and you could also play poker or blackjack or solitaire or something with them. The card box is a bit loosey-goosey and flimsy, to be honest. The manual is a tight little 2 staple package, slightly bigger than the card box, with heavy paper and a nice earthy coverstock cover, quarter round corner cut (oh crap, I’m getting into stationary and copy-center mode, let me settle down…)


I’d be glad to mail it off to you if I can’t find a local nerd.


(@lovvbar New week, 3 should be 2 for the little guy shooting the gun. That being said, this really is more challenging as a PBF than just having dice, cards, pencils, and a piece of paper)


Yeah, it does feel less intuitive in this format. But it adds a clumsiness that feels intended in the rulebook but hard to feel in real life, if that makes sense !


Yes! I think this works as a PBF for many of the reasons why it works as a tabletop. It helps us explore things like difficulties of communication, social systems, the limited things you can accomplish even in times of relative peace…good lord this is my dissertation, should I ever go back to college to seal off my 9 years.

(I already went off about this in other threads, Codenames has at least one small text-wall about games as catharsis to help us understand real life, by giving a structure to, and thereby simplifying something, that has little structure outside of physical law. Sure, there are imposed human civil laws, but those aren’t much different than game-rules. Even Flamme Rouge helps us come to terms with the infinite weirdness that is real life).

The awkward way that we handle this will affect the result, but there is no “win condition.” There is just an “end condition.”


(god that rift is creeping me out with the red algae)


(I know right ! And it’s getting closer ? Weird…)


… you’re probably not going to like my turn then…


Oh, f-u Ross! :rofl: