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The Quiet Year, Discussion Thread

The future is today.
Joking aside, I hope it was not to painful for you; and that it helps you!


I’ve been laid up for a long time, it wasn’t that major a surgery but it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through - the recovery just seemed endless!

Now though, I’m out of my wheelchair to get around the house, I’m losing weight like you wouldn’t believe from the exercise and I’ve just ordered a bike… an e bike admittedly, but that’s huge for me and my independence and my long abandoned hobby of mountain biking, even if I only get out on it once or twice a year on children’s trails!


@SleepyWill I’ll change it back to Commander of the Brittas Empire if you like, but I’m a DM at heart, and when I’m given any type of leeway and players say things, WHAM! Your Title has changed.

That’s how I invented a spider-rat swarm for my players at home (one player mentioned they didn’t like rats, another, spiders. They’re actually adorable, if you think a rodent with 8 legs and pedipalps and have spinnerets for web production “cute”. Don’t get me started on “Archer Bees” or “Chumba Wumbas”.)

Joking aside, I’m happy for you and your mobility, man. I’d say more, but it’d be more appropriate for a PM or off-topic, and I don’t want to derail this discussion any more. You’re always welcome to the party as a spectator and commentator, you monster!

(EDIT: PS: I’m also sure as a player if this goes another round)


I have my card from @Cokho (it suuucks), just waiting for @RossM to map.

(EDIT: Take your time, Ross, I was dealt a right bastard of a card.)


I’m at a megagame tonight so will be tomorrow


Take your time, man. It’s summer vacation.
Plus, I really don’t want to act on the card I drew, anyway! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m dragging this out for as long as possible!

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My card was King of Autumn, and it sucks:

A natural disaster strikes the area, chose one!

  1. Get everyone to safety! Remove an Abundance and a project fails.

  2. Protect supplies and work at any cost. Several people die.

This was a bear, this was bad. I went with #2. Our population keeps getting reduced.

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I have to say, I love this little guy @Cokho.

Yeah, he creeps me the hell out and may doom us all. But I also want to catch him in a jar with holes poked in the lid.

All credit to @RossM ; I just copy pasted it from next to the base :smile:

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Whoops! I meant to say @RossM :grin:

You were the last person to post a map, my “@” got confused (also it was 5am here, not quite thinking straight).

Doesn’t change the fact that this thing is slightly terrifying and somewhat adorable.


Hello fine folks - I just wanted to let you all know. I’m going to be traveling for 10 days or so and will be pretty busy (getting married next weekend :slight_smile: ) - so my responses may not be as prompt as I would like them to be, but please know that I definitely WILL be participating when i can, so don’t give up on me :slight_smile:


Happy marriageathon!



JK, we love you :heart: and are glad you’re going to have fun.

Congratulations! I think I already knew you were getting married from somewhere else on the forums (hell if I can remember where), but I don’t think I got to tell you at the time that I’m happy for you.

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Thanks so much you guys. I really appreciate it. I thought I’d share our rings with you guys because I think they’re pretty cool

Like I said, I’ll do my best to be involved as quickly as I can, and I hope the scenario I’ve put us in for my last turn is appropriately unnerving :slight_smile:


Those rings are amazing ! I’m sure your wedding will be an amazing day, even if the last week is always a bit stress full (at least it was for us !)!


Woah, those are gorgeous. Holy cow.

I think you could post that in the intro or the sefie thread and it would go over like gangbusters, technically off-topic, but everyone would love to see this if you’re cool with it.

OK, wont say anything else about it except for this one word:

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Haha I will do that :slight_smile:


Well I definitely thought you’d carry on without me at least a little you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways. Things are going well over here. Almost headed back . Ready to have a vacation from my vacation and whatever people say



Yes, I’ve been bad and haven’t done my turn yet. :sweat_smile:


Congrats! And it is a lovely picture!

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