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The Quiet Year, Discussion Thread


Hello everyone,

I usually play RPG with friends & family, but everyone (and mostly me!) has been quite busy. But I am beginning to have a bit of an itch to play again.
I have never played online before, and I don’t think I would have considered it if this community wasn’t so welcoming. I am most of the time the DM in games I play, but I absolutly do not want to be one in this case, mostly because (and you may have guessed it from what I wrote thus far), I am not a native speaker. I am decent in English, but not enough to carry a whole game.

So, as I thought about it, I figured maybe we could play a game of “The Quiet Year”, if anyone is up for it? It is a map drawing game, where we draw a card and build a community after some kind of a cataclysm, and we have a year before the Frost Sheperds arrive, and we have to make most of it.

The quiet year is a DM-less RPG, where we play in turn, not playing one character, but the whole community. It has some strict speaking-in-order rules, and I think it could work pretty well as a forum game.

If some people are interested, we could try to figure out how to have a common maps to draw on, and start to think on a setting. I do not think it would be a huge time sink, and the game should not be very long. I have some free time but not a lot, and I would prefer if we were lenient with each other on time taken to respond.

What do you fine people think of this idea? Want to build something together?

Cokho (I never remember if it is common to sign a forum post or not!)

EDIT : I think I should add some links! SUSD Review: https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/rpg-review-quiet-year/ ; official webpage: https://buriedwithoutceremony.com/the-quiet-year


Me please! I bought this once as a present for my best man, never played!


Is this something that can be played by forum or do I need to have the game here as well? I’d be interested for sure


Awesome! Glad to have you on board !

I don’t think you would need to own the game to play, it is simple and everything is open. We could do a run down on the rules if needed.


@Cokho: You don’t ever need to sign a forum post. Maybe if you want to spice it up with your real name or forum name for pizzazz, but, really, don’t worry about it outside of PMs and the Introduction Thread (or maybe the Selfie Thread).

Actually, ignore even that, do what makes you feel comfortable. We can handle it. (In fact, I think that doing what you like makes the rest of us feel better).

@lovvbar I think this is a “Play-By-Forum-able” game if you don’t have a copy. I’d still get a copy to support the makers (oh, who am I kidding, I bought Monsterhearts years ago, so I just bought this on general principle). It’s available as a PDF, so we can share it. All good games should be shareable, and we can make it work.

Oh, crap. Did I just sign up for this? I didn’t mean to, I was supposed to be hosting a new game of Codenames! How do I keep getting myself roped into these PBF’s? (Yes, I know, I do it myself).

(Signed: Justin “MinuteWalt” Moore) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey awesome! So that makes four of us, which is a good player count! (@MinuteWalt, you did sign up for it right? It sounded like you were onboard, or at least, like, a foot in the quiet year boat).

What I would suggest is to keep the world building, and even the rules explanation for the main thread, because the rules kind of integrate in the world building anyway. The only thing I am missing is the technical way we will play.

Just so we are on the same page, I will just remind everyone of the basic turn strucutre which is : The active player draws a card from the deck, do an action and then draw (wait this is confusing, does a synonym exist?) on the shared map to reflect the action chosen.

So I think we need two things : A way to keep track of a deck of card, that we need to arrange sort a certain way (We need to first draw heart, then diamonds, then spades, then clubs I think?) I’m not very computer savvy (oh my god i sound like a ninety year old) so I would lean toward the low-tech approach of someone just drawing card in their home, and then communicating the result to everybody.
The second thing is a common map that we can edit in turn. Again, the easiest thing I can think of is just making a .jpg that we download when it is our turn and then post the updated version in the thread. But if someone know of an easiest way to do this, I am absolutely open for it!


Tow options for cards.

  1. We all keep tracks of what cards have been drawn.

  2. @Cokho has a master deck and just tells us what card is drawn next.

I’m happy with number 2


I am absolutely fine with being the master decker(?). Option n°1 is fine too !






That’s two images I saved and then amended on my phone. Should be workable? @SleepyWill might suggest an alternative way to do this.


It looks like we could make it work like that! Just to be sure, you first image is suppose to just be a blank square, or is there something that is not showing up?
It tried to amend your image too, I think it’s totally a fine way to do it.


Maybe we should just aim for a wider map, so that we have more room to draw ?


I did not sign up for this.

But I think I may have accidentally, actually, signed up for this.

Oh, BALLS, just tell me what I need to do. I suck at PBF and learning new games (yes, I know, I’m usually the GM and the “explainer” myself, but I’m really awkward with new stuff until I get it, and I usually need help at first).


Hey, don’t worry about it, I am personnaly aiming for a low-bar of entry kind of game, a chill and relaxed map-drawing and talking about a fictional place with good people, a drink in our hands.

I think if @lovvbar is still up for it, and if everyone is cool with how we do the technical part of the game, I can make the first post in a new thread and we can begin playing.


I’m still game for sure. Just point me to the rules :slight_smile:


I’ve pointed @lovvbar at the rules, although I don’t think we need to read them first.

[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea

Thanks for renaming this, @Cokho. You’re a great facilitator. This will be a great place for table-talk (and occasionally just shooting the sh…um, just chatting.

We’re in the groove now, and I think we’re running out of Spring! I still haven’t gotten my physical copy yet (it’s been 8 days since it’s shipped).

I’m also starting to wonder if this may actually take us a whole year to complete! (as PBFs tend to be a bit slower than at the table).
Which would be kind of miraculous and awesome. I don’t really think it would take that long, but the end of Spring is actually coinciding with the end of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere).


When I first thought of playing this game over forum, and what shape it would take, I actually considered making each round one actual week. Like, we draw the card on Monday, and everything has to take place during the week. If the active player can not find time to write his post, or to do an action, if not everyone has its say in turn before the next monday… TO BAD! Time moves, even if the community is busy, and we would move on to the next week.
But I was afraid it was 1)Way too long and slow to keep anyone (speaking of me first) engaged; and 2)Probably more fun an Idea on paper than for real.


Nah, it’s much better this way for what is normally a 3-5 hour game! (or 2-8 hour, I don’t care what the box says)
But that concept is solid for a PBF.

We are almost out of Spring. I’m already terrified about Winter and we still have 3 more suits left!

On the IRL side, I’m still waiting for my physical package. I sent them an email and Avery told me to contact them again if I haven’t got it by the weekend, which is fine. I just really like holding stuff in my hands, and I feel like an impatient jerk.


Hey, any of you think it’s a sign we can take action/respond, if the active player has 3 “likes :heart:” then it’s the next player’s turn?

There are only 4 of us, so we click the “like,” and once there are 3, that indicates everyone in the group has seen the last post.

Admittedly, we have drawn spectators, they obviously may click “like,” too. I know, we can click it to see who’s “liked” it. All I’m saying is we should keep an eye out for this, and click “like” when we’ve had the chance to read another player’s turn (even if you don’t actually “like” it! Take Contempt as well, if you don’t!)

What do you guys think? This isn’t a normal PBF game (but so far has proven itself to be a really good one), so we have to make stuff up as we go along.