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The Pearple's Choice 2017--VOTE! Polls close TODAY AT MIDNIGHT!

Hello Peartopia:

NOTE! POLLS CLOSE TONIGHT AT 11:59PM!!! Don’t miss your chance for democracy!

Your mission is clear. There are waaaaay too many games to pick from, and the world needs YOU to sort out what the heck they should be playing,

With your collective discernment, polish, panache, and overall good taste–of course, YOU are our only hope. You, and your sidekick–democracy!

So, please, hurry, there’s no time to lose! Vote for the very best games in each of the following categories:

Vote for AS MANY GAMES AS YOU LIKE in each category–that’s right, you can still believe that more than one game is great! Together, we’ll figure out which games are really great.

Polls will close in one week on December 18th, just in time for the holidays…well, at least some of them. So click click click!

NOTE: to write-in a candidate that didn’t make the nomination thread:

  1. Reply to the appropriate category with the text: “Write In Vote: [Insert Best Game EVAR!]
  2. All likes for that reply will be tallied as votes for that title in the final count.

Kind of surprised that only one of the SdJ nominees made the short list (and the only one I wouldn’t have voted for, to boot!)


It’s all about nominations! If someone would have put up any of the SdJ nominees, they’d be on the current vote list.

Still, it might be worth throwing any SdJ/As d’Or/GenCon/BGG/etc nominees up there in the future–but the central problem remains: if nobody nominates them, no one’s likely to vote for them.

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The trouble is a lot of the “2017” Sdj games are from 2016, off the top of my head I think terraforming mars won/was nominated and that was a 2016 game.

I think it’s been a bit of a so/so year for board games, it’s mostly been Kickstarter and escape the room games that have brought anything new to the table really.

Fog of love has got 11% of the vote despite not being out and KS not been delivered yet. It’s a bit worrying how many people like things they are told to like.

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Welcome to the Internet

Where would a new edition of a Kickstarter game delivered in 2017 originally released in 2015 fit?

In a suitcase?

Oh it definitely wouldn’t fit in there…

I think I’ve only played one 2017 release. I voted for games that “look good” to me, which is basically “the theme and/or innovation and/or critical reception have resulted in me being interested in playing or buying this game”.

Is that fair? No idea! But that’s why this is People’s Pearple’s Choice, not Informed Critic’s Choice :upside_down_face:

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The SdJ nominees this year were Magic Maze, The Quest for El Dorado and Kingdomino (which won). I’m pretty sure they are all new games in 2017 though, as you say, some of the nominees in other categories were from 2016. I would have voted for both of the latter two but I found Magic Maze a bit lackluster. Of course, my views may be partly skewed by a 5 year old who is part of my regular gaming group!

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L5R had both a release and an expansion in 2017. I don’t know that it deserves a “Best of”, but I quite like it.

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For what it’s worth, BGG lists Kingdomino as a 2016 release (but Magic Maze and The Quest for El Dorado are both listed as 2017).

This is why the best game from last year I played this year it’s the category I pay the most attention to.

Though, I think Whitehall Mystery has a really great chance at that for 2018, especially if they get around to releasing the app for it.

I think this year was a great year for games all around, though. I’m just sad my old-school eurogamer tastes were not reflected as well. Downforce is on there though.

I bought nothing but used old games and reprints in 2016.

I think having games in a poll where nobody votes for them is not a problem (or at least not a severe problem). Not having them as an option in an authoritative poll is a much bigger problem as it truly de-legitimizes the authority of the results as representative of the community. Until SUSD starts mentioning nomination threads in their game news & updates, then you’ll continue to miss games people would like to vote for when the voting is announced/mentioned.

I get that it’s too late this year, but maybe next year consider including more games or at least advertising the nominations thread to those who aren’t regular browsers of the forums.

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So I look click and look, only to see that i’ve not played a single one of the titles listed…
~ frowns ~
No democracy for me…
(though i’d played a few of last years games)
So partial democracy for me.

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You and I certainly agree that anything that can be done to drum up participation in the nomination thread would be better–including more advertising and having a longer nomination time.

But, just to clarify: this is just a fun exercise cooked up by me to get a rough pulse of what games were popular for the SUSD forum community over the past year. It is loose, unofficial, and far from authoritative. It is also inherently flawed, as all lists of this type are.

That said, any suggestions for improving it next time around will be taken seriously.

So while flawed, the hope is that this poll captures something of the feelings of people in the forums–and that the end results may get more folks to look into more good games.


Oh… and if anyone really wants to “write in” a candidate: post a reply that says: Write In Vote: My Favorite 2017 Game, and any likes for that reply will be considered votes when I tally the final counts.

(This may mess up the final count for voters, but the final vote totals should be legit.)

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Most obviously, a longer nomination period so that SU&SD Games News has a chance to mention it. (Yes, they skipped a Games News this year and while I haven’t checked the dates that may have been when it would have been mentioned.)

Perhaps: auto-nominate all SU&SD-reviewed games / all SdJ nominees / something like that?

People who didn’t see the nominations but did find out about the votes - how did you find out about the votes? Can we get a notification of nominations into those channels too?

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My guess would be that they coincidentally checked the forums once the poll was on, but not before (or that they ignored/misunderstood the nomination period).
I agree that a longer nomination period might be a good idea next year, including notifying Quinns of the
pending Vote.
I think that it’s a bit much to expect @clg6000 to do that alone, though, so I’ll be glad to help if I’m still active on this forum next year.

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