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The Pearple's Choice 2016--Power to the Pearple!


Hey all you democracy true-believers!

So, you’ve played games all year long, with friends and strangers, at home and at meetups, morning, noon, and night…

Somehow, you soldiered through all the fun: now, your hands are shaky from rolling dice, fingers callused from pushing cubes, eyes burning from reading fine-print rules…

Finally, at the end of 2016–you’ve heeded the call of the Pearple–who cry out for a new leader. “Who is best?” they lament in their ignorance.

So, dutifully, you looked at your stacks and stacks of games. You weighed them on their originality, their production, their elegance…even their scent. Then you weighed them on a scale. Pretty heavy. Then you tried to lift them all at once, just to see if you still “had it”–and then threw out your back.

“Perhaps I’m too old for this,” you wondered aloud.

But no, you were not. You sat down in front of your computer (no mean feat after triggering your sciatica) and thought and thought. You tossed down a handful of ibuprofen with a shot of whiskey. You thought about taking a nap. Your liver growled in agreement.

Finally–you clicked on a bunch of random boxes, clicked on the “VOTE!” button, and called it a night. Hell, it might not be accurate, but at least you VOTE!D. Elect 'em all and let The Great Pear sort 'em out.

Well, don’t worry, good ol’ Mr. Perry LeBosc, S.R.P., has your back! (…well, not literally, you need to make an appointment with a licensed professional for that).

Anyway, he/she/it has tallied up all your votes on the SUSD Ultracomputer (the Supercomputer’s been on hiatus the past few months. A sabbatical. In Russia. Doing…“stuff…nothing suspicious, of course”?), and here, now, you can FINALLY read the results and get on with your lives. I mean, really, get a hobby.

Without further ado (much of it having been about nothing)–the results of the 2016 SUSD Pearple’s Choice (Quasi-Official):

The Pearple’s Choice Top 10 Best Reprints of a Previously Released Game in 2016: (from 63 voters with 121 votes)

7. **Flick 'Em Up ("Wider Audience" plastic edition)** _5 votes_
  1. Diamant (French Edition aka Incan Gold) 5 votes
  2. Escape From Colditz 5 votes
  3. Space Hulk 4th Edition 7 votes
  4. Blood Bowl 10 votes
  5. Archaeology: The New Expeditions 12 votes
  6. Sushi Go! Party 15 votes
  7. Ra 17 votes
  8. Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space 18 votes
  9. Sekigahara 18 votes

The Pearple’s Choice Top 10 Best Expansions Published and/or Released in 2016: (from 43 voters with 82 votes)

6. **Eldritch Horror: Signs of Carcosa** _3 votes_
  1. T.I.M.E Stories A Prophecy of Dragons 3 votes
  2. Dominion: Empires 3 votes
  3. The Grizzled: At Your Orders! 3 votes
  4. Descent: The Chains that Rust 3 votes
  5. Pandemic: The Cure: Experimental Meds 4 votes
  6. T.I.M.E Stories: Under The Mask 4 votes
  7. Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk 5 votes
  8. Evolution: Climate 6 votes
  9. Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach 12 votes
  10. Descent: Road to Legend App 13 votes

The Prestigious First Annual Erik Tengblad “Best Game of the Previous Year (2015) I Only Got To Play For The First Time This Year (2016)” Award: (from 70 voters with 131 votes)

8. **A Study in Emerald 2nd Ed** _4 votes_
  1. Through The Ages: A New Story of Civilization 4 votes
  2. The Gallerist 5 votes
  3. Burgle Bros 7 votes
  4. Blood Rage 8 votes
  5. T.I.M.E Stories 8 votes
  6. Isle of Skye 10 votes
  7. 7 Wonders: Duel 12 votes
  8. Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 31 votes
  9. Mysterium 34 votes

…and the moment you’ve been waiting for, all year long–all of your lives, really, if we’re 100% honest about it:

The Pearple’s Choice Best Game Published and/or Released in 2016: (from 90 voters with 329 votes)

8. **Archaelology: The New Expeditions** _9 votes_
  1. Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition 9 votes
  2. Codemanes: Pictures 9 votes
  3. Secret Hitler 10 votes
  4. Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space: Ultimate Edition 10 votes
  5. Sushi Go! Party 11 votes
  6. Star Wars: Rebellion 12 votes
  7. Mechs vs. Minions 13 votes
  8. Inis 17 votes
  9. Captain Sonar 27 votes
  10. Scythe 28 votes

The Pearple have spoken. Go forth, and render these works of cardboard unto your unfilled holiday shopping lists. And punch countersheets, and be fruitful in your resource conversions.

And above all–play nice with each other.

Peace! On to 2017!

VOTE! Best of 2016 SU&SD Pearple's Choice

Woohoo! Congrats to the winners! And mad props to @clg6000 for setting all of this up!


Thanks @tengblad! Couldn’t have done it without you!

…care to say a little something about the winners of your award? It’s kind of an upset…! :open_mouth:


Hah! I’m fine with it! Both are very, very fine games, but I’ve played a lot more Mysterium than I have PanLeg. I think both deserve being in the #1 spot.


Is Codemanes: Pictures that game where you have to get people on your team to guess certain pictures while you pretend to be a lion?

…I’d play that.


I’ve always kind of dismissed Scythe as just another overhyped kickstarter game, but it looks like it’s standing the test of time both here and on BGG! I’ll have to try it out if I can find it for a reasonable price.


Yes, I’d done the same thinking it was just a miniatures on a map style of thing, but it’s actually an incredible game (and the artwork is stunning). Pretty much the most requested game for our group this year. I don’t buy expansions much any more but I feel this one gets enough play to deserve it.


Maybe the reason Inis didnt do so good (well, 3rd place, but still…:slight_smile: is because you still cant get it in Europe. The fuckup with european copies being sent to Americas is real.


Wow, the numbering is off for every category with a tie (except if it’s just last)…so strange to see this hasn’t been corrected.

Best reprints…the top 5 correctly numbered would be:

Five: Archeaology
Four: Sushi Go! Party
Three: Ra
One: Escape From The Aliens In Other Space
One: Sekigahara

Is this some UK thing? Or just a strange oversight?


What I choose to take from all this is that the SU&SD audience has very diverse tastes. #1 with only 28 out of 329 votes?


@Kreylix, I chose to give equal rank to games that get the same number of votes–but the rank number really doesn’t mean that much. If that’s causing canfusion, look at the number of votes at the end of the line.

But to be clear on how I ranked the winners, the algorithm was 1. Collect the top 10 vote getters. 2. Order the games from least votes to most votes. 3. Label all the highest vote getters “1”, all the next highest vote getters “2”, etc. So, since both Sekigahara and EFTAIOS got 18 votes, they both sit at the number 1 spot. It’s perhaps atypical–but I don’t think its incorrect.


You should give equal rank for ties, but it is extremely common for the following to skip places for each tied.

Ra came in 3rd, not 2nd. Two games finished about it, not just one.


Wow, my post displayed so weirdly. I’ve now edited spelling out the numbers.


@tortoiseandcrow, I think you’re absolutely right that we have a very diverse audience (and exactly why I thought it was worth having an SUSD poll!)

However, it’s not quite as bad as you think. Because this was a multiple choice poll (i.e., you could vote for more than one selection), the total vote number is arguably less important than the total number of voters.

Scythe could never have received 329 votes; the best it could have done was to receive a vote from each of the 90 participating voters. So, still not an overwhelming majority (which, in this case, would probably be impossible, since I’ll bet few voters have played all the games on the list), but a little closer to a consensus.

If you go back and look at the actual voting threads, you’ll see that the forum polling feature renders the totals as percent of voters who voted for an item–which I think is particularly confusing, since we usually think of percents as percent of the total vote. I backtracked it to get the vote number, which seemed clearer to me.


Eh, well, I’m sorry if it was confusing, @Kreylix, but I kinda feel like it’s a tomato/tomahto thing.

Whether it’s Dense Ranking or Competition Ranking, we can still see which games were most liked. We’re trying to determine preferences, not an Olympic winner. Hopefully, it’s still useful for everyone. And if you’d like to revisit this for the 2017 awards and have a big nerdy statistics debate for next year, please do! I’m nothing if not reasonable.

Also, I’m from Cleveland, so it’s not a UK thing. …I don’t think.

Also also–the forum software does a lot of “helpful” autolisting when you start typing in numbers–typing in the ranks backwards for the dramatic countdown effect was actually a huge PITA! I hope all the extra drama was worth it…


Um, @clg6000 not really a “tomato/tomahto thing.” Ra came in 3rd, not 2nd. Two games finished about it, not just one. So, that’s 3rd, not 2nd.

Here, this explains it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranking

This is competition ranking: “Standard competition ranking (“1224” ranking)”.

I’ve said my piece on this and moving on.

Thanks for doing the whole thing in the first place; that was awesome of you.


It’s awesome.