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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Simon introduces Henry as simply ‘Henry’ before explaining how he is a former ships carpenter, like his good self.

As for the weird forest Simon strokes his beard, “Well, there are all kinds of strange vapours from under the ground. The dwarves always talked of the fire damp and how it could explode in a moment. Something must leak out of the ground?”

“A shame really, I will have to content myself with just foraging what has already fallen along the track. I would certainly feel safer with a solid staff in my hands.”

“Aulexis.” Simon rolls his tongue around the word “Don’t think I’ve ever met an Aulexis before. What does it mean?”


Whilst the others do the rounds of their fellow travellers, Kaelin sits contentedly on the ground. He reasons that there is no rush to meet any of the traders, since once the caravan departs, it will essentially be a closed company, and thus plenty of time to judge who to approach and avoid without forcing any interactions. Although he is looking forward to meeting the Exile pathfinder. This is an unusual land, and there maybe much to learn from a seasoned traveller versed in the dangers of the landscape.

He takes a half finished hook from his bag, made from fish bone, along with a knife. He spends a long time contemplating the bone before carefully shaving a sliver away. Further thorough examination of the bone follows, and after a goodly time, another sliver is removed. This seemingly laborious process will continue until he judges the light to be too poor, or unless interupted.


Jarek’s spontaneous questions amuse Aulexis.
“No I haven’t… Though I’m sure we’ll be just fine as long as we stay on the road.”
I suppose the bad guides would have already died, so this Exile should know their stuff, anyway. She doesn’t want to make Jarek more nervous, so she doesn’t bother to say that part outloud.
Simon’s an interesting contrast. Both are tactile in different ways, the jittery activity of prodigious dexterity versus the precise and deliberate hands of a carpenter.
She’s a little surprised by Simon’s question. “Oh, I suppose you wouldn’t have. I took my true name and changed some of the sounds to fit the common tongue. The elvish of my name is rather dour. If I translate it, ‘child of snow’ is probably the closest thing. A plain, inauspicious name.” She seems to be displeased to think on it, but it does fit her in a number of ways, her snow-pale skin being the obvious one.


Unless there’s anything else you want to do this evening, then your night passes uneventfully, and shortly after breakfast, the Exile guide will arrive

(( Pausing in case there are night time shenanigans ))


Can Jarek get up in the night and do a Beginners Luck roll for observation?


He absolutely can, but I would much prefer for him to find a reason in character :stuck_out_tongue: Tell me what he wants to achieve and how being observant will help him achieve this!


Warran sleeps soundly through the night…


Jarek can’t sleep. He lays awake thinking about the Noble that he stole from. I wonder if he would go as far away as this to find me. Since leaving Fryestpool, he has been feeling exposed and paranoid.

Jarek gets up and walks quietly around the encampment. He looks at the other camps looking for anything out of the ordinary or signs of the Noble’s insignia.

After looking


Jarek looks at the camp of his companions. _You are what you resolve to be. _ One of the army’s many maxims come to find out of the blue. This is my battalion now. I have to trust them.


Aulexis has a troubled rest, as usual. She lies in her hammock staring up at the stars for what seems like an age, then suddenly it is morning.


A relatively comfortable sleep for Kaelin, with familiar sounds from the marsh in his ears as opposed to the more sterile stone and buildings of Fryestpool. He awakes around dawn and stirs the fire back into life ready for breakfast.


Nice, go ahead and give us a beginners luck roll (Ob 1 doubled to Ob 2 - Nobles really like to display their insignia’s), rolling the number of dice of your Perception - B4.

If you fail, same deal, one of the camp guards will notice you.


Can I use Authority wise since the Noble is technically an authority?


Absolutely, yes!


5d6: 6 + 5 + 3 + 6 + 6 = 26


Quick sketch of Aulexis. She wears plain clothes and doesn’t take care of her hair so much, to try and feel humble like she’s supposed to.


That’s amazing @Sagantine!

Jarek, the guards probably notice you, but peace has made them contented and they only see a light sleeper going for a walk and think nothing of it. Meanwhile, you note all the insignias and while you suspect that most of them are an attempt at grandioseness, from families who only hold them on a technicality, or an outright fraud, one catches your eye… it is not the insignia of the noble house that you stole from, but It prominently displays a curious device that is very familiar to you!

The device is of course the device you stole, and there is no mistaking it.

Jarek, you have started learning the Observation Skill, Your aptitude for this skill is 6, this means you need to make and pass or fail 6 more Observation beginners luck tests to open the skill.


(Just for clarification… Is the insignia the cube or is the insignia the image on the cube?)

Jarek’s jaw drops as he realizes that the insignia matches the small cube in his pocket. Suddenly Jarek went from being fearful of what he would find in the caravan to glowing with good luck. He thinks he notices a few subtle differences in the insignia and the cube.

(Can Jarek investigate this further during the night?)


Jarek, the coat of arms consists of a shield, displaying the owners heraldry, a crest above the shield with an eagle and two supporting heraldic animals to either side of the shield - more eagles, and it’s these two mirrored eagles that clutch in their talons a cube each - the detail is small, but the wood has been expertly carved enough that you can clearly make out, each cube is emblazoned with the exact same horse emblem that your cube device bears.

(You absolutely can investigate further, tell me what you want to do, and how you plan to achieve it!)


Jarek quietly moves to get a closer look at the insignia. He wants to find out anything that he can about the cube. He moves through the camp trying not to draw attention to himself while looking for anything that will give him clues about what the cube is, the people who made it, or why these people have it on their insignia.


Warran softly snores with an open book on his chest…