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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Simon wants to find out about the Silent Forest from those who have travelled through it.


Kaelin will gather some choice plants before heading back to the camp. If he hears Jarek’s stomach he will offer some fresh samphire, otherwise he’ll hold onto it until the next meal time.


Can you be a little more specific about how Simon finds out about the Silent Forest? For example, does he choose the most experienced looking traveller, does he look around to see if anyone who might be trading on behalf of the colonies lumberjacks is with the caravan etc


Simon looks for anyone with the tools of the woodsmen.


Give me a Circles roll!

Circles is used to bring someone into the game, an NPC who you share a lifepath with - in this case a fellow ships carpenter who has found employment keeping the wagons rolling.

The difficulty is Ob1 and your circles skill is B1 - you can FoRK in woodwise but not get help, as no other player has been a ships carpenter, nor can you approach this carefully etc.

Succeed and he is well disposed towards you, fail and he is not!


Sorry, just did an edit - you can FoRK in woodwise, I forgot you had this so you can roll 2 dice


We’re edit warring.

So. One for circles and one (half of Woodwise?) 2


When you support your task with a related roll it gives one die if it is less than 7 or two dice if it is 7 or more. If your woodwise was 4, 5 or 6 it would still only give one additional die so yes - 2 dice to be rolled, 1 from your circles of B1 and 1 because you’ve FoRKed in your Woodwise

Edit wars - the new robot wars!


2d6: 1 + 4 = 5. What could go wrong?


Tell us about this old acquaintance of yours - what’s his name, how did he wind up working on the colonies? Whenever you try to track him down with your circles in the future, you will get +1D


Henry Studley, only survivor of the good ship Colette who will never return to the high seas.


The short young man’s face lights up as he recognises an old friend “Ho there, Simon! Well met! Are you with the lot from Fyrestpool? Hey your idea to clamp the capstan worked a treat on the Colette


Simon smiles. “Indeed I am. Quite the change of career. Are you travelling with the caravan? I wish to see this Silent Woodland. Any fine oaks growing? You know me, always after a fine straight branch or interesting knot against the grain…”


Aulexis brings out a small record-book. It’s empty save for the header on the first page, which has been excessively ornamented over time. Finally, she has something to write under ‘good deeds’.
Prevented man from being beaten to death.
She thinks for a moment and adds. 1/2. The man’s a scoundrel.
This is going to take a thousand years. She sighs.


Jarek watches the others rekindling old acquaintances and exploring. He starts to wander amongst the wagons. He keeps to himself, taking in the new sights and looking out for new sounds and songs. Maybe I can learn some Orcish melodies before we arrive in Ur-Zitz.


(I’m editing my above post, I’d like to get some talk in between the characters!)

When Aulexis notes Jarek wandering around, she falls in beside him. It’s not pleasant being alone with her own thoughts.

“Peaceful night…” She begins, not sure exactly how to proceed.


Warran sits pensively for the briefest of moments and responds to Archibald quietly, “Oh, I see… the Sorcerers Association… I hear many things about that group. I hear there are two ways into it… Either great skill… or even greater connections. Surely, I must be mistaken, perhaps she had me confused with someone else…” He warmly smiles with a joyful chuckle and then continues, “So you have an interest in art? What kind of objects do you find most interesting?”

After Archibald responds, he then asks:

“What type of objects does your friend Diana invest in? Believe it or not, the discovery and display of art and artifacts is truly a trade! You should not discount your friend’s abilities so lightly, does she have a good eye?”

While he is speaking, Warran’s mind is a flurry activity once he recognizes why the woman looks familiar. It strikes him suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, and as time progresses he starts to recognize some of the features of Greygord one of the more popular and favored students in his school.

Greygord was fine featured, slender, and petite compared to the other boys in the school, and in a physical confrontation, a person with Warran’s build could have easily broken him. However, it always seemed Greygord was able to get those around him to do his work for him, and thus preventing any form of physical retaliation possible. He had a way with words which seemed to beguile those around him. It was not magic or enchantment though, it was his natural charisma which seemed to emanate from him allowing him to manipulate other students into thinking his way. Though he was gifted, Gregord’s use of magic was sloppy and inconsistent at his best moments, mostly in part to his lack of discipline, but in combination with his other ‘gifts’, it was enough evidently to secure him a position with the Sorcerers Association. If he spent more time studying, he could be fairly powerful by Warran’s reckoning, but it would take someone literally standing over him to achieve such a feat…

Luckily for Warran, he had few direct encounters with him. Mainly, the ones who seemed to try to get under Warran’s skin was those who were trying to impress Greygord; but he seemed to think Warran a waste of time and energy so instead focused his attention on those he considered his equals, his rivals. Warran’s humble upbringing as the son of a blacksmith was the primary cause of this dismissal of existance, but there was one time, Greygord came to Warran while he was studying alone, waiting for another student, to try and convince him to do him a favor…

T’morya was a naturally gifted sorceress at the school at the same time, and Warran had a profound respect for her and her abilities. She seemed, in many respects, the opposite of Greygord. Performing magic came to her as easily as breathing, and as any talented person does, received her fair share of admirers. The great difference here was she did not have to manipulate others to help her, they volunteered based on her skill, kindness, and willingness to share knowledge, though surprisingly Greygords popularity always seemed to outshine her. This disparity always disturbed Warran greatly. Interestingly enough, there were many things she was able to achieve with grace and ease, but one area which she struggled with was the enchanting of physical objects. Spells such as causing an object to appear to weigh less than it actually does, or artificially strengthen an object which normally would break or tear easily. Warran, having grown up around the creation of objects, had a keen interest in this subject. T’morya knew this and started to study with Warran so they could learn from each other. This studying went on for quite some time, enough so a friendship was starting to develop between the two.

…Greygord sensing this, approached Warran and tried to convince him to mislead T’morya, so she would struggle, making Greygord look better. To Warran’s surprise, he approached him alone. Fed up with the tormenting by his cronies, Warran grabbed Greygord by the collar, pressed him against the wall, and threatened him. Greygord left Warran, but T’morya never showed up that evening to study, and from that day on, she always kept Warran at a distance never explaining to him why. Not long after, she was accepted into the Sorcerers Association and Warran’s tormentors intensified their attacks. Soon though, his studies completed and he left the school failing to receive an invitation to the Sorcerers Association. He found out after his departure from school Greygord had received an invitation which, at the time, bothered him greatly.


Aulexis in her wanders among the wagons may make an Observation Beginners Luck Roll against her Perception. This is against Difficulty Ob4 to notice any secrets, but for Beginners luck doubled to Ob8

Impossible rolls and the point of making them

Some rolls I offer you may be impossible but you often still want to make them, in this case to get the Observation skill on your character sheet - and with an established skill, you can mark off a challenging test to work towards advancing it

If you succeed, you will find something secret hidden in the wagons, fail and you will have one of the guards start to keep a more careful eye on you


“Objects?” Archibald enquires “Oh, no, we patronise the theatre, it is the performance of plays that I am most interested in. Though I do have a healthy interest in sculpture, I must admit.”

“Diana, she is a much more prolific invester than myself. Again in theatre, though” he chuckles, but lowers his voice “With the loss she took on her last venture, I hesitate to call it a trade, perhaps a charity would be more correct! I jest” He speaks normally once more “She usually comes out on top, she belongs to a rather exclusive group that pools it’s funds and an investment by them is usually a good indication that the play will do well.”


Is Aulexis’s Beginner’s Luck roll something that Jarek can help with?