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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Sounds like Jarek wants to help with his inconspicious skill - and Yes, I agree you can FoRK in carperntry - that’s 5 dice so far, if yu’re ready you may roll!


Roll 5 dice

5d6: 4 + 5 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 18




Very nice, that’s a pass and a routine test marked for your Shipwise and Jarek’s inconspicious skills

You do not find a secret compartment in the boat, and the party reaches Travellers rest in time for a steaming bowl of stew and dumplings, a very hearty meal indeed, and you get to meet the rest off your caravan that you will be travelling with.

There are three guards, they are fairly relaxed and jovial, but professional and not shirking their duties. Of the merchants, one instantly stands out. She rushes over to Archibald on seeing his injuries, and pulls some ointment out to treat his swelling - it turns out that this is his own product that he sold her, but more than that. On seeing you all she initially smiles, and goes to greet you as welcome friends, but suddenly, and noticeably starts when she see’s Simon Warran and turns away, her face a cloud.

This woman, known only to you at the moment as Diana watches you all darkly.



Aulexis eats a small portion of food very slowly, and then seems to be full? She pats her perfectly flat stomach the way a jolly gourmet does, and sighs in content.

She’s interested in this sudden change of attitude by the merchant woman. Warran doesn’t seem like anyone bad or dangerous.

“Seems like you have an enemy Warran! Any idea why?”

Is there any way Aulexis could glean any extra info, like a perception roll?


Apologies - Warran, not Simon!


She could open a skill such as Intrigue-wise, but the information gleaned will be limited compared to magical spells and abilities


What is the arrangement for the onward journey? Are we to walk, is there a wagon, when is the caravan due to leave?


There are many wagons, plenty willing to let a passenger or two hitch a ride in the back - on the way back though, you are told that they ate likely to be much fuller, there is little that the human and dwarf colony’s can sell the Orcs but plenty that they can buy and take back.

You will be leaving as soon as your Exile guide arrives


Warran is only mildly taken aback by the woman’s aversion to him. When Aulexis posses her statement to him he simply raises his eyebrows and quietly responds, “I am not sure, but if we knew more about her then maybe we could have a slight idea.”

Warran, feeling comfortable after eating, approaches Archibald and asks, “I was meaning to ask earlier, but it did not seem appropriate at the time. You said you deal in orcish medicines, do you make them yourself or are you a broker? Medicines held some interest to me, but I never quite had the knack for it.”

After Archibald responds, Warran then asks:

“Your merchant friend who came over to see to your swelling and seems to not like me very much… What is her trade?”


“You don’t know her? Must be your face, then.” Aulexis’ pleasant expression and voice make the jibe ambiguous.
She walks about the wagons looking at the goods, mostly out of boredom. Are there any out of the ordinary or strange goods being brought?


“No, I arrange for an Orcish doctor to deliver, that is why I go to Ur-zitz now, to discuss a more regular delivery. It’s becoming popular!”

“Diana? Oh, she doesn’t have a trade, far from it. She invests in art, something I too take a keen interest in! I can’t say why she didn’t like you, perhaps you may be mistaken. She has a son about your age, dotes on him she does - he was recently accepted into the Sorcerers Association, going places quickly so they say…”

Warran, you recognise the mother of one of the bullies at your school. One who was always the ringleader, always admired by everyone, always the most popular. Tell us, did he pick on you at all? What was his name, what else can you tell us about him?


Whilst waiting for the guide, Kaelin will step out of the camp to have a wander through the marshes, looking for anything of interest to forage. He won’t go far, and will return as soon as the caravan starts to ready itself to leave.


The guide is likely to arrive the following morning, give me a marshwise check to see what interesting thing you might find. This is a gradated test, there is no failure state, the more successes you roll, the more of interest the things you find are to you!


(Can I combine marsh wise (B3) with foraging (B2) for more dice to roll?)


Absolutely, yes! That FoRK grants you 1 extra dice!


Kaelin’s roll
4d6: 5 + 6 + 1 + 5 = 17


Describe for us how Kaelin goes about his forage, and I’ll tell you what you find!


Kaelin takes a small pouch out of his bag, and unwraps his spear, leaving the rest of his possessions with Warran for safe keeping.

He starts his forgage around the high tide mark, looking for edible plants like samphire or sea purslane; depending on his luck he will have a look at the mud flats closer to the water, seeking signs of shellfish burrowing beneath the surface. Although there are likely nesting birds in the reeds, he will avoid disturbing the nests for eggs. This was more about the exercise and comfort than a need to find food, although anything found will be harvested.


You find that the area of the salt marsh near the Travellers Rest camp site is exceptionally rich in forage, and at any time of year, food can be gathered here with relative ease.