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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Simon stammers. “I do not know Sir, truth be told I believe she was in some kind of financial trouble and was selling an artwork, so she wanted it looking pristine. If she is not here, perhaps your master knows the details, I am but a humble servant.”


((I can’t give you a test because I still don’t know why you’re here or interested in picture frames - I need both what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it, I’ve got plenty of how, but no why))

The butler ushers Jarek in, an says to Simon “Wait here, I’ll go find out why you’ve been summoned.” Whether Jarek enters or not, he shuts the door and draws the bolt.


(Sorry for the delay… Long story, not worth sharing.)

Warran rubs the sleep from his eyes and realizes he has overslept. When he leaves his room he sees the others have gone their separate directions and have not left any word of where they have gone to. He sits quietly for a moment and decides he needs to look at something he has seen before…

Warran heads to Lady DuPont’s home. He is curious if anything has been altered since he was last there and more specifically he wants to count the number of opium bottles again and collect one for it to be analyzed.

After collecting one of the bottles, he will head to who he assumes to be Lady DuPont’s lawyer. He wrote the name down after looking at a stack of papers in her home previously.


Lady Diana’s lawyer is a cheerful dwarf, who works in the same street as her doctor. “Hello young man” she bustles “How may I help you?”


Will I will pm you about this.


Jarek replies, “ There must have been a mix up. I can play the fife and sing, but not at the same time.”


Jarek whispers to Simon. “What are you after?”


Simon “These people are her circle, her rivals and friends, perhaps even her killer…”


How long will the pair of you wait outside the door?


“What exactly is it that you do, Mr Battlelaugh? I’m not sure if I understand what being a patron of the arts involves…” Kaelin’s question is driven by his instinctual distrust of someone who appears to be thriving in life without actually doing anything. That might just be reflecting his cultural ignorance, but he won’t be readily believing a single word spoken Urzog.


“Well, that’s quite a question!” He throws his arms wide open “At it’s most basic, I provide a space for mummers at every level to hold a production, and take a small part of their earnings. In reality, we provide every service you could imagine, we have playwrights to help with those emergency changes, bouncers to keep order, we spread the word of the production, provide props, we even have a stable of actors who can step in at a moments notice. Simply put, put on a play in my theatre and you can be assured that your play will in fact be put on, people will come and you will earn money. I suspect you’re much more interested in my business with Lady DuPont however, well, to that all I can say is that you don’t run a theatre to get rich. You invest in plays to get rich, you run a theatre for the love of the craft. I fund talented young writers, I give them the money they need to move from words on paper to a production. They give me a percentage of that play’s income. In between handing over the money, I am their manager, their secretary, their councellor, their surrogate parent. I’m their friend, their critic and their closest confident.”


“I heard that the Lady had made a few poor investments recently. It must be hard deciding where best to risk your money.”


“We both did, we always invest together so we both lost money, but this is completely normal. So many plays do not do as well as they deserve while utter dross plays on and on. We invested in ‘Felines’ but it didn’t even sell out its opening night, and closed early.”


Felines? Really?


Its almost like im trying to give you subtle clues :wink:


“Could you tell us about the Lady’s health? I understand that she was regularly visiting a doctor… let me see…” Kaelin idly turns the pages in his notebook as if searching for a name.


“Diana was in roaring health” he smirks “she was visiting the doctor for a little pick me up, she confided in me that she was feeling her age, I taught her how to, lets say, pursuade a doctor to mix up the appropriate mix”


“Interesting. Do you partake in such ‘treatment’ yourself?”


“Rarely, it tends to make you care very little about things, so i only indulge when I dont have responsibilities - that is to say, almost never!”


“Quite an elaborate ruse to keep running for so long, and judging by the amount that the doctor prescribed, it seems like it became more than just a little pick me up.” Kaelin fishes for a reaction.