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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


(Question for earlier or later on a return to the house. We’re their any marks to show that paintings had been hung and were now missing?)


No, there was nothing like that


How did I spend so much time in the Army not getting caught, but it seems like everyone here notices me?

Jarek tried to best impersonate Aulexis’s confident sense of command.

“I’m looking for Lady Dupont’s messenger.” He tries to mimic her confident posture while he waits for a response. If only I were a few inches taller, I wouldn’t feel so ridiculous.


(( Maybe Jarek didn’t get away with quite as much as he thought… I wonder who was covering up for him and keeping him out of trouble? ))

Make a beginners luck roll in command, it would be an Ob2 but that is doubled to Ob 4 and you will be rolling Will.


Jarek’s roll for command

4d6: 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 7


((Well, we knew he is not an imposing figure…))


The guard smirks “Neville, note down that the miscreant admitted to attempting to intercept a noble messenger” he calls out to one of his chums.

Then returning his attention to you, one hand on the mace to his side he says softly “Easy way or hard way?”


“Intercept!” Jarek squeaks nervously. “I’m his apprentice. We got separated…” He trails off backing away from the guard. I need to find the others. He turns away and begins to walk towards police headquarters.


Let us know who you catch up to!


As Jarek approaches the police headquarters, he runs into Simon.


Kaelin, it seems you are on your own then as you visit Lady DuPont’s physician. His office is small and neat, in one of the shabbier areas of Inchwick - to call it a poorer area would give a false impression - the capital town’s poorest area is degrees richer than anywhere else in the colonies and most places in the Old World and Veil. Nonetheless, the office is in a street that clearly is not as wealthy as the rest, and Doctor Frondeep, a dwarf with a puffy beard welcomes you.

“Tell me, how can I help you today? My receptionist tells me you are with the constabulary”


“Good morning Doctor. My name is Kaelin Reed. Your receptionist is correct; my companions and I have been asked by the Inchwick constabulary to help them look into the recent death of Lady DuPont. I was wondering whether you could aid the investigation by providing some information?”

Kaelin leaves the question open to see how the Doctor responds rather than jumping straight in and asking about the opium - how the dwarf reacts maybe revealing.


“Lady DuPont died? Well, what happened?”


Apparently her death isn’t common knowledge at least, which is quite interesting for such a relatively small place. Kaelin notes

“That is what we are trying to help ascertain. I understand that you were her doctor; was she suffering from any conditions that may have led to a sudden death?”


“No, not at all!” He opens his bag and pulls out a file and a batch of seven bottles just like the ones you found at her house.

“I’m treating her for articular pain, a perfectly manageable syndrome, she takes one of these each day” he motions to the bottles, “My chemist makes these for her, we tried a number of tinctures, I am loath to prescribe laudanum for it’s addictiveness, but it was all that worked for Lady DuPont. She was due in yesterday to…” he stumbles to a halt, realising why she missed her appointment.

“Of course I will help, anything you ask.”


“We did find a number of these bottles at the Lady’s house. How many did you give to her at any one time?”


“Seven, one for each day of the week, and the Lady was to sip them through the day. She already knew that to take more than one bottle a day can be debilitating and more than three can be deadly, so I felt quite safe in giving her a weeks worth in one go, not a consideration I make for some of my clients, I can assure you, and I studied her every visit for signs of addiction, but she weathers the treatment superbly!”


How does Kaelin feel about the burgeoning new industry that is medicine? I wonder if he knows about it due to apothecaries visiting the marshlands where he lived in ever increasing numbers looking for rare plants to simmer and dilute, distil and concentrate, all in the name of these powerful cures that seem to have more drawbacks and less success than real herbalism.


(How many bottles were left in the house? Does that tally with what should be expected to be left?)


(There were 35 bottles in the house, all full, so definitely not, no)