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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Let’s start a new day then for some of you to go to the neighborhood of Lady DuPont, who goes, and what will the rest of you spend the day doing?


(Here’s my list of people that might be worth talking to - Diana’s legal advocate, her doctor, maybe looking for household staff (current or past), speaking to Archibald?)


Simon wanted to return to the police station.


Jarek returns to the area around the first house that the messenger took him to. He waits across the street watching to see if people come and go.


Jarek, do you mean the house that the messenger asked why you were following him from, or the house that he first took you too as his apprentice?


Jarek goes back to the first house where he met the messenger, but is keeping his distance.


Jarek, the house is one of the finest in the city, it belongs to one of the members of the council. You remember something that the messenger (did we ever name him? If not, tell us what his name was!) told you when you travelled with him, by law, each messenger may only have one council member as a client. This is part of the anti-corruption laws that the Paladin helped write.

The house of Elder Smedley is of gothic design, but not over the top. It has a spire, and a magnificent wall surrounding three sides of the house. The service alley, from where you followed the messenger is the forth side, and the house is plain and unornamented here. The gardens look to be formal, from what you can make out, but the walls are high enough to ensure privacy for the occupants. Servants move in and out, carrying supplies and there is nothing too unusual - for such an apparently wealthy family, perhaps less than you would have expected. The guards on the other hand are significant. They patrol not only the grounds, they are stationed not only in the house but in the surrounding streets as well. As are the guards from the other Elders, and you hear, far above you, guards positioned on the rooftops arguing with each other.

“And I’m telling you, that the only stench heartier then your rotting burrick of a master is the liquor on his fettered breath. If he comes near Lady Van Vernon again, we’ll boil his knickers!”

“Oh ho! Mighty fine words coming from a knock-kneed, inbred pageboy such as yourself. Our good master Willey wouldn’t be caught near that frumpy little trollop unless he were holding her back at the end of a halberd.”

“How dare you defile the name of someone so good and virtuous as the Lady Van Vernon. Our Lady is a saint amongst mortal women. An angel so pure the heavens couldn’t hold her.”

Ha! Your Lady? An angel? You’re lucky the Darkside Whorekeeps aren’t bashing down her door for stealing their clientele. Why just the other day, I saw her out back warming up the stableboy."

“Such slander will not be tolerated while we’re on watch. You’d best rush off and rescue your helpless limp lord before he flounders in his own vomit, or wakes up naked in a hen coop. Scurry off, or you’ll acquire some unnecessary ventilation.”

“Is that a threat, you shrivelled old maids? You gonna prick us with your sewing needles? On this side of the street we shoot like soldiers, so don’t make promises your arrows can’t keep.”

“You’ve gone… you’ve gone too far this time, you camel mannered, tunic wearing mollycoddles. An arrow in the throat ought to shut you up!”

And so on.

Jareck, give me an Ob3 inconspicuous roll to ensure your suspicious behaviour isn’t noticed.


(Can we get some pointers from the watch station as to whom in the settlement was (or was likely to be) Diana’s lawyer and doctor?)


(Perhaps Warran came across a document in her home? Maybe it said her doctors name on the opium bottles?)


You can tell me how you get the names, whether they were in her home on documents, you were initially given that information in the police station, maybe you go back to the police station and find a clerk. It’s up to you!


(Sorry for the lack of activity, and will be gone the rest of this week and the next, been travelling, and unfortunately will continue to!)


Jarek roll for inconspicuous

3d6: 5 + 2 + 6 = 13


Jarek watches for other messenger’s coming or going. While Clyde was tight lipped on some things, he did mention the anti corruption laws.

Jarek notes the names of the Elders who he presumed were inside based on the guards bantering.


“Move along rogue” a grizzled guard shouts at Jarek


(( With that being your second difficult Inconspicuous test, Jarek is now only one easy test away from advancing Inconspicuous ))


I like the suggestion that the doctor’s name was present on some documents at Lady’s Diana’s house, including a pointer to where they may be found within Inchwick.

I am not sure whether the rest of the party is sticking together or spreading out to chase down any leads. Kaelin intends to see the doctor, and then try and find Archibald; he’s happy to do that alone or accompanied by any of his companions.


Simon returns to the watch officers to ask questions.

  1. Who identified the body?
  2. Are there any other local art collectors?
  3. Where would I go to get pictures framed or hung?


Hawthorn isn’t in the station, but the desk clerk tells you, after rifling through the paperwork for an hour or two that the messenger who reported the crime also identified the body at the scene.

He has no idea about any local art collectors and suggests that you enquire at the galleries.

He has no idea about getting pictures framed or hung, having paintings commissioned is more than a little above his ability to buy and suggests you speak to the artist who created said artwork.


Simon asks for the address of the artist who signed the portraits of the victims husband and son.

(I assumed they were signed?)


They are signed, yes, but the desk clerk hasn’t got a clue how to translate the mark into a name.

“Besides which” he says “This one looks really old, didn’t her husband die years ago? It’s probably made in the old world. Here look, he died 20 years ago. And look, this one was made by the Sorcerer’s Association, I expect it weren’t so much painted as created, but it will be by a sorcerer. Good luck with that, I don’t have a clue how to contact them!”