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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Kaelin’s gut reaction is that this man probably deserved his beating. He certainly lied about the cause of the attack. Perhaps his peddled medicines were not as advertised. He gives the man a wary glance. Do they really want to accompany him to the caravan? Although he is hurt, and abandoning travellers by the road side is an ill-manner thing to do.

He speaks up softly, more to his companions than Archibald. “I can navigate us through the marsh easy enough. He is correct that it would be less effort for the majority.” The offer hangs as a question for the others to decide on.

From the Discussion thread

After the effect writing check for boat name.

7d6: 2 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 1 = 15


Jarek looks at the road, thinking of ambush. He’s suspicious of the road. He has limited experience with boats and none with marshes.

He looks at his companions. “Whatever you think is best…”


Warran looks indifferent and says, “I will yield to those more knowledgeable of the water to make the call. I prefer to have solid ground beneath my feet, but if it speeds our travel…”


“Where do we aquire a boat suitable for marsh-work?” Aulexis always chooses water if she can.


“Follow me, a er… friend of mine keeps his just close by, he won’t mind us using it - well me at least!”


(( Everyone except Simon senses that he chose the word “friend” quite deliberately, and wasn’t the word naturally coming to his mind ))


“Great!” says Simon. “Which way?”


He leads you away from the direction his attackers ran, along a path skirting the back of the houses in town, along the deeper water of the saltmarsh


As they follow Archibald, Kaelin lets his gaze wander out over the marsh, savouring familiar smells and sights. He watches a heron standing patiently at the edge of the water, biding it’s time and waiting for the right moment to strike. It is a shame that he is needed to go with these others; he would rather join the heron in hunting fish here. He hums a short tune, wishing the bird well in its hunt.


Jarek - this fellow has been lying to you - and with Simon following along quite happily, are you not worried that he might be about to do something illegal? Afterall, you want to help Simon make his father proud, but not by illegal means, and if Simon is caught stealing a boat, this could set him back - with that in your mind:

Aulexis and Warran, you both want to help Jarek be himself - and you can see something is bothering him by the situation, this seems like a good time to step up and be supportive of the lad, help him to be himself, help him to find his inner strength.


Aulexis certainly doesn’t want to do anything illegal, nor let her companions do so either.

She rests a hand on the man’s shoulder, gently urging him to stop for a moment, and looks him over very closely, trying to get a better look at what kind of man he is. Does he look like a doctor, or more like a smuggler or peddler?
“Hold up. We haven’t been properly introduced yet, hm? Surely you want to know our names, Archibald. And we’d like to know who this ‘friend’ is.”


While Aulexis is looking over Archibald, Jarek leans in to Simon and Warran and quietly says, “I think we are being set up… this place is isolated. We could be ambushed or get caught stealing a boat.”


“Well, to be honest I was pleased to find some friendly faces, and I’m sure we will get to know each other more on the trip!”

(( He’s being truthful! ))

"My ah… friend… " (( Once again, this is a carefully chosen word - it’s not so much a lie as it is a deliberate attempt to mislead you )) “My friend is a fisherman, but he did tell me to punt over using his boat. I’m no good at the punt so I tried to make the walk. So he expects me to have taken it anyway!” (( This is more or less true ))

If his clothes weren’t so dirty, he looks like a well to do gentleman, dressed finely, but for travel. There are no clues to his occupation!


Warran nods at Jarek and replies, “I have had the same thought as you… Perhaps we should find out more of our new friend…”

Warran approaches Aulexis and Archibald, “Why did he ask you to punt over using his boat? Surely, as a fisherman, he would know that you were not very skilled at it…”


He throws his arms out in mock exasperation “He worries about me more than he uses his brains. Anyway, I should imagine once I get into the rhythm I could punt across, but I would rather arrive dry. That being said, I probably should have taken his advice on this occasion.”


Fine hands unused to working? Kaelin is reviewing his initial thoughts of helping a traveller in need.

“You would punt the boat over, and then leave with the caravan? Is there a good place to secure it? I would not want to deny a fisherman his livelihood by losing his boat.”


“Oh, traders rest is simply the perfect place to leave his boat, have no worries and on my… our return, we will take it back again! Simple!”

Archibald Luscumbe


“Is your friend about? I would like to take a chance to meet a fellow fisher, especially if we may end up sharing the same grounds.”


“Where is the punt? I would love to look at it.”