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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


The credit slip is dated to 5 days ago, the day before the body was discovered, and a letter is very prominent in the office and looks recently touched - it is the threatening letter that the Inspector mentioned.


(I want to make sure I understand this - Diana had credit with the funeral company, which makes it sound like either she was preparing for her death, or that the funeral company had not provided a service previously paid for. A trip to Vanderbergs might be in order.)


It may also be that she provided a service for them for which she was paid, but yes, you understand it!


(If Sherlock solves this case by only visiting 2 locations I will be furious!)


Simon observation test.

6d6: 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 3 = 18


Success, despite the dice rollers best efforts! You don’t find anything


For what it’s worth there is a “par” score for this adventure.


Aulexis would like to read the letter, but if it’s not in elvish, I guess she can’t, haha. Can she try opening common script?


I’m afraid reading is a skill that you need a tutor in to open, Warran should have no problems reading it though


Can Simon read it?


If he has the reading skill, yep


Think so…


Cool, I knew there was something - so you can make a beginners luck roll having had the required training, but you can’t increase the skill by rolling without tuition.

This is an Ob1 read, not something I would make Warran roll for but for you it’s doubled to Ob2 and you will be rolling 5 dice from your perception


5d6: 6 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 1 = 15


Ahh, you beat me too it. Warran is going to read any and all documents which are presented to him by the others. He also is going to look in the library for any books which may have been recently disturbed to see if there are any notes or papers hidden in them.

He also shared the information from the messenger interrogation, including the message.


The letter is not formal in the slightest. It is a simple piece of paper, crumpled quite badly, but straightened out again. It reads:

I have been watching you and I know the things that are dear to you

Warran, the books are mostly familiar to you, they are the books you were instructed from at school in magic. They haven’t been removed from the bookcase since it was set here after the move to the colony.

You find many notes and scraps of paper, similar to your own notes of your lessons from your school days, except the hand that wrote these was much younger than you when you were learning.


Is any of the handwriting familiar to Warran, had he seen before? Also, does it look like the handwriting of threatening letter was modified to make the script harder to identify, or was it written normal? (Was the person trying to deliberately write poorly so it would be hard to compare to another writing sample.)


That would be a read check Ob5 and I’ll add disadvantage as you don’t know the handwriting of the person who wrote this - total of Ob6

On a failure, you’ll not be able to match this to the person who wrote this by their handwriting found elsewhere at all, as you will never be confident as to what their normal handwriting is.


Kaelin tries to wrap his mind around something that bothers him.

“Warran, the messenger had a verbal message for you from Diana, correct? Yet he was the one who apparently discovered the body. I am not familiar with how these messengers work, but should he not have delivered your message before returning here?”

He doesn’t really know what he is supposed to be looking for; everything about this style of house and living seems a little odd, and that’s discounting the absent servants. He wanders to the balcony to take in some air and see if anyone might be watching the house.


“It’s not a death threat, which is what strikes me as odd. The author is threatening what is ‘dear to her’, and that implies he or she would attack Diana through that avenue, not kill her outright. I think we should view the body as soon as possible, to determine the cause of death.”
There’s no damage or rips in the carpet, upholstery or furniture anywhere in the room, or otherwise signs of a struggle?