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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


No, it’s empty. The place where the body was has been marked, but it has been taken to the morgue.


Since the house is situated at the edge of town, most people are likely to approach from a set direction. Kaelin will therefore go and have a scout around the exterior of the house, looking for any evidence of comings and goings from less obvious routes.


There are signs that the servants entrance sees use, it’s accessed through an archway between two homes further along the terrace which leads to an underground passage travelling under the back gardens. This area is well used, but her servants door is rusty and poorly maintained, but opens easily enough so it has been used.


Simon, defaulting to character, checks for secret passages behind bookcases and other such hidden entrances.


It sounds like you want to find any secret passages, nooks or crannies by examining the woodwork in the house to look for telltale joinery?


Yep, gaps in skirting, unnecessary hinges, obvious covering panels.

(Plus it is one of my compulsions.)


That’s going to be an Ob 4 carpentry check, on a failure, you will not find any secrets whether they exist or not.


Warran, having been around bookcases, will help Simon with searching…
(Today has gone pear shaped! I posted that hastily, and upon further reflection, I am not sure he is able to help… But to pull something out of thin air, without Warran’s skills in front of me… Research?)

(Yeah, that is a stretch… Probably best to just ignore this post… :sweat_smile:)


What relevant skill is Warran using to help?


(Modified my above post Will)


I’ll say that you don’t help, but neither do you cause Simon any disadvantage either :wink:


(Is this house with hallways like modern homes, or is it like older residences where the rooms are all connected together as a series of rooms?)


Jarek takes the messenger’s sweaty socks and sets them on top of the messenger’s bag. Jarek pauses to see if the messenger is asleep. He has to know more than he lets on… He was one of the last people to see her alive.

Jarek wants to see if there is anything of interest to the murder or the cube in the bag. The messenger appears to be sleeping soundly. Jarek lays down next to the bag, face inches from the wet socks. I’m close enough to pull my hand back and pretend to be asleep. He reaches a hand out and carefully slides it into the bag feeling for any shapes or textures that he recognizes. He goes slowly to avoid making noise and so he can keep an ear on the messenger’s snores.


(( By the information you’ve had, he didn’t see her alive, he found her body when he went to pick up her messages, and alerted the police ))

Make an inconspicuous test Ob2. I’m going to give you disadvantage because you are exhausted after a good half a days walking, so that’s now against Ob3. On a pass you manage to check his bag and leave it so he won’t suspect anything. On a fail, you’ll check his bag but he’ll know you went through it. Maybe that will be because he’s not really asleep or maybe because you left a sign that you’ve rifled in the morning, either way, come the morning, he will know but won’t confront you.


There’s a wide hallway after the entrance, but no others, all the rooms not accessed by the corridor connect together.

The house is three stories high and the lower floor contains the kitchen and servants suite, where the servants entrance accesses, the drawing room where the body was found and a dining room, with a special place for a cat to eat at the table.

The second floor contains an office, a library and a formal room while the third floor is in the roof and contains only the master bedroom. The walls slope in to the roof apex and the windows are set in dormers, extending the standing room.

((I’m assuming our British players understand this type of house, please let me know if our transatlantic players don’t get it!))

The outhouse is in the back garden, with a small gate in the back wall for the gong farmer to access.


Jarek’s roll for inconspicuous

3d6: 1 + 6 + 4 = 11


((So close…))


You find a good deal of dried meat, ironbread and candied fruit in his bag, that he’s been giving you all day long to keep you going, but little else.

“Wont have anything fresh til day after tomorrow” he murmers, “sorry lad, it all went bad whilst I stayed in the station”


Simon performs his search slowly and carefully…

Can I get any benefit for my accustomed to the dark trait? Simon would be searching with a lantern from the house.


(I think I understand the floor plan, just let me know if I am off with any of my statements.)

Warran thinks about helping Simon, but decides against it fearing he would interfere with the craftsman’s search.

He instead looks around the room and looks at the relationship between where the body was found, the ‘main’ entrance to the room, any obvious servant entrances, and if it was close to any chairs or tables. He also looks around to see if there is a desk with any papers on it which may have some clues. If none are present in the room, then he will look in the office up a floor.

He notices the spot left for the cat at the table and says, “Has anyone seen the cat?”