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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Aulexis tries to take in the entire scene in the instant before the messenger tries to get past her. Warran looks serious, the messenger looks pissed, and the inspector seems to be enjoying the confrontation. She can’t stand public officials, and she was going to side with Warran in any dispute so the point is moot, but she dearly hopes that Warran isn’t doing something… ‘Amusing’. She would hate to be the subject of other’s amusements.

“Warran seems to think you’re not done talking.” She raises a hand, palm outward in a ‘hold it’ gesture, her missing finger on display.
“Sit, and find your tongue.”

(By using her authority and Command, she will cow the messenger into staying put and revealing more information about Diana’s state when she penned and sent the letter)


The messengers who work for nobility are chosen for their, often proven ability to resist torture and interrogation, so this will be an intimidation test of difficulty Ob6. On a success he will remain in the room and answer any questions put to him by Warrran, on a failure, he smirks as he brushes past Aulexis and leaves.


Hey there, dice roller. It’s me again. I know we’ve had our differences, but I really think it would be cool if you gave me a win here. Do it for old time’s sake.

7d6: 6 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 3 = 28


(oooooooh well)


The messenger leaves and the Inspector peers out the door until he is out of earshot.

“He’s hiding something” he says flatly, “He told us he went in to pick up his messages, through the servants entrance and found the body lying on the floor of the drawing room. That’s when he contacted us. Something doesn’t smell right, but right now his story is watertight. We need leverage on him. Aulexis isn’t it? Fancy running the investigation for me if I were to deputise you, that wasn’t a bad job there.”


“Indeed… It was obvious, even for me there is more to his story. I am sure you have someone keeping an eye on him to make sure he does not end up missing. I am sorry if I took some assumptions and hope I did not interfere with your investigation.”

Warran sighs, “Well. I have bad news for you Inspector Hawthorne, I have absolutely no idea what this message is about. Lady DuPont and I had never met except in passing here a few weeks ago at the caravan and I have no idea who this ‘maimed boy’ is… I am doubtful as well that she would even send me a message, as when she saw me her demeanour became rather icy once she laid eyes on me. I had encountered her son a few years ago, and he and I did not see eye to eye…”

He turns to Aulexis and says, “Aulexis, that was perfect timing. I was growing rather weary of questioning him and I had not much left to leverage him to stay. I assume the Investigator figured out what I was trying to do, but figured I was not going to get very far. But we did prove one thing, the messenger knows something…” He then goes on filling her in on all the details he has.


I’m afraid I do not have someone keeping an eye on him, with the upcoming elections our manpower is rather stretched thin at the moment, hence my offer to the Captain.


Jarek was relieved that as he quietly tailed Aulexis into the building, no one seemed to pay any attention to him. However, when she barged into the interrogation room, he was left in the hallway. Jarek overheard the conversation about the messenger. As he watched the messenger leave, Jarek decides to follow him, but at a distance. He catches Kaelin’s eye as he leaves the building.

(Inconspicuous, maybe perception to see if Jarek can successfully tail the messenger?)


Let’s go for a linked roll, inconspicuous first, then perception. Success and you will trail him, unnoticed to his next destination, failure and he will notice that you have followed him and will lead you to a place he feels safe before confronting you.

The inconspicuous roll is against Ob4


Kaelin will causally reposition himself to try and watch Jarek from distance, using the fact that Elves can see further than humans to keep an eye without shifting around too much. If they start to duck in and out of alleys he won’t follow - his skills don’t lie in those areas.


Jarek inconspicuous roll

3d6: 6 + 3 + 1 = 10

Jarek perception roll

4d6: 4 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 14


Aulexis frowns as the messenger smirks past her. Once again, she’s not on her ship, and people don’t have to obey her. The lack of effect is a little disheartening, and is beginning to make an impression.

Being offered the investigation is a surprising but welcome succour to her disappointment. It’s a little strange that he’s so quick to suggest it, but she’s certainly too interested to refuse. She tempers her enthusiasm, but answers confidently.

“The investigation already concerns us, so I have no objections. Warran, I’m guessing you’d like to see this to the end? We should gather the team to get them deputized and debriefed.”


Hawthorne rifles through his picket, producing a battered warrant badge. “Here” he tosses it out to Aulexis “This doesn’t mean anything, but might give you the air of authority you need. It doesn’t mean you can ignore the laws, it doesn’t give you any special powers - I don’t want to hear about you searching a house without the owners permission or arresting people, alright. Especially where nobles are concerned. If in doubt, don’t and come to me. Which brings me onto my second point. I don’t want to see you every five minutes. Come to me when and if you make a breakthrough. I don’t want to hear about it when you discover what the victim had for their last meal. I do want to hear about it when you find out someone lied. Got it? Good.”

Jarek, you find yourself in an alleyway between two large houses having momentarily lost sight of the messenger, he seems to have vanished. As you make your way down, from one of the servants entrances you hear “Why are you following me?” as you pass by.


Jarek has a bad feeling when he enters the alley. Either I’ve lost him or I’m in trouble. When the messenger speaks Jarek is momentarily startled.

“Aren’t you a noble messenger?” Jarek thinks quickly to try come up with something non threatening that would start a longer conversation with the messenger. “I am interested in working as a messenger. How did you get started?” Jarek hopes that he can get more information out of him about Diana and her death.

There’s no one else around… I think… I could outrun him if It comes to that.


The door opens a crack “Really? He asks… Well, it’s not easy but maybe I could show you the ropes? You prepared to work hard?”


“I can work hard.” Jarek peeks around the door to try to see the messenger’s face through the small opening. Jarek puts on an earnest face to reassure the messenger, but is mentally scrambling. “Uh… Is this where you work? How do I get started?”


“This is where I work” you can see that you are speaking with the messenger “Wait here”. He closes the door and you hear him walk into the house.


Jarek’s mind begins racing as he takes a step back to look at the house. Is this Diana’s house? Some kind of messenger home base? All of the buildings look the same from the alley. He glances back towards the street half hoping to see Kaelin tailing him. That would give me away though. He thinks of all his time stealing food. Never let them know what you are really after.


If you wait for him, how long do you wait? I assume you can see Kaelin not entering the alleyway between the houses


Jarek flashes a nervous grin at Kaelin. As time drags on, he starts looking more closely at the building. The door has yellow flecks of paint on it as if it was painted yellow long ago and the paint has slowly eroded away over time. He notices some irregularities in the brick.

Someone could climb that if he really wanted to.