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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


“Well, firewood is often scrap offcuts from better wood, besides even the cheapest piece of wood, the discarded timber can be turned into something special.”

He slides his hand down his new staff.

“This was just a cracked oar once, now it might save my life…”


Jarek replies that he’s feeling a little more comfortable on the water now. He’s impressed with the amount of attention Simon pays to any piece of wood. It reminds him of the instrument makers that he met at home. I wonder if he could make me a curtal…focus Jarek, we are going to be involved with a murder investigation.


(Shall we push onto Inchwick, or does anyone want to delay in Kings Port for anything?)


“There’s a mystery to solve, shall we press on?” Aulexis begins towards Inchwick without waiting for a response.


The police station in Inchwich is the only proper station for the entire colony, and is responsible for every watchman, guard, detective and officer on the islands. It is in one of the finest buildings among all the government buildings, though it only occupies a wing of it. Do you all enter together, or something a little different?


Jarek follows Aulexis. Jarek is curious, but aware that seeming too interested or eager for information is not a good thing. Jarek tries to blend in while keeping his ears open.


Warran will suggest to the group he should arrive to the station before the others. That way he can find out about the information relating to him in its entirety without the risk of it being censored or edited due to others being present.


Kaelin suggests that he might hang further back outside to see if anyone seems to be taking extra interest in the comings and goings at the watch house.


It sounds like only Warran enters, let me know if that’s incorrect:

Warran, on entering, you are asked to wait for a short while - perhaps a quarter of an hour before Inspector Hawthorn arrives to talk with you. The Inspector is a strangely malevolent looking man, but he looks outwardly reasonably normal. He is neither physically intimidating, nor does he dress in any way but completely respectably, but his movements are silken, and give the air of a panther stalking through a herd of antelope, somehow unseen. He speaks to you bluntly with flat vowels and a misplaced accent.

“You Warran. This way please.”

He takes you to a small room with another man sat inside “He’s a messenger, a noble one” he explains “Noble messengers are protected by law, we can’t ask them to tell us what their message is. Even if that message is from a murder victim. He says the message is for you. Now you’re here, he can give it to you.”

Inspector Hawthorne leans against the wall of the small room, with no intentions of leaving you in private, which would be the usual way of things. The messenger however, possibly sensing that he had about pushed his luck far enough, begins anyway.

“From Lady DuPont, for Warran Forsythe of the Paladin’s House. I have seen the boy that was maimed, and I am scared.” The messenger delivers the message in a full and rich voice, in the Kings Tongue - the accent of the Human language that the upper nobility use, then in a much more natural accent, grounded in the great citys of the Old World he says to Hawthorne “Can I go now?”

Hawthorne nods and he makes to leave, while the Inspector turns to you Warran and says “Well, what the bloody hell does that mean?”


Warran is puzzled, and as the messenger is getting ready to leave, he responds to Hawthrone, “Pardon me, Inspector, I have a couple of questions I would like to ask the messenger before he leaves… If that is permissible…”


Hawthorne who looked like he was getting ready to completely ignore whatever answer you gave suddenly focuses on you “Go ahead, but I can’t make him stay or answer.”


Warran nods in response thinking to himself: I should have brought Aulexis with me… She would probably be better at this than I… But if I waited for 15 minutes for Inspector Hawthorne, they should be here very soon as I asked them to show up in less than a half hour after I entered…

Approaching the messenger, Warran politely asks,“I am sorry, but I believe that is not all of the message… I am a very detailed person and there are parts of the message which I believe Lady DuPont wished to have given which where not necessarily spoken… I have a couple of questions to ask you if you do not mind, it will take but just a moment and then you can be on your way.”

He then says very quietly, “If you prefer, I could ask the inspector to step out so we can speak in private.”


The messenger gives you a filthy look at the suggestion that he lied to you or was incompetent. Without the airs and graces he put on the last time he spoke to you, he reacts. “You take that back you taffing twat. It was the full message, verbatim, apart from the intro, which I add on, as per normal. If you think that she didn’t write the full message down, that’s between you and her, but I said it exactly as she wrote.”


Warran smiles at the messenger with a light chuckle, “I am sorry, I did not state my words correctly… It has been a rough couple of weeks… I have not been sleeping well… I did not mean to imply you lied or anything of that nature. I believe you gave what you believe to be the full message…”

He looks at the messenger studiously, “It is the nuances which are very important here… Could you please give me any details which you remember? These small matters are all part of the message. Though not for you or most of those who you have delivered messages to, but for someone like me… the small details are important. I know you will not remember everything, but anything you share will be of great help to me…”

(Sorry, this next bit was meant to be drawn out throughout the day, but I had another long one so I put them all here. He would ask these questions in order waiting for responses if the messenger chooses to answer them.)

Calmly and politely he continues, “She gave you the message in writing, did she give you the written message herself? If she did give you the message personally, did seem actually scared or was she calm?”

“Do you know of anyone who was around her around the time you received the message by chance?”

“Is the written copy still on you? If not what happens to them?”

“When did you receive the message, during the day or in the evening?”

“I know this seems like a lot and I am sorry for my forwardness, but as I said, I am a very detail driven person and any help would be appreciated…”


He glances at Hawthorne, who watches with amusement.

“I’m not going to tell you any of the personal details that you wish to know about the Lady, who was around her, where she was and who she spoke to at any particular time is her business, not mine to gossip about. I’m also employed on, amongst other skills, my ability to read, memorise and accurately pass a message, and all of it’s nuances precisely, first time without the need for interrogation. I destroy the messages before leaving the residence after memorising them.”


Aulexis is a little miffed that she didn’t speak up when Warren suggested going in first. She’s pretty impatient for an elf, and she counts out 20 minutes before striding into the station. Murder investigation is an incredibly juicy activity, and she’d like to insert herself into it as quickly as possible.
She strides in the office, and speaks to the most clerical looking person she encounters. “I’m looking for Warran Forsythe. He just came in, to receive a message. Lead me to him, if you please.”


The desk sergeant leads you to a room and knocks, The Inspector lets you in as described by Ullin below


Warran partially turns toward Inspector Hawthorne and calmly asks, “Oh, I had assumed he was informed of the situation and circumstances… Has he not been informed, Inspector?”

Turning back to the messenger he politely continues, “Let me assure you, this is not an interrogation. If it were, there would be a rather attractive, yet very ruthless elf in the room, and trust me, she would not be as patient as I have…” He pauses very briefly, “Now, I know part of your duty and responsibilities are to keep secrets, and I could care less about Lady DuPont’s personal business. All I am concerned about is gathering as much information about how you received this message and the details about this message alone. If there is nothing else than what you have told me already then there is nothing left for us to discuss as I do not want to keep you from your business; however…”

Warran looks at the messenger sternly, “You are putting your own life at risk by withholding anything from me… There has been a crime committed and this message could potentially be a piece of evidence and any details could prove invaluable to the investigation of the crime. Also, there might be those out there wishing you harm if you had heard or seen something you should not have. So you only put yourself in danger by not speaking to me about this matter now, because if I have to find you again to discuss this matter, I will not be happy…”

(Ahhhh!!! This is when Sagantine posted! )

There is a knock at the door.

“Ahhh, Aulexis… Just in time. I may need your assistance in a moment, but I believe our friend here was going to say something…” Warran looks at the messenger with a polite smile.


The inspector continues to look amused, but does not answer.

“I am well aware of the situation, thank-you” the messenger says, “and I have answered the Inspectors questions thoroughly and in detail. You are a recipient. I have delivered the message, exactly as my client required. I’m sure your friend here is very scary in a dark alleyway, and it hurts my soul so desperately to make you unhappy, but…” He makes to leave the room.


Meanwhile, Simon spends some time admiring the building as a whole.

“Does anywhere know where the lady was normally found?”