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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Jarek’s roll

3d6: 2 + 1 + 1 = 4


Warran looks at several of the elvish books and quietly speaks, “Kaelin, it appears you are going to get more out of this library than I am. There are loads of books in elvish, though I have no idea what they are about… Perhaps you should look at some of them…”

Warran will go to the book on the Silent Forest, desiring to read it. He will gently pull on it while reading the title out loud, just like he saw the other patron of the library do.


Kaelin will take an interest in that particular tome, looking over Warran’s shoulder. “Maybe I can teach you a few things about Elvish script when we get back to the castle. No promises that I would be an effective teacher mind.”


The book slides out on a well lubricated slide and tilts just to the correct angle to stand and read… if you were three feet tall! You notice that the other reader has mastered balancing the book in his fingertips, just a light touch holds it at the correct angle for your frame, but let go and it tilts too far forward and you are left struggling.

You may mark off one day of research into the Silent Forest if you spend the rest of the day reading this book


“Perhaps that would be wise… Learning more than one language would be useful in certain situations…” Warran replies to Kaelin’s offer. “Perhaps there is a book here you would like to read?”

Warran carefully holds the book and spends the day reading about the Silent Forest. He hopes to find information about the people who inhabited the ruins they used on the journey here.

Before he leaves though, he will write a note to leave for Geldard and will also fill-out an application for the guild.


Tell us what you write in your note!


Warran get out a nice piece of stationary and writes the following:

'Geldard Grey

I hope this letter finds you in fit health and good spirits. It has been many years since we last spoke and you may not remember me, but I met you while I was in school. I was doing business in Ur-zitz and a friend of mine convinced me to come to the Guild to look at their library. To my surprise, I saw a painting of you hanging in the entryway. What are the odds! Anyway, I am currently in residence at Castle Fyrestpool as they are needing a blacksmith, and I have also put in an application to become a member of the guild as well. The receptionist has informed us the odds are a long shot, but I figure ‘if I do not apply, I cannot become a member!’. Again, I hope all things are well and if you ever need assistance with anything, you can have a message sent to Castle Fyrestpool with my name.

With warm regards,
Warran Forsyth

He folds it and seals it with wax. He gives it to the receptionist.


Kaelin is quite happy to spend the day reading more about the Slient Forest, relaying various interesting snippets to Warran as he progresses through the text.

(The way Kaelin sees it, it maybe a long time before the need to travel via caravan to Ur-zitz disappears. That means crossing the Slient Forest, and a reliance on Exile Guides. He’d feel more comfortable with a bit of knowledge just in case one of these caravan expeditions goes astray…)


It seems all the theatres are well guarded today, at least the ones with anything interesting going on and Jarek gets a few knowing glares as he wanders around the theatres trying to look innocent.


I feel that we are all finished here in the city - this game is perfectly fine with glossing over the minutia if it doesn’t contribute to the story, so I know roughly where you are for the day, if something comes up in the future that you think this day in town will have prepared you for, mention it!

Your journey back is uneventful and the next few weeks are too. You are busy with various tasks for the paladin’s household and life settles into a routine in the castle as the masons take the place apart around your ears. In many ways you are leading a monastic lifestyle, without the praying being enforced though of course many of his household are religious, and all of the captains are.

It is three weeks after your successful journey when the bailiff summons you all (nothing to worry about, the job description of bailiff doesn’t have it’s modern connotation, in the household, the bailiff allocates work to spare hands)


Warran tried spending the voyage resting, he still felt fatigued and would seek treatment upon his return to Fyrestpool if he has not improved.

(Has Warran resting allowed him to recover his diminished stat?)


Resting does indeed recover all of Warrans diminished stats, however, Warran, could you mark your corruption up to B1 please.


(This does not sound good…)


Aulexis participates in prayertimes, silently observing and going through the motions, though never speaking out loud. She does not feel that prayer is self-flagellating enough, so she participates out of duty rather than enthusiasm. She’s quite relieved when something brings the companions back together again and breaks up the monotony of chores and prayer, and has difficulty suppressing a smile.


Kaelin will spend most his time learning the character of the local fishing sites, planning out some good places for fish traps and favoured spots to try his luck. He is away before first light most mornings looking to bring back fresh fish to the settlement.

However he is happy to pitch in on whatever task is asked of him if and when he can be found. In the evenings he takes a little time to show Warran some rudiments of Elven script as promised.


Firstly, Mark three weeks of practice towards a difficult test of Fynnon Fishing Spots-Wise

I don’t think, from what you wrote that you dedicated enough time to give Warran any days worth of tuition towards a test of his own.

Aulexis can mark three weeks towards a routine test of Religion-wise. Aulexis, maybe you want to tell us a bit about the beliefs and religion followed in the paladins household?


Simon returns with a number of promising old pieces of ship offcuts, trading the most interesting pieces for some time in the keeps workshop. There he takes a damaged oak oar and works carefully in an attempt to craft it into an effective staff.

Carpentry 4, attempting to fork in Woodwise (having picked a good quality piece of hardened timber) and Staff (Which has taught him what details of grip makes a staff an effective weapon)

6 dice, obs 2?


Yep, 6 dice vs Ob2 - and work patiently if you want to earn that fate point


Oh yes, and patiently. I have weeks. Is that another dice?


You can get an extra dice by working carefully and taking longer, yes