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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


(So what’s the prognosis… Exactly how many dice am I rolling?)


Command B6, plus 2 forks, plus advantage, plus 4 helping dice = 13 dice vs Ob4!


C’mon dice don’t fail me now:
13d6: 1 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 1 = 36




A success, but man does this roller despise me.

Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)

Tell us how the deal goes down, and then you will have a day or two in the city if there was anything else you wanted to do before it leaves for the delivery


(Kaelin is keen to head back with the caravan rather than on the ship if possible so he can learn a little more about the Silent Forest. Plus someone needs to row their boat back across the bay. As for the remaining time in the city, he’ll see about convincing Warran to look in on the adventuring Guild, partly to keep him occupied away from drink now the task is done.)


(Whoa… that was a close one. )



(Why is there an assumption Warran is a drunk! It is only when he is offered a drink. If it is free, he’ll have one… or maybe more; if he has to pay for it, well… he is going to have to think about it.)


Simon wishes to hang around the docks and improve his knowledge of it, whilst attempting to scrounge up enough wood for a staff or two. He reasons that between this many boats there must be a split oar or offcut floating about…


(Kaelin intends to keep Warran away from being offered a drink, and push him to a place to learn new things. Beliefs are at play…)


(Sorry, I was trying to be a bit cheeky with that last post.)

Once the salt is secured, Warran is going to call it an early night and get some sleep. He has been feeling drained the last several days and looks forward to a good rest. He would not mind investigating the Adventuring Guild, but if he is not feeling better by the last morning in the city, he will probably seek out someone to see what is exactly ailing him…


Jarek would like to explore the city. He’s looking for the theaters to learn what he can about the cube and Diana. He would also be open to playing or singing to make a little coin. He’s still thinking about the horse that he left behind… or maybe some sweet rolls.


Well, I shall end the adventure at the end of your city exploration, and whether you go by caravan or by The Unfortunate Conflict of Evidence this gives you an afternoon and the full day of tomorrow to get yourself into mischief! Let me know what you get up to, and what you do for the next few weeks before what I have planned happens, and we’ll take our time to roleplay anything if interest that might happen.


Aulexis enjoys bantering with the captain at first. He would naturally like to do the easy thing and have his next voyage essentially sponsored, and they spar for some time over the inconvenience of leaving a trading port that he is already at to sell his goods elsewhere. She flaunts her appeal and toys with his dangerous side as much as she squashes his advances with her own deadliness. They talk low and close, and he playfully pinches her blunted ear, which earns an equally playful slap. Though her charms seem to be working, and he’s obviously drawn in by her projection of confidence, he’s not moved at all by her words about the Paladin’s needs. Every time they get to talking about actually fulfilling the order, he probes into her past instead.
“The marsh-elf has the right of it, my lady.” He smiles a poison smile and tilts his head towards the source of the song. “Does the sea not call to you to return? Service is not the way of Corsairs, even to one as exalted as the Paladin. Did the war take your spirit and replace it with that of a milkmaid’s? You should be sailing with me, not running errands.”
Aulexis snarls at the insult and takes two steps back. She’s certainly not going to explain herself here, but now she’s drawing a blank on how to proceed. She doesn’t feel like being charming anymore, and she’s a little miffed at how easily he got her riled up. To her surprise, the debriefing points that her companions had offered (and she had dismissed at the time as unnecessary) about supplier’s excuses and salt-types and the overeager young bo’sun suddenly flood into her mind. She goes on the offensive and berates the elf captain with facts, manages to ensnare the bo’sun into the conversation and get him on her side (this will be to his detriment later, unfortunately), even references a line from Kaelin’s song about ‘missing the tides’ and finally has the captain entirely bewildered and ready to give in. He looks disappointed, and capitulates with boredom evident in his features. “Very well, I accept. 100 barrels.”


Aulexis would like to wander the city, though she doesn’t want to be alone, so she’ll tag along with someone else on their errands.


Kaelin dangles the lure of books and knowledge to draw Warran along to the Adventuring Guild. He reasons that since they are in an unfamiliar land, this could be a good way to find out more about the surrounding area to Fryestpool. Establishing links with the Guild could be very worthwhile in the long run.


Kaelin does not have to exert much effort. Warran is more than happy to look in at the Adventure’s Guild. All Kaelin had to say was ‘Books’.


Jarek is curious about the Adventuring Guild, but the draw of the cube is stronger. After realizing that it has moving pieces, he’s been playing with it less, but checking his pocket occasionally to make sure it is still there.

Jarek tells the others that he wants to see the Theaters. In a natural pause, Jarek rushes to fill it by telling them that he wants to try to play and talks just a little too much. He’s not ready to talk about the cube yet, but he’s eager to find out more.


Aulexis craves distraction. She’ll follow Jarek to the theatres, and engage him about his craft.