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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel




If everyone is happy with that test, then success of the last roll will mean complete success, failure of the last roll will mean:

If all 4 of the preceding rolls were successful then still a complete success but the salt trader will not offer you passage back to the Paladin’s Fortress when they leave (and you won’t be in a position to ensure that the deal they press for is the deal you negotiated)

If three of the preceding rolls were successes, then as 4 but in addition, the price is high.

If 2 of the preceding rolls were successes, then as 4 and 3 but in addition, the captain will bring the salt on his next voyage.

If only 1 was successful, then the mission fails, there is no salt to be traded.

If none are successful, the mission is a failure, there is no salt to be traded with you as a result of something you have done to cause the traders to not want to trade with you :wink:

I’ll have you each roleplay your approach to your particular task, you let me know what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it and then I will set the difficulty based on this. For an example:

Kaelin may tell me that he goes to speak to the tanners, who use salt in their trade. He chats to them, which we roleplay, and then he uses the Paladin’s known authority to find out information on who is trustworthy and who is not, who offers the best prices. I tell him this will be a command skill roll (so for him, beginners luck) and the difficulty will be Ob2 (doubled for beginners luck). He gets all the extra dice he can muster, rolls and then we wrap up any lose rp ends before moving onto (2)

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(Sounds good to me!)


Kaelin will look to speak to those that use salt as part of the food trade, probably a butcher. He vaguely remembers that there might be some different varieties of salt, and buying a whole bunch of salt that can’t be used to preserve meat would be a huge mistake. Therefore it makes sense to speak to those who use salt in the same way.

He overcomes his wariness of speaking to strangers by virtue of finding a butchers manned by a red haired elf. His approach is to be honest. The Paladin’s settlement will soon be looking to preserve a lot of meat, and need the salt to do so. He would greatly appreciate any advice on which salt traders offer the best prices/ have the best reputation. (Incidentally, there is a distinct lack of butchers currently at Fryestpool, so there’s a real opportunity for enterprising individuals to make a mark and win some of the Paladin’s favour…)


That is a circles roll Ob1, go ahead and make that now, so we know how the elf responds to Kaelin.

“Greetings there!” the butcher from the Wall specialises in boar meat, bacon and jerky. “What can I sell you today” he speaks common in an elvish accent, but does not sing as the fishermen do.


Kaelin rolling Circles (B2)
2d6: 5 + 4 = 9


One additional success, and we know, you always do things patiently from your instincts, so you get an extra “flourish” from your extra success automatically - I’m going to say that you’ve found a butcher who is going to lose his shop soon, and is looking for a new place to ply his trade!

“Well” he tells you “For what you want, a mixture of both sea or rock salt and saltpetre will be perfect. You’ll find that with both you can keep meat much, much longer than if you just have one or the other.”


“That’s a great piece of advice friend. Are there any traders that you recommend, or any to really avoid? Fryestpool is just getting established as a settlement, and there’s a real gap in many trades, butcher being just one of them. First one in gets the run of the market. There’s something like a hundred head of cattle that will need slaughtering once the feed runs out, so plenty of work for anyone who takes a chance on a new place.”


“When the Radala Realta is in dock, I’ll favour them but listen to the guides, they know best”.


“Radala Realta…” Kaelin makes a note of the name “That’s greatly appreciated. I had better be going to track down a guide. Best wishes to you and yours, and I hope to see you in Fryestpool someday some.”


“I’ll give it some serious thought, thank you friend.”

1 Success, next up, Warran’s resource roll, with +1D


Kaelin will pass the name onto Warran, but will also add the repeated advice that everyone has given them - the guides know best…


Warran speaks with Kaelin and the others before going to hire the young orc guide. He takes into account the information given to him and thinks to himself, If we have specific information, and are easy to deal with, the guide will be able to move on to the next client making more money… More accurate information for the guide to work with is very important and I need to be clear and careful in my speaking to ensure they know exactly what we are after. If I am too vague, it will just waste their time and our time…

Warran will ask the others to describe the guide he is to hire and even ask if one of them could point the orc out for him so he does not hire the wrong one since he was not at the market yesterday. He will present the orc with the payment and specifically state they are looking for 100 barrels of salt for curing meat, preferably a blend of sea or rock salt with saltpetre, and are looking for a reputable ship do deal with who can make the delivery to Fryestpool. He will approach the orc guide with money in hand in a firm and confident manner indicating he is wanting to deal.

(I will edit if I messed any information up…)


You’ve got 2 dice to roll, 1 from your money that you earned, and one from Kaelin’s success as this is a linked test. You need 1 success on those two dice, if you succeed, then you pass that +1D forward to the next roll as you have hired the perfect guide.

If you fail then the guide turns his nose up at your offer, and is whisked away by a richer client. You will be left with an older, much less able guide to aid you, and the next roll will be at +1Ob


Can Warran secure the best guide?
2d6: 5 + 3 = 8


He does, the young Orc, called Betchleigh examines your offering carefully, pockets it and nods. “Salt, Aha, yes, I know just the ships to show you, follow me!”

Warran, your Resources increases from B0 to B1, congratulations, you have money and managed carefully, it will continue to allow you to have money into the future!

The orc worms his way across the docks, and any time you lose sight of him in the crowds, he pops back up straight away “Come on humans, this way”, winking broadly at Aulexis who he understands is more in her element on the shifting pontoons.

Simon’s next, your task is to cross reference the Orc’s advise with the knowledge you gleaned yesterday from your observations of the docks, to aid you in choosing the correct boat. Let me know how you go about doing that so I know which skill you will be rolling, and it’s base Ob.


(( I know Ross is busy right now, but I’ve given him twice as long as usual, so we’ll just have to continue as if Simon has failed his roll ))

Next up, Jarek, you are staking out the recommendations. Jarek tell us how you go about this and what information you are hoping to gain.


I’m here!

Simon will take the information and match it to the area of the docks he saw yesterday. He will look at the ships here for their general organisation (Can I use the I know this ship trait) and spend some time in a local tavern discussing the trader with local dockers (Swear like a sailor?)

Does that make sense?


Yep, that makes sense!

You can’t use the “know this ship” trait because you don’t, but yes to swears like a sailor! That’s going to be a Shipwise roll, Ob2.


5 dice?