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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Can I fork in a dice from Shipwise?


Skills can’t FoRK into a statistic roll, only other stats can FoRK in, and you’re going to have to do some stellar writing to convince me that your Agility, speed, power, forte or will are of any help here :wink:


Simon really quickly moves around the docks. :crazy_face:



6d6: 3 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 5 + 1 = 23


You write it well enough and I’ll allow it - but I will also build it into your failure if you do :wink:


I think I rolled one dice too many.


Please always remember, wait until you know what the failure condition is before you roll!! You can back out of any declared action right up until you do, and this is just free reign for my imagination!!


So on his own, Jarek has 4 for perception, 1 for carefully and 1 for quiet day on the docks? Just want to make sure before I either roll or try to write Jarek’s way out of this.


I’m going to say Simon follows up on a lead, he see’s barrels marked Salt, and he finds the ship they are being loaded into, and I’ll wait until later before revealing whether he was wrong, or he was correct but there will be an additional complication!


Correct 6 dice so far!


So far, I have B5 dice for the Hymn skill, +1D for mending, +1D for Knots, +2D for Carefully x2, + extra flourishes for additional successes for working patiently


Let’s roll those 8 dice on a Ob2 test…
8d6: 1 + 4 + 3 + 6 + 1 + 4 + 3 + 3 = 25


Sorry, I edited in to account for Care of the Eternal Elf, you can roll one more for extra flourishes, but that is a pass!


And an extra d6 as I missed doubling the careful bonus
d6: 3


(That is not a great roll for 9 dice!)


9 dice on an Ob2 roll, and you’ve scraped a single flourish… the dice roller is in a mood today, must be something to do with it not killing any horses yet. (In Pendragon, the players are rolling to see if their horses died in the year we just played, it’s one of the most feared rolls in the game)

Tell us how you put some extra flourish into the nets you repair, the Elf sings to you about the workings of the docks as you repair the nets. He tells you that there is no particular region of the docks that salt traders go to, the harbourmasters are allocating ships to berths on the fly as they arrive, but they don’t know the contents of the ships, only the size, and the way they need to be unloaded. Orc ships need a crane to lift cargo out from the bottom of the hold specifically. The guides find out what is expected on each vessel, who the captains are, who they have short-changed and why by being involved in every part of the process. To be a guide is the end of a long career in swabbbing the decks of ships in port for free, then moving on to cleaning the hulls for a few groats, then helping the sailors unload, getting involved in matching buyers to sellers is the final stage. He warns you, not all guides are equal, the younger the guide and the more sociable they are with their fellows after open trading ceases, the more accurate his information tends to be, older guides are as much as a year out of date, before they get forced out of business by making too many wrong matches.


((Not quite true, I lost a charger…))


Kaelin sings of the migratory fish that travel from the sea to their home rivers to spawn every year, whilst carving leaping salmon onto the wooden floats of the net for luck and fortune.

(Safe to say that Kaelin is being distracted by the hustle and bustle of the busy port, so is not concentrating as much as he otherwise might.)


Aulexis pushes through the throngs of people quite deliberately. She’s excited seeing so much goods and money changing hands, and this makes her forget about her disappointing reaction to the orc’s attack.

She finds a vantage point to watch various guides at work, noting if they return to the same spot after doing their business, and noting the busy ones, or if people end up pleased or angry.

She’s statue still as she does this, only moving every few minutes. She feels cold in her bones, but warmth doesn’t seem to help.


Can I use appraisal to judge the quality of the guides being surveyed, to find the best guide? Taking my elf time in order to remember and catalog what I’ve seen?