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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


At the first sign of the confrontation, Kaelin ghosted towards the back of the group and was looking for somewhere to duck out of sight. The rather comical sight of Aulexis being slapped with a fish does little to hide the fact that she reacted with dangerous intent. One to be very careful around, but you knew that already.


Warran tries to write some stuff!
3d6: 6 + 4 + 2 = 12


So… Warran Open Write Roll, so I get to roll the ‘6’ again? Ignore if this is wrong…
d6: 5


When the Orc approached, Jarek was instinctively looking for a way out, but there is no where to go in the crowd. When the Orc swung at Aulexis, Jarek drew back slightly, fumbling for the handle of Nahteri. As he watched the Orc run away, If he’d been after me, I’d have been dead before it occurred to me to reach for my knife. Chagrined at his own failure to remember his weapon, I have to remember that things are different now.

Jarek is slightly unnerved by Aulexis’s break in composure, but tactfully ignores it.


Apologies, my mistake, I didn’t mean open, I mean’t gradated - as in there was no obstacle, but we just count your successes. 2 Successes then, I’m going to give you advantage on your next 2 resources roll, or you can give the two lots of coin you earned to two people.

Tell us where you went to tout for this work, what you were doing, how you got paid, what currency, if it was traditional currency at all, who didn’t pay you and why?


(Do I also mark off one of the Regular skill boxes for the Write Skill?)


Yes, graduated tests count as if against Ob1, which means that they rarely count for anything but a regular test, but still do.


The rest of your trip to the dock then is unevenful - well, apart from the spectacle of the world’s largest trading hub in full flow. There is almost an inperceviable number of ships arriving and leaving at any time, from the plausibly deniable, definitely just a trade clipper of the high elf corsairs cashing in their ill gotten gains to the stern and serious great trader galleons of the Orcish merchants. The human ships are becoming a common sight here, as are the meticulously designed dwarven vessels, which the more canny sailors say rival the elven designs.

It is not just the flow of ships however, but the flow of people that is truly astounding. They move across open areas following invisible pathways that cause a swirl of people and hand trailers and you understand very little of the rules as you get in their way. Fortunately the majority of them don’t mind, though one or two grumble, but most seem well versed in pointing visitors in the correct direction, and seem to appreciate a brief break for a chat.

Guides are everywhere, but their opening gambit is the same - payment first, before they’ve even heard your question, and they are in demand. As soon as one is free, there are two or three traders ready and able to press a coin into their hands or a written agreement flashed in front of them, and they are off, leaving you hanging, into the crowd. They are mostly children, orcish children and like their parents, take business very seriously indeed, though from such young minds, it is almost comical.

I assume you spit up fairly quickly, with Kaelin heading for the fishing docks where the fishing boats are arriving and leaving in a steady stream. The boats are small, but built to travel far from land, and incredibly seaworthy little vessels, and the majority elven fishermen mostly use nets, and never talk, but only sing to one another. The few orcish fishermen try to do the same, but to elven ears it is not right, there is no magic infused in their melodies.

Where do the others of you head?


Kaelin will look for anyone who seems to be busy with maintenance work (be it nets or boat), those unloading a catch, or indeed anyone who seems very short handed.


There is plenty of work avaliable, these fishermen are industrious - tell us, what work do you find, and what do you hope to gain from it?


Jarek shoves both hands deep into his pockets and squeezes the cube. He is a little uneasy in the crush of people, particularly after what just happened with Aulexis. A bit begrudgingly, he feels that Archibald may not have been giving them the worst advice to look for ships departing with salt.

Jarek scans the ships as he walks looking for salt barrels being brought aboard.


Mending nets - a job that always needs doing, but gives plenty of time to observe the harbour, whilst listening and exchanging news.

Kaelin offers to trade his time for information. Where do the salt ships berth, who is a fair captain?


Jarek, give me a Ur-zitz’s docks-wise beginners luck roll (Perception) against Ob3 (Doubled for beginners luck to Ob6).

Remember, you can do this Carefully to give you +1D, I’m going to say that this is a quieter trading day, which gives you advantage, thus +1D. I’m sure the others will each try to find a way to lend you +1D each by helping too, so don’t be too quick in rolling!


Mending nets is a ‘Hymn of Scales and Fins’ skill check against Ob2, and I’m sure you can find think of some other skills to FoRK in. Failure means, you don’t get the information!


Simon looks for ships that are being loaded…


What does Simon hope to accomplish by looking for ships being loaded?


To discover who they are being loaded by, and track back to a supplier of salt…


FoRK in Mending, Knots perhaps, add in doing so Carefully (Care of the Eternal elf rule applying?), Patient trait…


Let’s definitely do that carefully. Can Jarek’s Authority wise help here or since it’s beginner’s luck is it only against perception?


Same as for Jarek then, it’s more than simple observation, you need to understand the docks and how they work so you will also be rolling to open the skill Ur-zitz docks-wise against Ob3 - doubled to Ob6 for beginners luck against your perception.