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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Archibald’s face lights up…“Wait a minute” he says. “You want Salt at the best possible price, yes? Well, you don’t want to be trading with any inbound ships then, because you also need delivery. If they are bringing Salt here, they won’t want to agree to carry some of it away again, because that limits the cargo they could buy for the return journey.”

“But, if you make the request of an outbound ship laden with salt, then they will be delighted, you will save them time in the crossing, and 100 barrels is a considerable amount of cargo to lighten the load. But, how then to you tell the trustworthy ones? Well, find the ships carrying salt, don’t worry about their captains, and keep a watch, wait until they cluster around an incoming ship, use their own knowledge. The one they all want to sell too, that’s the one that is known and trusted by the salt traders.”

He opens his arms out wide “Come on, that’s a good idea, no?”


Kaelin gives Archiblad a curt nod of thanks. “That is actually a very sensible idea. We just need a pointer to where the salt ships berth.”


Alright then, you have lodgings here at the The Foothold, and food for your visit, so let me know - how do you spend your time in Ur-zitz? You have 4 days until the caravan leaves (and your stay and food is no longer paid for)

(If that wasn’t a rhetorical question, Archibald has no idea, the docks shift and change so much that even if he knew a week ago, his information is out of date now - hence the need for guides)


(It was a statement of fact and intent)

Kaelin’s still for finding the local fishermen and seeing what he can glean, which he’s happy doing alone if none of the others wants to accompany him.


Jarek sighs. The others seem to have much more lucrative skills that he does. Getting a toehold in a Musician’s Guild and being able to get paid work in the theaters could take years. But, he could keep a watch. He says quietly to his companions, “If we are able to find the ships carrying salt, I could keep watch.”


Warran scratches his chin after the conversation with Archibald. He then thinks of all the trading which is going on in the city. He mentions to his companions, “Maybe there are some people which need some paperwork created… I might be able to find someone who needs some papers drawn up in exchange for coin…”


Jarek turns to Kaelin. “ If you are headed towards the docks, I will go with you. I can look for the salt ships… if nothing else I can find a tavern to play in and try to make some coin.” Jarek turns toward Aulexis since the others seem to have plans. “Maybe we could all go.”


Aulexis nods. She’d like to take a look around the docks at the least, and see what kind of prices the guides are charging.
“Lead on. Perhaps I will mingle with the sailors.”


Aulexis, Jarek and Kaelin are going to the docks, where they will head in different directions, Warran is looking to draw up some paperwork, Simon, what are you going to do?


Simon will also head to the docks.


Warran, make an open write test for me please, each success represents a successful job completed to satisfaction and paid!

The rest of you, you’re a couple of blocks out from the waterfront itself, passing through a dirty and unpleasant market, when someone yells and points at Aulexis. He is an older orc, dressed in rags, but his most prominant feature is the scar which extends from the corner of his mouth right the way to the start of his cheekbone. “What are you doing here” he snarls “Bet you didn’t think you’d see me alive again did you”.

Aulexis, do you recognise this orc and the wicked scar you gave him?

Money, Cash and Resources

Money doesn’t quite work like most other games, we don’t track individual amounts, and when you want to buy something, if I tell you how much it costs, this is for flavour only!

In Burning Wheel, your resources is a skill. Maybe you have a lot, but don’t tend to manage it well, maybe you have a little but everyone in town owes you a favour. Either way, the system acknowledges that wealth is more than just cash, but also tries to simplify it.

When you want to buy something, you tell me what it is and I give you a difficulty. You test your Resources skill, pass and you get the thing, fail, and you probably don’t, or you do but with whatever drawback I can imagine. In addition you are taxed (more on that later)

Beginners Luck? Nope - Beginners luck is to open a skill you don’t have. Every character has the resources skill, if it’s at B0, it’s the same as any other skill at B0 - it can’t be tested.

So, where does that leave you? If you can’t test your resources, how do you buy anything, and if you can’t test, and you can only advance your skills by using them, how will you ever get to Resources B1?

Well, you either need some cash on hand, goods, a title or a loan. All of these things can grant you an advantage die to your next roll (and only your next roll, pass or fail), and that +1D can be used to roll. Pass or fail, that first roll boosts your resources to B1 and you’re away. To make money, you need money!

So that’s all well and good, but what about getting taxed. Don’t worry, it’s not the local authority coming to you with it’s hand out - though of course that happens from time to time :wink: in the game, a skill getting taxed (and we’ve already seen it with Warran after his drunken fear spell) means it is temporarily reduced and you need to go through specific steps to increase it again. Warran needs to rest, but that’s not going to help if your resources get taxed!


OK, so Write is B2, so 2 dice? Can I FoRK in Calligraphy? And if so that gets me +1D?


Aulexis’ face is blank, though she remembers him quite well. The sea of emotions inside her is too complex to express at this moment, so her face remains still. The instant reaction is something very dark that is always in danger of bubbling to the surface. I will not be so careless this time, orc. You will beg for hell before I am done.
The remorse hits a moment after, You were telling the truth, then. That ship was all you had, the last hope for your family, and I burned it before your eyes.
And then a strange relief floods in: but I didn’t kill you, in the end, so it doesn’t count. One less face to remember.
On the outside she now smiles, and looks confused. “I’m sorry, you must have me mistaken for someone else.”




“I’d never forget that face” he snarls, he grabs at the closest thing he can to swing at you!

Ordinarily I would check to see if you hesitate, but you have an instinct that covers this, so roll your knife skill please, to stab him is difficulty Ob2


Without thinking, a knife flashes in Aulexis’ hand…
3d6: 2 + 3 + 1 = 6


(probably for the best, haha)


The knife draws still in it’s leather wrap, and does nothing to the orc, whilst you receive a stinging (but harmless) slap across the face with the tail of the haddock he grabbed.

The fishmonger on the stall yells, and the orc runs across the marketplace with the fish in his hands, and the monger gives chase!


Aulexis stands looking at the knife. She stows it away carefully, while whispering, “You are too considerate, my lady.” Her normal mask is broken for a while, and melancholy is evident, though just a little, on her face.

She rubs her cheek. “Onward, then.” She says to her companions without looking at them.