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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


6d6: 5 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 24


I think your Authoritative definitely FoRK’s in here, as commander of a crew of corsairs, you for sure kept them in line by inciting them either against each other, against a common enemy or even against you just to watch them back down! So go ahead and roll one more!


d6: 3


So close, but you missed by 1! Archibald will get 1 advantage dice to his next action!

Current Body of Arguments:

Aulexis 5 3
Archibald: 5

Volley 2: Archibald makes another point


Aulexis uses Dismiss!


Dismiss vs point and point vs dismiss are again both standard rolls.

So we both roll, and each success is deducted from the other’s body of argument, except Aulexis gets +2D :smiley:

“Well, it’s lucky for you that you met me on the way then isn’t it! How were you planning to get the best deal on your salt had you not been so fortunate? Don’t tell me, I don’t need to know, just go and do that and stop pretending you are in need”


“Don’t be absurd, Archibald. You know you’re the lucky one - you were being kicked to death until we showed up. We’re as penniless as monks, and don’t want to waste the savior of the world’s money. Don’t make light of our mission.”


Very nice! Roll away!

Archibald’s Point 3d6: 2 + 3 + 4 = 9 + [1d6] Advantage


+d6: 2 Advantage :slight_smile:


I get to roll command plus 2, yes?

8d6: 1 + 6 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 3 = 22





Current Body of Arguments:

Aulexis: 3 2
Archibald: 5 4

Because Aulexis failed to win the argument with the dismiss, then you must hesitate for the next volley, instead of your chosen action

For the final volley of this exchange, Archibald selected Dismiss


(my goodness the dice hate me)


“Ah, I don’t know why I’m bothering, you clearly don’t understand what I need to do, how I will support those who depend on me.”

Archibald Dismiss 4d6: 6 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 16 (2d6 Oratory (He can’t use Persuasion skill for this one! +2d6 Dismiss extra dice)


At the end of that exchange then, Archibald has a body of argument of 4 and Aulexis is at 0, Archibald has won.

“Look, I tell you what, give them my name, I’m good for their payment next time, just persuade them that I’m alright with it.”


Aulexis cheeks take a bit of pink, but she tries to hold her emotions in check. Her hands twitch and clench, and then she’s back to gracious smiles.
“Sure, thanks anyway. Have a good day, Archibald.”
She stalks off with a blank expression.


(( Oooh, I worry for Archibald! ))


Aulexis returns to the group (Simon is off on his own adventure right now, yes??).
“So Archibald isn’t going to be of immediate help. I… Wasn’t as persuasive as I had hoped. Any ideas?”


Jarek is frustrated that Archibald would not help them. He does not know what a guide would charge for a fee, but he suspects that it is more than he could make in a day of playing the fife.

Jarek suggests, “We could go to the docks to find the guides and see how much they charge.”


Kaelin wears an unimpressed frown at Archibald’s reluctance to help; it appears that he places a very different weight on the favour they did him, which is worth noting for future interactions.

“We have three days before the caravan departs. I think that’s plenty of time to find some solution. Heading towards the docks sounds like a good plan. I doubt any guide would be willing to work on credit, but getting a feel for the prices would be worthwhile. There’s bound to be some fishermen around, so perhaps I can tarde some work for some insight or coin. Likewise, Simon’s a ship’s carpenter. I’m sure he can find somewhere to barter his skills for a suitable trade.”